2017 Spottswoode Cabernet Sauvignon Estate

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • USA
  • California
  • Napa Valley
  • St. Helena

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  • Cristal2000 Likes this wine: 96 points

    August 30, 2020 - I had this blind alongside the 12 and 13 vintages. Wanted to get rid of any bias I might have against the 17 vintage. I had previously doubled decanted this bottle and it received about 4 hours or air before the first sip. The evolution from hour 4 to hour 7 was pretty amazing. Blind, it was more muted on the nose than the other two. Gorgeous deep purple in the glass, it displayed floral notes intermixed with lots of earthy notions, black fruit, menthol and tobacco. Not surprisingly, it tasted really young. There was good freshness but it was a bit austere and the mid palate had not developed while the fruit was still hiding behind tannins. It was pretty clear this was the 17. I felt it was the least interesting of the three wines, but still was very good with upside potential.

    Now fast forward a few hours and wow, the fruit really started to emerge, showing beautifully pure and ripe, with excellent concentration and youthful exuberance. The mid palate had filled in completely, and it was a totally different animal. Very expressive and easily one of the best 2017's I've had to date. In the end, this was just as good if not better than the other two vintages. As usual, Spottswoode made a great wine irrespective of the challenges of the growing season. This wine is always a winner.

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  • nedblanders commented:

    12/23/20, 4:10 PM - Agree 100%. This wine needed plenty of time to be truly enjoyed. Going to save my other bottles for at least 5 yrs. Great review!

  • Cristal2000 commented:

    12/24/20, 8:22 AM - Thanks and Cheers!

  • MJP Hou TX commented:

    3/23/21, 1:39 PM - Great notes. Was thinking about picking up the 18 but DTC wants to move 17 with it. Good to know it might be worth the spend.

  • Cristal2000 commented:

    3/23/21, 2:41 PM - MJP: I was so annoyed with them tying the 18 to the 17 I didn't buy. That was a jerk move. Especially since it will show retail for about the same price. I did think the 17 was good, but I hate when wineries do that to clients. And in this case, they distribute so much wine it is literally a big FU to us.

  • MJP Hou TX commented:

    3/24/21, 7:06 AM - Totally agree Cristal. I'm sure we'll find it through distribution channels at some point as 18 was a bump crop vintage with lots to go around.

  • Geaux Tigers commented:

    4/1/21, 6:33 PM - Let me know when / where you find this at retail, especially you @MJP since we’re both in H-town. I’m still seething at Spottswoode for pulling this sh|t ... when I initially opened my offer email, I thought they were joking!

  • MJP Hou TX commented:

    4/1/21, 8:30 PM - Geaux, more than likely I'll buy Spottswoode through distribution. If you haven't been introduced to Michel let me know!?!

    Beautiful night in Houston. Decided to pull the cork on a 18 VHR. Pretty awesome at PNP. I'll spend a few days with this one and post some notes soon.

  • Cristal2000 commented:

    4/1/21, 10:47 PM - I'm with you Geaux - when I saw the offer I was shocked. Bumper crop vineyard, price raise of $25 a bottle and now you are forced to buy 2017 to get 2018? If that's not desperate and lays bare how difficult it was for them to sell 2017 I what is...

    It will show up all over the place for the same price as list (without the 17). They make too much wine for it to be a big markup. I've had offers at $175 for the 17, so I think they're fooling themselves and screwing over loyal buyers. That's how you lose DTC.

  • Geaux Tigers commented:

    4/2/21, 11:24 AM - Thanks for the info. Will check it out, as I am looking for a new dealer after a certain online store with great auctions quit using 3P shippers.

  • RockinCabs commented:

    4/5/21, 8:07 AM - I bought a 17/18 6 pack under the free shipping deadline and mixed in some Lyndenhurst and SB. The bundling is BS just means I will acquire most of my 18s at retail.

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