2017 Edmond Vatan Sancerre Clos la Néore

Sauvignon Blanc

  • France
  • Loire Valley
  • Upper Loire
  • Sancerre

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Community Tasting Note

  • geoffreychambertin Likes this wine: 95 points

    October 17, 2020 - Singular. Lychee and pineapple and oak. This was stunning.

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  • sman commented:

    10/18/20, 2:24 PM - Hi,
    odd. mye also noted oak. i don't think they use any new oak at all (let alone any oak barrels less than 5-10 years old) and Weygandt implies that Anne has not made significant élevage changes since taking over with the 2008 vintage.
    I have not tasted the 2017 yet, but wines from 2012 and back have never had overt oakiness.
    weygandt's website : "vinifying according only to the traditional (actually ancient) methods... Vinification in old tank; one racking, and then bottling with no fining or filtration when the conditions are perfect in nature."
    maybe the website is out of date. Anne did marry a Foucault, so possibly he influenced a decision to ramp up the oak.
    did you get the wine thru weygandt distribution?
    Vatan is indeed singular...
    best, Mark

  • geoffreychambertin commented:

    10/18/20, 2:37 PM - He influenced my note as we'd talked about Vatan recently. I think there was a roundness and dryness that I typically map to oak, but it didn't have oaky flavors, if that makes sense.

  • sman commented:

    10/19/20, 9:56 AM - so your note is more of a textural response than taste one. that might make sense given that Vatan has been a late picker, sometimes to the wine's detriment, and the roundness and dryness may reflect higher brix and therefore higher alcohol attained.
    i don't track vintages like i have done in the past, and i don't know how warm the 2017 vintage was. a pineapple note always make me think of a warm vintage in german wines. but i have never tasted that in a Vatan wine. that's why i wondered about the provenance as well and whether it could be fake
    the warm vintage 2009 is a good example in my book of a practice gone bad as it is an ungainly >15% alcohol. i drank one and sold the rest quickly. interestingly Edmond thought the 2009 was one of his best ever results.

  • mye commented:

    10/23/20, 1:02 PM - I'm just too much of an influencer for Geoff LOL

  • sman commented:

    12/20/20, 5:26 PM - hi
    just wanted to mention i referenced you in my wine berserkers note. i mean it as a compliment! Friedrich, she of Loire writing fame, also sees oak in the Vatan wines!! you are in good company and i am outside looking in!!!

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