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2016 Zorah Voski

White Blend

  • Armenia
  • Vayots Dzor

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Community Tasting Note

  • Neecies Likes this wine: 94 points

    December 22, 2020 - Very complex. Has put on weight since the bottle we opened early this summer. Flinty, chablis-like nose, with restrained apple fruit, mushrooms, bay leaf and crushed oyster shells. Muscular structure and acidity. Overall, outstanding. An intellectual wine you want to taste all your geek friends on blind cuz they'll never believe it when you do the reveal.

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  • KillerJones commented:

    12/22/20, 6:25 PM - Noted...I will source this for '21. Apple, mushrooms & bay leaf will fool so many...Where do you find them??

  • Neecies commented:

    12/23/20, 7:06 AM - I bought these about a year ago from Compass in Anacortes, which you probably know of since you seem to know everything. :) Yesterday I hunted all over for more, figuring Glendale California (Little Armenia) or someplace but found just one bottle. In Bellingham of all places. What I should do is figure out which distributor carries/carried them and see if there's any left in the warehouse. Made in amphorae from two grapes you never heard of at 4500 ft elevation on Mt. Ararat. Noah might never have left if he'd wine like this to stick around for. :)

  • Neecies commented:

    12/23/20, 8:22 AM - Killer, some reading for you: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tmullen/2019/11/04/armenian-wines-are-kicking-with-quality/?sh=228c002670e3

  • KillerJones commented:

    12/23/20, 6:08 PM - Thanks for the article, Neecies. That was a DEEP dive on Armenian wines - I will add this article to my files.

    They are definitely on my radar - find them easier to source on the East coast, but perhaps that will change... & the quality is getting better, too. Really like their Areni grape & their oak, which tricks people into thinking Australia, due to the eucalyptus notes.

    Hang in there, OK!

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