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White - Sparkling

2015 Rhys Blancs de Blancs Bearwallow Vineyard


  • USA
  • California
  • North Coast
  • Anderson Valley

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Community Tasting Note

  • Aravind Asok wrote:

    March 19, 2021 - Pop and pour. Much better than my last btl, but still awful qpr. On the nose: wood smoke, lemon oil, grilled nuts, soft oxidative notes. On the palate: good acidity and density. Soft mousse (which was rather coarse at first)...the doaage is still a bit high relative to the acidity for my palate.

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  • ChrisR commented:

    3/20/21, 12:54 PM - The dosage was 1g/L, so just above a zero dosage sparkler.

  • Aravind Asok commented:

    3/20/21, 1:26 PM - @ChrisR thanks for the info. Perhaps I should say perceived sweetness relative to acidity and it's just sweetness from ripe fruit? Anyway, I guess at the end of the day one just shouldn't compare this to champagne...

  • ChrisR commented:

    3/20/21, 5:38 PM - Ripe fruit is my guess, but I can't rule out that the juice was not fermented completely dry. When I had one, I didn't think it was sweet per se, but I did think the fruit was quite ripe, very California.

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