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2018 Halcon Vineyards Syrah Alturas


  • USA
  • California
  • North Coast
  • Yorkville Highlands

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Community Tasting Note

  • Frank Murray III wrote:

    April 22, 2021 - Bookclub--Wines Tasted Blind: Poured blind. Grown at 2,500 feet, grown organically. This was my WOTN last night. There is just the right amount of everything here, with the beautiful white pepper aromatics being the star of the bottle. Of note, this also has 4% Viognier added. It's been a long time since a bottle of red wine has aromatically wowed me like this one did last night, and it's a joy. Purple fruit, balanced with some tang. This is just beautiful, distinctive syrah. I wish I not only had some leftover from last night to taste and savor again, but. some more bottles of this for the cellar. I guess I will need to wait and buy the 2019.

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  • Not647f commented:

    4/23/21, 12:56 PM - I might be able to spare a bottle or two if I get down your way. I'll take a second look at the physical inventory.

  • Frank Murray III commented:

    4/23/21, 2:24 PM - Thank you, that's very kind of you. But, um....who are you?

  • Not647f commented:

    4/23/21, 2:51 PM - Friend of RiverRat, also friend of Halcon's owners. (You list me as a favorite taster, too.)

  • Frank Murray III commented:

    4/24/21, 7:44 AM - Ah, I get it. Still don't know your name so if you want to drop it my personal email, go for it. At least then I know who you are if I run into you.

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