2018 Impensata Cabernet Sauvignon Engelhard Vineyard

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • USA
  • California
  • Napa Valley

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Community Tasting Note


  • LiteItOnFire commented:

    4/30/21, 6:34 PM - Interesting take on this one from you as I felt between the two Impensata wines, this one was more rustic and needed more time while the other had come together a bit more already. This wine’s muse is Masseto which I have never had but did taste the Redigaffi last week. Will be curious to see how Nigel does with a ‘new grape’ varietal frontman from such a heralded vineyard. I can’t wait to see how his tweaks push the envelope each vintage.

    will this take over Screaming Eagle second flight, Colgin J or Kaps Merlot- time will tell but will be a fun project to watch.

  • csimm1161 commented:

    5/1/21, 7:41 AM - This was the only sample from Impensata, so I will be very curious how this project shakes out. I personally found it comparatively fruitier than Nigel’s other samples. It was one of the last samples poured after about an hour or so of tasting his wines, so perhaps that could have influenced my palate.

  • LiteItOnFire commented:

    5/1/21, 8:34 AM - Could very well have been the case. The two Impensata wines were our first pours of the trip and this one was our first. I am hoping to be able to re-taste later this year and see if anything new shakes out. Love the notes, insights and commentary- you are the absolute best.

    Oh and I screwed up- I thought you tasted the Merlot. I am dumb. I agree with you. Ugh.

  • csimm1161 commented:

    5/1/21, 9:43 AM - Haha. No Merlot for us. Of course now I have to try THAT now. When does it all end?!!

  • LiteItOnFire commented:

    5/1/21, 10:18 AM - I think at death although are there rules you can’t be buried with your favorites?

  • csimm1161 commented:

    5/1/21, 10:22 AM - I'm gonna have to amend my will....!

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