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2019 Vice Versa Chardonnay Platt Vineyard


  • USA
  • California
  • Sonoma County
  • Sonoma Coast

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  • csimm1161 wrote: 96 points

    July 27, 2021 - Vice Versa weekend and dinner: Similar to the 2018 Vice Versa Platt Chardonnay, this 2019 is a crisp lemon squeeze of a wine that spits white minerality and bitter citrus pith to great length. A floral elemnt tries to push through, but it is stifled a bit by the lemon juice zipping along the palate. The 2018 may have a little bit more going on complexity-wise due almost completely to its extra year of age; so, the 2019 will likely follow suit. The 2018 is also more of a rocket ship compared to the more academic 2019. The perceived acidity of the 2018 is higher than the experience I currently get with the 2019. All that said, I think the 2019 will pick up both speed and complexity over the next year or two. It is perhaps slightly fresher than its year-older brother, but again, that might be more of an age comparison thing between the two more than anything else. Bottom line, if you loved the 2018 like I did, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better domestic Chardonnay, especially since VV’s style avoids slopping their Chardonnays in a tower of butter and vanilla and making you gum your way through it.

    Hold this for another year and be rewarded with a snappy Chardonnay that offers Burgundian frame and speed while staying true to its California fruit roots.

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  • sfwinelover1 commented:

    8/15/22, 4:08 PM - Hi CS: I just picked a couple of these up, and I’m hoping I can briefly pick your brain, which I always appreciate, about aeration and aging for this. It sounds from your note and others like it won’t be infanticide to pop one of these now, but I’m wondering if you aerated, if so, how much, and if you found much change in the time you had it open. And while I’m not sure if you’ve had it again since this note, also wondering if you think that there’s a further leg up. With the reviews it’s getting, having a second bottle and my curiosity, I’m fairly set on drinking one now (especially after the surprisingly great experience with the Aubert CIX ‘19, which, although likely having further upside, was quite great with about 3 hours of air). Many thanks, as always!

    Also looking forward to connecting live when your schedule permits.

  • csimm1161 commented:

    8/15/22, 10:13 PM - I say do a splash decant and give a bottle a whirl now. As you know (I think) I’m not a huge fan of overly aged whites. I value freshness and energy, especially in Chardonnay. This wine isn’t Aubert mostly because of the higher perception of acidity and throttle back on the oak here. Sure it can age and all that, but I think it’s worth opening a bottle now.

  • sfwinelover1 commented:

    8/16/22, 5:14 AM - Thanks!

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