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2020 Bedrock Wine Co. Old Vine Zinfandel


  • USA
  • California

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Community Tasting Note

  • Mootsie wrote: 88 points

    October 20, 2021 - Plum and pepper. Different than prior years, more purple fruits.

    Edit: day 3 now, best since the bottle was opened. Still purple fruited. Not as good as the last few years. A little disappointed.

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  • guillermo- commented:

    10/25/21, 4:46 PM - They did say it has a lot more Esola than any other year so the profile would be different.

  • Mootsie commented:

    10/25/21, 5:09 PM - I’ve enjoyed Bedrock Esola since it’s introduction in 2015. I think it’s one of Morgan’s more interesting Zins. I have also enjoyed the OVZ since its inception in 2009. They all have been different, but enjoyable. This year’s hopefully is just too young yet. It’s a departure in a direction that isn’t as appealing as previous years. Time will tell.

  • newsguy1 commented:

    10/27/21, 12:27 PM - Thanks for the note. You're one of my benchmark reviewers. My wife and I love Bedrock and have really enjoyed the 2016-19 versions of this. I finally got fed up with the "wish I would have bought more" on this one, and ordered a case of the 2020 Old Vine. Popping a bottle tonight to see for myself. Hoping we'll somehow like this better than the posters so far.

  • Mootsie commented:

    10/27/21, 1:43 PM - It’s wine, who knows, the next bottle could be great LOL. It’s not a bad wine, just a departure from the more recent past, especially the ‘19 which I thought was quite good.

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