2000 Chateau Musar

Red Blend

  • Lebanon
  • Bekaa Valley

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Community Tasting Note

  • MarshallLi Likes this wine: 92 points

    December 27, 2021 - Pale garnet,medium rose,cranberry,raspberry,red cherry,ripe fruit,dried fruit,cedar,leather,earth,mushroom,wet leaves,forest floor,dry,high acidity,soft medium tannin,medium alcohol,medium body,medium(+) finish,very good wine,not suitable for bottle ageing

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  • Steve.330i commented:

    12/26/21, 11:08 AM - It is a 2000, why is it not suitable for ageing?

  • MarshallLi commented:

    12/27/21, 12:00 AM - i think 2000 is around the peak.. but i don't think i can get further surprise anymore.

  • Steve.330i commented:

    12/27/21, 12:32 AM - Thanks! Now I understand it. I've tasted it 2 days ago and I agree that it is on the peak and I wouldn't keep it more than other 2 years at the latest

  • Decanting Queen commented:

    12/27/21, 5:05 AM - Interesting, the 1998 had plenty of life left and some evolution remaining IMO

  • thesternowl commented:

    12/27/21, 11:16 AM - @Decanting Queen that's not particularly unusual as every vintage is a little different. Anyway, we're also talking about 2 decade old Musar so I'm sure it's not going to fall off a cliff in a year either.

  • Decanting Queen commented:

    12/27/21, 12:18 PM - @thesternowl. Of course. I was just sharing a data point.

  • thesternowl commented:

    12/27/21, 5:19 PM - @Decanting Queen I'm got you...and I'm with you.

  • Red Fred commented:

    1/12/22, 2:06 PM - Don’t how old a Musar you’ve had the pleasure of tasting but I was lucky enough to try the 1988 at 28 year old courtesy of my father In laws cellar and it was sublime, like nothing we’d ever tasted and I’ve never tasted anything like it since. Worth holding onto a bottle or two of any good vintage passed 20 years to see how it goes. That’s my plan anyway.

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