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Tasted January 26, 2011 by dre with 813 views


An evening with Frederic Casteja, owner of Chateau Batailley who guided us through a range of vintages - 1949, 1966, 1976, 1982, 1989, 1990, 1996, 2000, and 2006. All wines came direct from the chateau. 1989, 90, 96, 2000 and 06 all had a hour and a half decant while the rest were opened and immediately tasted. 1960 was sent by accident and not scheduled to be tasted. We opened it last as it was a poor vintage in Bordeaux.

Flight 1 (1 note)

2006 Château Batailley France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
89 points
Vibrant core that comes off youthful and not overly saturated.
The nose is distinguished with a real gravel-y, copper rustic-ness. Pure red fruits lay in behind the bold stoniness of this wine.
Dry palate, fresh bright pure fruits that like the nose are surrounded by real big gravel notes. The background showcases a bit of herbaciousness and elements of wood that haven't quite integrated. Bold dusty tannins and rich red fruits resonate on the well balanced finish.
Drink 2015-2025
Excellent Quality 89+ pts.

Flight 2 (1 note)

2000 Château Batailley France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
91 points
Complex nose of espresso, chamomile, almonds and milk chocolate are in balance with concentrated red fruits.
Dry palate with real zippy acidity and bright cranberry, red cherry and raspberry overtones. The moderate feminine body of this wine would work wonders with food. The tannins are nicely embedded into the heart of this wine while the moderate finish echos tomato leaf, menthol and mocha.
Drink now - 2020 but why wait? This is great now.
Outstanding Quality. 91 pts.

Flight 3 (1 note)

1996 Château Batailley France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
91 points
Right off the bat from smelling this you can tell it is well put together. There is a highlight of sweetness to this with black tea, hints of barnyard and a light stoney minerality.
The palate is dry, very well rounded red fruits are very much alive and balanced by flavors of cocoa, current leaf and tar. Everything is very well integrated at this stage and it seems to have plenty of room to evolve. Long luscious finish.
This is fantastic at this stage. Drink now - 2025. Perfect right now IMO.
Outstanding Quality. 91 pts.

Flight 4 (1 note)

1990 Château Batailley France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
92 points
The look of this wine is quite amazing as it only shows hints of bricking. Although it does throw quite a bit of sediment.
Heavy iodine/saltiness on the nose. Lifted cedar notes and lots of red liquorish.
The palate is dry but with a real sweet fruit intensity of currents, black cherry and dried cranberry. Tobacco, sweat and Spanish cedar notes are lovely and add wonderful complexity to this. Well integrated tannins and a long long finish of pencil lead and iodine. Quite the show horse.
Drink now - 2015
Outstanding Quality. 92+ pts.

Flight 5 (1 note)

1989 Château Batailley France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
92 points
*the first bottle of this was corked so this bottle had no decanting time on it.

Rich floral nose with eucalyptus, tar and current leaf making a wonderful perfume.
The palate is dry with very refined tannins. This comes off with a bit of garrigue mixed in with the ripe red fruits. Excellent depth to this as tar and violets continue to evolve in the mouth. Succulent ripe tannins and juicy acidity keep you coming back to this vintage over the night. The finish is graphite laden and long. Well balanced.
Drink now - 2025
Outstanding Quality. 92 pts.

Flight 6 (1 note)

1982 Château Batailley France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
91 points
Somewhat muted nose with light notes of salt, tar and a bit of barnyard.
The palate is another matter altogether. Explosive in the mouth with rich ripe current, violets, tar, worn chest and tomato leaf. Soft in the mouth, this is well evolved and showing very very well. I still cant get over how much life is in here. The finish is very long and take your taste buds on a carpet ride of light oak, black tea and sweet red fruits.
Drink now - 2020. So well balanced.
Outstanding Quality 91+ pts

Flight 7 (1 note)

1976 Château Batailley France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
88 points
This has a light delicate nose of rubber muddled in with red fruits.
Dry palate with a moderate-light body. It seems the fruit has left this wine and only left flavors of black tea and worn saddle. The tannins are chunky and the acidity is slightly elevated. Still this is very much wine and quite enjoyable. Short finish. I just have to think about how this wines best days are behind it.
Drink now.
Excellent Quality. 88 pts.

Flight 8 (1 note)

1966 Château Batailley France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
92 points
This has a very interesting nose. Muddled flavors dominate but what is obvious is black licorice, vics vapor rub and mothball notes.
Dry palate that actually unfolds into a fairly ripe juicy wine. Lots of anise, menthol/mint, mocha, worn saddle and pencil lead. Long fruit driven finish caps this off. This seems like a wine 20 years younger. There was a comment from the winery that this may have been lightly chaptalized....
Drink now - 2018
Outstanding Quality. 92

Flight 9 (1 note)

1949 Château Batailley France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
93 points
This has a real subdued nose. It hides in its shell and needs significant patience to coax out light notes of saddle, sweat and red garden berries.
Dry palate with acidity that sticks out just a touch. Lots of chocolatey mocha flavors mixed in with Darjeeling, cranberry and raspberry notes. Soft, worn mouth-feel gives a good impression of the wine. The tannins are still healthy and tuck into the meat of the wine very nicely.
Beautiful. Really classy. Drink now.
Outstanding Quality. 93 pts.

Flight 10 (1 note)

1960 Château Batailley France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
87 points
The nose on this is a touch musty but still pleasant. Faint notes of light red fruits.
The palate is dry and angular. The tannins stick out from a light laid back fruit structure. Caramel dominates what is left of the flavor and resonates on the long finish.
Still enjoyable but past its prime and not worth seeking out.
Very Good Quality. 87 pts.


Fantastic tasting, always great to taste wines of this calabre back to back. The 49 was the best wine IMO but my favorite was the 1990. I liked the stage of evolution it was at in that moment. yum!

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