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2002 Chateau Musar Lebanon, Bekaa Valley
89 points
There's bright cherry fruit on the nose, and then lovely, bright fruit on the attack. Then you feel some fine-grained tannins. Then a sort of dishwater thinness on the middle, before returning to full power on the finish.
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1993 Chateau Musar Lebanon, Bekaa Valley
91 points
There's lovely, earthy red fruit on the nose, which is very warm and inviting, with a slight hint of orange peel.
Lovely palate: very open and inviting with warm fruit. There's some very good elegance here. Nice swett, slightly raisined fruit characters come along towards the finish. Enormous length.
1977 Chateau Musar Lebanon, Bekaa Valley
93 points
Old furniture and boot polish on the nose. A very mature feel on the attack, but it becomes younger as you hold it in the mouth. Very balanced with scarcely any noticeable alcohol. This is really nice. There's lots of character here, but no excess VA etc. In fact there's not much noticeable VA at all. Towards the finish, it feels like it's drying out a little. 91/100
Coming back to it after the 1969, there's a hint of raspberry jam on the palate, and it's really developing in the mouth and becoming much more lively. 93/100
1969 Chateau Musar Lebanon, Bekaa Valley
94 points
On the nose this is much young and fresher than the 1977. There are soft, mature red fruits; warm, gentle, woody spice and a faint hint of curry.
Superb palate. Evolved, mature, but with a lovely red fruit freshness. There's a good tannic structure still persisting. It lingers in the mouth for ages. Much more youthful than the 1977.
Returning to it after a little time, the tannins seem more evident.
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1959 Chateau Musar Lebanon, Bekaa Valley
96 points
A mature, browning colour.
The nose is mature, with polished oak furniture. After aeration, some raspberry and strawberry fruit become evident.
The palate is notably mature, no doubt, and the attack reminds me of old wardrobe doors with nice, sweet, evolved fruit. But there's also a certain vibrancy in there. Some sweet, remarkably young feeling fruit comes along. There's a streak of really pure, fresh fruit in there. Remarkable wine. Very complex flavours.
There's still enough structure to see it through a couple more decades.
Serge called up Steven Spurrier and John Avery to help him describe it: Spurrier describes it as a "non-facelifted, non-botoxed fifty year old wine", while Avery reckons it reminds him of a madeira, without fortification. Hmmm ... In complexity, maybe, but I don't find any maderisation.
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2003 Chateau Musar Blanc Lebanon, Bekaa Valley
88 points
On the nose, there are candied almonds and roast orange peel; slightly waxy feel. Remarkably fresh palate, with some lovely, fresh, red fruits in the mouth. Totally blind, you could easily guess this was pinot noir, though admittedly an avoidable one. This is nowhere near ready to drink yet (apparently it was only released for sale 2 days previously). Serge reckons it will start drinking in 2023!
1989 Chateau Musar Blanc Lebanon, Bekaa Valley
91 points
According to Serge Hochar, this is the youngest white Musar that's currently ready to drink. It's got a rather more waxy nose than the 2003, with some butter and some citrus. Lovely, fresh palate, with a delicious savoury edge. Pretty indescribable.
Serge called on Steven Spurrier to help him describe it, but it defeated Spurrier.
"This wine is made for gods, it's not made for humanity" said Serge.
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