Pago de los Capellanes "El Picón" vertical tasting

Monvinic (Barcelona)

Tasted June 20, 2012 by Periko with 1,144 views


Monvínic was the place chosen by Pago de los Capellanes to present - by owners Paco Villa Rodero and Conchita- the new vintage of the winery top wine: The Picon 2009.
Pago de los Capellanes is a relatively young winery. Established in 1996, made his first vintage in 1998. Situated in the heart of the Ribera del Duero, one kilometer short of Pedrosa de Duero. The couple Rodero - Villa, surrounded by an exceptional team, has achieved to own about one hundred acres of vineyards that make up Pago de los Capellanes.

For this presentation we were offered a vertical tasting of every vintage of the plot The Picon (1998, 1999, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 - not yet in the market -). Pago de los Capellanes "El Picon" comes from a plot of 2 hectares of Tinto Fino, which due to their genetic characteristics and its special microclimate produce an exceptional maturity in the goodness of its tannins. After a thorough monitoring of this plot and decides to pick grapes develop independently of other wines from the cellar.

The tasting was presented by Paco Rodero and directed by the property winemaker, Paco Homes.

Flight 1 (1 note)

1998 Pago de los Capellanes Ribera del Duero Parcela El Picón Spain, Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero
92 points
More intense rainfall year with rainfall levels higher than usual. These factors forced the harvest was delayed until 20 October. Process: fermentation in conical wooden cubes and then aged in oak barrels (75% Allier, Nevers 25%) for 26 months. The resulting wine has 14 avg. alcohol.
Visually it is medium to dark ruby ​​color, with a brown-clay trim denoting its 14 years. On nose offers aromas of medium intensity, spicy red fruit standing out, underbrush, flowers and tertiary symptoms like elegant leathers. We return to it at the end of the tasting and it dodn't stopped evolving, now offering aromas of curry, underbrush and powerful red licorice.
On palate it's medium bodied, elegant, with excellent acidity hinting plenty of life still ahead. The tannins are present but fully integrated, sweet, toasted flvours. Very balanced on the palate, elegant, harmonious with red fruit dominating again for a notably long finish. 91-93

Flight 2 (1 note)

1999 Pago de los Capellanes Ribera del Duero Parcela El Picón Spain, Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero
91 points
Year of lower rainfall, more hot and dry than usual, the harvest was advanced to the Sept. 16, ending on 26 October.
cherry color purple, clearly more colorful than 1998, but with the same brownish trim. Dark color seems the norm in this wine and will become more pronounced as we move on to more recent vintages. The nose, which initially shows a hint of reduction, is more subtle, quiet and mainly shows red fruit liqueur, chocolate and blackberries. After some time in glass, it evolves to smoked aromas, fire pit smoke and underbrush.
On palate tannins are fully integrated, more rounded than the 98. Very pleasant on the palate, it' mouth coating, filling the palate with red fruit flavors, candy and dried tomatoes. The finish is medium and quite persistent. 90-92

Flight 3 (1 note)

2003 Pago de los Capellanes Ribera del Duero Parcela El Picón Spain, Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero
94 points
2003, the warmest vintage in recent years. Because of this, the winery performed an extensive selection of grapes, which meant that only 3,000kgs out of the usual 10,000kgs were selected.
It has a darker cherry color and a considerably higher layer than 98 and 99. The nose shows a high intensity bouquet: red ripe fruit, cherry liqueur, smoke, charcoal, kirsh and hints of flowers.
The palate is powerful, with a moderate tannic texture and being noticeably more bodied than its predecessors. Mouth coating in middle palate, floods it with tons of ripe black fruit, minerality, charcoal and even mint. Alcohol can become just a little bit noticiable but holds very well (15.3). It ends with a very long and persistent, seamless finish. Ready to drink, probably reaching its peak. In my opinion, this was the best of the tasting along with the 2004. Exceptional. 94-95

Flight 4 (1 note)

2004 Pago de los Capellanes Ribera del Duero Parcela El Picón Spain, Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero
94 points
Visually, this 2004 is darker than its predecessors, a brighter color, more texture and a red trim. Looks like much younger. The palette of aromas on the nose is excellent, with floral notes like violet, red berries and ripe cassis, minerality is already noticiable on nose. After a while it gains mouch more intensity and complexity with underbrush, leather, menthol and more balsamic aromas. On palate this 2004 is a young beast, keeps gaining "weight" with time. High acidity and firm tannins but with an excellent balance that makes it so enjoyable to taste, although still requires a couple of years to round the tannins. It is complex and well structured, slightly astringent and with some wood still present. Remarkable fruit intensity, which is somewhat more mature than in other vintages (except maybe the 2003), underbrush, elegant and creamy, toasted flavours and a exceptionally very long finish made of black fruit, chocolate and incense. Quite complexity here. According to the property 2004 is by far the best vintage, although at this moment I enjoyed 2003 a bit more as this one needs 2-3 more years (94-95).

Flight 5 (1 note)

2005 Pago de los Capellanes Ribera del Duero Parcela El Picón Spain, Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero
92 points
Dark ruby ​​color, clearly younger, with red trim and middle layer.The nose offers aromas of strawberry, blackcurrant, incense, rose petals, all wrapped in a subtle, almost fragile fragrance.
Palate is remarkably fresh, full of red fruit, licorice and flowers. Medium bodied, light on its feet and although there is some perceived astringency towards the palate end due to its 26 months in oak, tannins are perfectly integrated. This wine is perfect for eating, is very nice and enjoyable to drink and leaves a superb medium to long finish. Clearly more ready than the 04. (91-93)

Flight 6 (1 note)

2006 Pago de los Capellanes Ribera del Duero Parcela El Picón Spain, Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero
88 points
The fifth fligth (2006) was perhaps the most irregular or weak.
Is not on the market yet. Intense ruby ​​color, denotes its youth. It was surprising to find precipitates in glass, a fact that we had not detected in any previous vintage. The nose shows ripe red fruit, some liquor, smells of smoke, ashes, remarkable balsamic notes as forrest floor, fresh herbs. On the palate we have a Picon very young, somewhat unbalanced, with a bit too sweet fruity and tannins marked but very sweet. It has quite weight on palate, medium acidity and a little shorter than its predecessors on its finish. The weakest of the tasting. 88-90

Flight 7 (1 note)

2009 Pago de los Capellanes Ribera del Duero Parcela El Picón Spain, Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero
93 points
Recently bottled. According to the winery to be released around 2015, the earliest.
Dark cherry color (by far, the wine with more color from the vertical), the nose offers a festival of red fruit aromas with layers and layers of intense redberries and black fruit, smoke aromas, underbrush, rosemary and intense notes of roasted coffee. On palate, the tannins are present, a bit aggressive without any trace of the 2006 sweetness. This wine is full-bodied, well balanced with medium plus acidity that keeps making you savor it again and again after every sip. Extremely young but dare to say enjoyable already. It completely covers the palate with a wonderful fruit and ends with a long finish. This is already good and it should be exceptional in the near future. Needs at the very least 5 years. Excellent. (93-94)


After the vertical tasting we were offered a dinner were we had 6 more flights, consisting of the lastest/newly wines of the property currently in the market:
Pago de los Capellanes Roble 2011
Pago de los Capellanes Crianza 2009
Pago de los Capellanes Reserva 2008
Pago de los Capellanes El Nogal 2006
Gianni Deglia, Moscato d’Asti 2010

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