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My turn to host the 2nd evening of our tasting group. Again an ecelctic selection of wines that were matched by some fun dishes - warm sausage roll and Heinz beans was my dish to serve with the first 2 reds

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2006 Domaine Gourt de Mautens (Jérôme Bressy) Rasteau Rosé France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Rasteau
75 points
Monster wine. Jammy strawberries, caramel, fennel. Not for the faint hearted and needs a bit of acidity to freshen it up. Opens up as it approached room temp and that causes the alcohol to become apparent on the nose. After a few hours this becomes heavier and more clawing. Not fun - one of these wines the you think will need a bit more time, but which probably will never come together.
2013 Grace Winery Koshu Japan, Chūbu, Yamanashi, Katsunuma
85 points
Lovely mineral nose that points initially to Santorini - slate, green veg, lime. Light in the mouth with some citrus tones - it has a touch of Auz Riesling about it. Interesting and can see this going well with a salad over the summer, but needs a bit more body to be really good.
2013 Domaine Nicolas Gonin Altesse France, Rhône / Savoie, Isère, Isère Balmes Dauphinoises
88 points
This is a wierd wine. The nose is all Savoie: rich, sultry, baked peached, caramel. Very inviting. Its a suprise then once you taste and find that its light and refreshing with none of the depth the nose makes you expect. Agreed with Mic when he said it was perfect aperatif wine. Jelle reckoned though that it was a wine for people who enjoyed blind water tastings...
2012 Giuseppe Quintarelli Bianco Secco Cà del Merlo Italy, Veneto, Veneto IGT
88 points
Well made wine. Honey nose, good depth of fruit and rounded mouth fell. Lovely, with not a hair out of place but it misses tension, minerality and excitement.
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2011 Weingut Jürgen Hofmann Tauberschwarz Germany, Franken
88 points
Thought this was a new grape. but apparently its Pinot Meunier. Vanilla nose, with a hint of Loire Cab Franc. Quite warm and inviting that reminds me a bit of a German Pinot. Oak slightly overdone, but its a wine you could see appearing by the glass at fancy restaurants.
2012 Puzelat-Bonhomme KO In Côt We Trust France, Vin de France
88 points
Stick your nose in the glass and you smell it: natural wine. Not sure the grape variety matters too much, but its Malbec and a world away from classy, modern Argentinian versions. Yes there is a touch of animal and dirt, but its also very pure with good black fruit. Very easy to drink and at 11.5% you wont have a hangover the next day. A wine most people will love, but some will hate
1984 Antonio Bernardino Paulo da Silva Colares Chitas Reserva Velho Portugal, Lisboa, Colares
87 points
This is clearly an old wine, with some bacon fat and cold tea. Fruit has gone, but its reached that age of an old interesting aunt who looks like death, but tells tall tales. The younger version was slightly better for most of us, but Mic, the sommelier, offered to take 3 bottles of Ramons hands.
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1992 Antonio Bernardino Paulo da Silva Colares Chitas Reserva Velho Portugal, Lisboa, Colares
88 points
Starts of a bit faulty, with some cider on the nose, but it blows off. Darker than the 84, this still has black fruit, power and has yet to show all the secondary flavours of the 84. Went well with the stew and it opened up rather nicely. Best red of the night and this wine will keep for a while yet
2011 Tikveš Bela Voda Macedonia, Povardarie
83 points
Oh dear. We put this near the end of the tasting to go with the cheese, but after the previous delicate wines, this was a bit of a bruiser. Its concentrated and wekk made, but I cant get any sense of vintage or Terrior. Probably needs to be drunk by itself with a large chunk of cow,
1989 Dr. Hinkel Spätburgunder Beerenauslese Germany, Rheinhessen
84 points
2nd rose of the evening and by far the best. Past its peak though. There is strawberry on the nose, but the body is a bit thing and the fruit and sweetness are not at the level you associate with BA. Fun wine though and a treat to try.
White - Sweet/Dessert
1975 Château Bellerive Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru France, Loire Valley, Anjou-Saumur, Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru
92 points
Have a few bottles of older Loire Chennin and this is the youngest. Time to drink these up though and this was picked at random to match the cheese. Usually these wines are dark in colour and show tangerine and red fruit flavours, This is totally differant, with a young colour and a nose of spicy nettles. Age has dried the sweetness out and this is more sec than sweet. Wish I´d kept it now to use in a mini vertical as it really was a but unexpected, strange even...
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