Ripe dry Riesling from Germany, Austria and Alsace

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Tasted September 25, 2015 by NoTrollingerPlease with 277 views


Who produces the best dry Rieslings? Candidates from Germany, Austria (Wachau) and France (Alsace) will be tasted...

Flight 1 - 2003 - hot and complicated vintage (3 notes)

But all wines were quite elegant whithout beeing flabby or too fat. Very interesting.

2003 Franz Hirtzberger Riesling Smaragd Singerriedel Austria, Niederösterreich, Wachau
94 points
Yes, baby! What a Riesling! Still looking very young, with lots of acidity and elegance but enough power and potential for years to come. Never thought that this is 2003 or a Smaragd. Great!
2003 Koehler-Ruprecht Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Auslese trocken Germany, Pfalz
86 points
Weakest wine of the evening. Quite closed nose without much intensity, on the palate as well quite uninspiring. Bottle was not flawed IMHO, it might be the difficult vintage. Drink up.
2003 Bott-Geyl Riesling Schoenenbourg France, Alsace, Alsace Grand Cru
89 points
Clean, intense amber Color. Oxidative notes in the nose which continues on the palate: nuts, Sherry notes. Not completely flawed but IMHO a bit past Peak. Still drinkable and you can sense its former greatness.

Flight 2 - 2005 - one of the best vintages of the last decade and my favourite flight of the evening (3 notes)

2005 Weingut Ökonomierat Rebholz Birkweiler Kastanienbusch Riesling Großes Gewächs Germany, Pfalz
91 points
Very good dry Riesling from great vintage. Has still some potential but will not improve much.
2005 Prager Riesling Smaragd Achleiten Austria, Niederösterreich, Wachau
92 points
Best wine of the flight. Never thought of 2005 nor Smaragd. Powerfull but elegant, good acidity and minerality, only few botrytis. Has some potential for further development.
2005 Zind-Humbrecht Riesling Rangen de Thann Clos St. Urbain France, Alsace, Alsace Grand Cru
92 points
Also very good, quite elegant, minel, good acidity, Long.

Flight 3 - 2009 - great vintage and great flight (3 notes)

2009 F.X. Pichler Riesling Smaragd Dürnsteiner Kellerberg Austria, Niederösterreich, Wachau
94 points
Great Riesling. Tasted blind and thought it was a German Riesling. So much slate and stony minerality. Quite elegant and anything but fat. Has a great future and potential.
2009 Kühling-Gillot Nackenheimer Rothenberg Wurzelecht Riesling Großes Gewächs Germany, Rheinhessen
92 points
Made the right bet: Nierstein (ok, Nackenheim) because of its intense orange zests notes. Great Riesling which is vintage specific a bit more barock. Still developing and has years ahead.
2009 Domaine Weinbach Riesling Schlossberg Cuvée Ste. Catherine France, Alsace, Alsace Grand Cru
92 points
Somewhere between the Rothenberg and the Kellerberg. Very good Riesling with quite some potential for further improvement.


Beautiful tasting event and even if I unfortunately did not take detailed notes it was very instructive. Although we tasted the hottest vintages of the first decade of the new millenium (2003,2005,2009) no wine was too fat or flabby.
And yes: the Wachau Rieslings were the best! BUT: Only because our hosts did not selected the best German dry Rieslings :)

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