Dom Perignon Rose Dinner

Momotaro - Chicago, IL

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What a great event hosted by HDH, Momotaro, and LVMH. Richard Beaumont was in town from NYC and provided us with background information on all the bottles - lots of good information about the new(ish) P2 & P3 program, too. HDH/Momotaro put together a great tasting menu that paired very nicely with the meal. Big thanks to HDH & Momotaro!

Flight 1 - Flight 1 (1 note)

Some of the first bottles of 2006 Dom Perignon in the Chicago market were opened as guests arrived.

White - Sparkling
2006 Dom Pérignon Champagne France, Champagne
93 points
Very fresh/young DP seems to light up all the right sensors in me and much like the 2002 and 2004, this was a very exciting bottle. It had beautiful aromas of pear, apple, dough, & white flowers. The palate was, unsurprisingly, young. No matter, I just loved the depth, richness, and acidity. Felt like a pretty classic Dom Perignon with all the traditional notes of cream, apple, bready notes, with some hints of hazelnut. Really liked this a lot.
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Flight 2 - Flight 2 (2 notes)

Served with:
Momotaro Tartare - japanese sweet tomato mau onio, shiso
Tuna Kinpura - akami tuna sashimi, soy braised gobo, umami soy
Raibu Kani No Salada - live dungeness crab, charred shishito, sweet onion, & mustard

Rosé - Sparkling
2003 Dom Pérignon Champagne Rosé France, Champagne
92 points
Don't poo-poo the 2003 DP Rose. Flavors and depth were firing on all cylinders and the vintage came through, primarily, in the relative density of its strawberry and floral notes. The red fruit and florals sat above some fresh apple/pear and stoniness. Some subtle mushroom notes in there too that I liked. Are there better values in the Dom Perignon Rose market? Yes. But this is still a pleasure to drink!
Rosé - Sparkling
2004 Dom Pérignon Champagne Rosé France, Champagne
93 points
Drank alongside the 2003 DP Rose. A very youthful bottle of champagne, but I think it shows signs of reaching the heights on the 1995 Dom Perignon Rose. Really nice combination of stoniness, cranberries, roses, & mushroom. The palate was incredibly bright with lots of structure...and that was the biggest difference between this and the 2003. This was far more firm and was a good sign that there's a lot of aging potential here.

Flight 3 - Flight 3 (1 note)

Served with:
Tuna Jaga - big eye tuna, chili seasame, pickled onion
Hikarimono - aji, ginger, seasame soy, wa yakumi
Goma Ae - organic broccoli, sweet seasame soy dressing

Rosé - Sparkling
1995 Dom Pérignon Champagne Rosé P2 France, Champagne
95 points
Another sizzling bottle. The vintage sits in the shadow of 1996, but there's a ton to love here. This brings structure, liveliness, and depth alongside some gorgeous funky/earthy tones on the finish. This continues to be a killer bottle of champagne - seek it out.

Flight 4 - Flight 4 (1 note)

Served with:
Scallops & Bacon - soy-marinated quali eggs, smoked bacon
Yaki Ebi - new caledonian prawns, momo aka kosho
Unagi Don - barbecued eel rice, shiitake, kanpyo, sansho pepper

Rosé - Sparkling
1993 Dom Pérignon Champagne Rosé Oenothèque France, Champagne
94 points
I think this was just a hair behind the 1995 Rose P2 on this night. This reminded me a bit of bottles of Selosse that I've had; beautifully composed fruit/mineral/florals with seductive oxidative truffle-y tones. That was going on here and if it had just a touch more acid, this would have been the WOTN. No matter, I kept going back for more of this - the ultimate sign that the wine is a winner.

Flight 5 - Flight 5 (1 note)

Served with:
Kuro Buta Chop - grilled and smoked heritage pork
Maitake Mushroom Donabe - claypot rich with foraged maitake, tomago ,takana

Rosé - Sparkling
1988 Dom Pérignon Champagne Rosé P3 France, Champagne
91 points
From magnum. I had this back in June and liked it a hair more than I did this night. I was so stoked to try this again, maybe it was my excitement that led to my (minor) crestfallenness. This just seemed a bit reserved compared to the fireworks that it showed over the summer. Haven't had a ton of 1988s lately, but I assume the vintage is still drinking brilliantly...

Anyways, the wine was delicious! Cherries, cream, bready notes, and cranberries on the nose. Its palate was somewhat faint, but there were seams of minerals/cranberries/cherries that were there.
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