Romagna Producers

(Cesena, Italy)

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Interesting meeting with 3 young, independent producers from Romagna

Flight 1 - Az. Agr. Giovannini (Imola - Bo) (2 notes)
Vineyards at an altitude of around 200 metres. Mainly clay and silt. Producer pointing his attention on the tipicity of the varieties. No wood, only autochtonous yeasts, and no international varieties.

2014 Giovannini Albana di Romagna GioJa Italy, Emilia-Romagna, Albana di Romagna DOCG
78 points
Straw yellow, with golden reflex. Brilliant.
A bit reduxed at the beginning, then opening on hints of acacia flowers and mediterrean shrub, ginger, with a strong alcoholic note.
Dry, wuth good acidity and high minerality; intense, persistent and fine. Alcohol at the entry, then good fruit and mineral spine.
Correct and young. A bit unbalanced on the harsh side
2013 Giovannini Sangiovese di Romagna Giogiò Superiore Italy, Emilia-Romagna, Sangiovese di Romagna
84 points
Intense Ruby red, with a cherry rim.
Very nice, intense and complex at nose: Ripe red fruits: blackberry and cherries. Violet and Peonia. Some coffee notes.
Dry, alcoholic (14,5%) good acidity and gentle tannins. Intense, persistent and fine.
Nice fruit of chewy cherries. Alcohol not intrusive.
Cold maceration with CO2. Decaying a bit fast in the glass.

Flight 2 - Az Agr. Marta Valpiani (FC) (2 notes)
Located near Castrocaro (FC), at an altitude pf around 300 metres. Mainly Clay and calcareous sands.
11.12.13 Wine borning from an accidental mixing of two barrels. An unicum.

N.V. Marta Valpiani 11.12.13 Forlì IGT Italy, Emilia-Romagna, Forlì IGT
81 points
Dark ruby red, with a cherry rim.
A bit closed at the beginning, intense and fine at nose...not very complex, with mainly reminders of red fruits .
Dry, alcoholic and well rounded. Good acidity and medium minerality. Persistent.
Nice fruit, alive tannins, a bit too much, setting teeth on edge.
Stiil young.
2011 Marta Valpiani Castrum Castrocari Forlì IGT Italy, Emilia-Romagna, Forlì IGT
86 points
Intense, dark ruby red.
Intense, rich and ripe at nose; very complex and fine: red and black fruits: blackberry, dark plum; carnation and Tobacco.
Intense, persistent and fine at taste, dry, with a good acidity and a moderate minerality.
Very nice texture and good body; well balanced between alcohol and tannins;
Fruity and spicy.

Flight 3 - Terre di Macerato (BO) (2 notes)
A small (3.3ha) young, enthusiast producer. Located on the hills in province of Bologna, at an altitude of 225/300 metrs. Mainly sandy soils.

2012 Terre di Macerato Colli di Imola Rhod Italy, Emilia-Romagna, Colli di Imola
80 points
Garnet red, with orange brick rim.
Intense, medium complex and fine at nose, with maily hints of ripe red fruits.
Dry, alcoholic (14%). Good acidity and gentle tannins, medium minerality.
Intense, persistent and fine. Lacking a bit of structure/fruit.
High acidity, low fruit. Steel only.
2011 Terre di Macerato Sangiovese di Romagna Audace Riserva Italy, Emilia-Romagna, Sangiovese di Romagna
85 points
Fading garnet red, with orange brick rim. Consistent.
Intense, complex and fine at nose: ripe wild cherries, red fruits. Alcoholic note.
Dry and alcoholic (14,5%), rounded. Soft tannins and medium minerality.
Nice entry, captivating. Alcohol and fruit. Very nice structure and body; just acidity a bit fading.
18 months in second hand barriques.


Nice persons and nice products. Very interesting to listen how the each producer has his philosopy, following different ways to create wines.

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