Time to check in on some 2007 Austrian reds

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Bought most of these in Austria on or soon after release and have had most of them in my cellar since.

Trying to track down Fam Allacher Zweigelt Ungerberg 2011. Open a couple of days and showing lovely blueberry blackberry fruit, sinewy and lithe, quite sweet, a hint of jam, really enjoyable - though the nose faded a little (remember: this had been open a couple of days). Trying to work out which Allachers this comes from!

Flight 1 - Austrian Reds from(mostly) 2007 (4 notes)

2007 Hans Igler Ab Ericio Austria, Burgenland, Mittelburgenland
Medium ruby. Immediately appealing, Merlot dominated nose. One thinks first of RB Bordeaux, with decadent layers of blueberry/mulberry yumminess. But there's a glossy sheen that doesn't quite fit, and washed wool, lavender, opal fruits notes that suggest something more exotic. This is intense on the palate, but fresh and with a lot of energy. It still feels young. Long clean finish. Very happy to have allowed to age for a few years!
2007 Franz und Christine Netzl Anna-Christina Austria, Niederösterreich, Carnuntum
ZW/CS/ME. A decent dark colour and a rather funky, animal nose, but with a fair dose of cassis and other dark berries. Quite fumy. Robust and muscular. Reasonable balance in the mouth and quite flavoursome, yet a bit heavy footed. A bit diffuse. Quite a long finish. Pleasant but not one to chase after.
2007 Hans Peter Göbel Cuvée Berg Austria, Wien
92 points
Dark, bright, youthful purple-red. Clean, fresh and refreshing nose of cassis, cut blackcurrant bush, and spiced plums and blueberry. Vivid and with real energy. Round but really alive in the mouth. Tastes young - let's say early maturity. Classic and elegant. Long finish.

A real surprise this. I've found this cuvee too oaky when young, but at 10 years old it's the epitome of elegance. Leads one to the left bank of Bordeaux - a GPL or maybe something from St Julien. I think the best Austrian red I've tasted. A Cab Sauv/Zweigelt blend.
2007 Gager Cablot Austria, Burgenland, Mittelburgenland
89 points
Good deep purple red colour. Lots of cassis on the nose, something of a Lifesavers quality, quite fumy at first though that dissipated, a bit fungal. Lacks a bit of grip on the palate, but certainly flavourful. Ripe fruit but not sweet; refreshing acidity, nicely integrated. Still quite a bit of furry tannin. Long but a bit clumsy on the finish. Overall, plenty of life left in this, a nice drop, though just short of the highest class

Flight 2 - A couple of Austrian whites (2 notes)

2011 Weingut Stadt Krems Riesling Reserve Grillenparz Austria, Niederösterreich, Kremstal
[Erste Lage] Pale gold, still bright. Beeswax at first on the nose, something a bit syrupy, peach nectar, some cough lynctus, yeasty. A bit heavy footed on the palate, with quite a strong savoury-yeasty note that I can't pin down, but which dominates the flavour profile, leaving the wine somewhat out of balance. There's a bit of sweetness here - sourness too. Not really enjoying this. A disappointment.
2007 Nikolaihof Elisabeth Tradition Cuvée Austria, Niederösterreich, Wachau
Pale gold. Intense but elegant on the nose, with a hint of oxidation but still very fresh. Pears, maybe pears poached in white wine with spices. Round and grippy in the mouth. A bit of yeastiness. Long clean finish. Lovely
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