Gredos (Madrid) Visit 4: Bernabeleva

Bernabeleva Winery - Madrid Spain

Tasted July 6, 2017 by Loren Sonkin with 226 views


Our fourth and final stop on our trip to Madrid Wine Country in the Sierra del Gredos was Bernabeleva. This winery has been opened longer than most and has been making high quality wines for over a decade. The winemaker (and master of all trades) Marc Isart was kind enough to show us around. We all piled into his pick up truck and went for a tour of the vineyards. Almost immediately, a fox crossed our path and scampered out of the way. These vineyards are not out in the middle of nowhere, they are past that and up the hill from nowhere. We got out and the vineyards were different from the others in Gredos. The soil was still sandy but bit quite as deep. The air was filled with scents of thyme and other herbs growing naturally. Stunning views across the vineyards. Surrounded by trees, Marc noted they were not indigenous and had been brought here 400 years ago. Just another gorgeous setting in Gredos.

We drove back to the winery and tasted thru some barrel samples. I was unable to identify the names of the barrels but they were very different from each other. Some were soft while another had a lot of structure. One of the striking things about Gredos reds but even more so about Bernabeleva is how pale ruby the wines are in color. They look almost like a rose. Yet, they have the stuffing to hold up.

Bernabeleva is a nice facility and very modern and large for Gredos standards. They make wines in a lot of different price ranges and some are available in the states at very fair pricing,often under $20. Certainly worth seeking out.

Flight 1 (4 notes)

2016 Viñedos Bernabeleva Vinos de Madrid Navaherreros Spain, Madrid, Vinos de Madrid
91 points
This is a blend of mostly Albillo with some Macabeo and Viura as well. White gold in color. It is somewhat cloudy with a bit of bubbles, most likely trapped CO2. The nose has white pears with a bit of of saline. On the palate, there is a nice tart acidity. The pears carry thru. Some complexity to it. Very nice. I don't think this is very expensive so a nice value and good change of pace.
2016 Viñedos Bernabeleva Vinos de Madrid Spain, Madrid, Vinos de Madrid
92 points
I am not sure how this bottling is actually labeled, but it is from a younger vineyard and 100% Grenache Blanc. Its a variety that I think can be very good if grown well. This is a very good one. Pale green gold in color. The nose has slight tropical fruit along with thyme and a bit of saline. On the palate, there is a refreshing tart acidity to go along with slight tropical fruit notes. A really long finish that is refreshing and satisfying.
2016 Viñedos Bernabeleva Vinos de Madrid cantocuerdas Spain, Madrid, Vinos de Madrid
91 points
This is a sweet white wine made from Muscat. Gorgeous nose. Floral with slight citrus fruits. On the palate, it is a bit dryer than I was expecting with a pleasant tart acidity. I know they make a dry and a sweet muscat version of this wine, but we were told this was the sweet version. I bought a bottle out of curiosity and because it was good. It finishes up with a bit of orange citrus. An interesting wine and I wish my Spanish was better to be sure which version this was.
2016 Viñedos Bernabeleva Vinos de Madrid Camino de Navaherreros Spain, Madrid, Vinos de Madrid
89 points
This is there base level wine and is a great value. Made from 90% Grenache and 10% Tempranillo IIRC. Light ruby in color. The nose has dusty cherries. On the palate, this is easy but pleasurable drinking. Dome complexity. There is a enough acidity here that it would be great with food. Drinks young and may develop a bit more from here.


Many thanks to Marc Isart for his patience as we were running about an hour late (we did call) for staying and showing us around. Back in Madrid I tried to find a bottle of his own wine that he makes but the stores I went to did not have it. I will work on searching that out.

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