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Last week we vacationed in Spain. We spent a day touring four wineries in Gredos west of Madrid. Those notes are posted elsewhere. These are the rest of the wines I consumed at carious times and places during the vacation.

Flight 1 (12 notes)

2005 Bodegas Emilio Moro Ribera del Duero Malleolus de Sanchomartin Spain, Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero
96 points
Awesome bottle of wine. Opened the night before our trip to Spain. Pop and pour. This has a decade left easy but is drinking very well right now. Purple in color. The nose has cherries, dark cherries, some cedar and blueberries. Very nice. A bit of dust as well. On the palate, this is big but not blowsy. Dark cherries, cherries, some earth/smoke. Layers of fruit and earth. Great balance. Juicy acidity. Some tannins left. Long finish. Just a beautiful wine.
2016 Bodegas Venta Morales Vino de la Tierra de Castilla Vino Ecological Spain, Castilla-La Mancha, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla
80 points
4E at the Lydl store in Barcelona. Green gold in color. The nose is nice. Minerals and some lime/citrus. On the palate, this is a bit disjointed and harsh. The citrus is nice but this drinks rough. For the price, however, it is fair. Tried on Day 2 with little change. Begs for some food just to tame the acidity. Not sure of the grapes used.
N.V. Heredero Rioja Vino Tinto Spain, La Rioja, Rioja
83 points
Served at a Flamenco show in Madrid. I expected plonk and this was definitely a bit better than that. Purple in color. The nose is pretty classic; dusty with cherries and slight dill. On the palate, this has nice cherry fruit with some "dust". Not deep or complex but enjoyable. Slight tannins. I would drink soon, but it drank just fine.
2015 Bodega Maranones Vinos de Madrid 30,000 Maravedíes Spain, Madrid, Vinos de Madrid
89 points
Ordered off the list at La Tragantúa Restaurant in Madrid. The food was great there, but the wine seemed a bit warm and indeed, this bottle did not show as good as a bottle drunk the next day at the winery. Still this was very good for around 22 Euros at the restaurant. Purple in color. The nose has black raspberries with some alcohol and a bit of raisin. Kind of Port-light. On the palate, there is a nice depth here. Some heat on the finish. Nice texture. Black cherries mostly. Worked well with a delicious mushroom risotto.
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2016 Cheste Agraria Cooperativa Vinícola Moscatel Valencia Velada Bianco Mediterraneo Spain, Valencia
80 points
.98 Cents (or the Euro equivalent) at the Lydl Supermarket in Madrid. Actually, it was not bad and for that kind of money, its crazy they can sell it and make any money. I had two glasses though we did not finish the bottle. I guess I dumped about 25 cents down the drain. Light white pale gold in color. Almost water. The nose has some limes very slight and a bit of salt and minerals. On the palate, there isn't a lot here, but some limes and minerals. No obvious faults or anything wrong with it, just a bit light. Served at fridge temps it was refreshing.
White - Fortified
N.V. Emilio Lustau Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda Papirusa Spain, Andalucía, Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda
90 points
Ordered with lunch in Barcelona. Deep yellow gold in color. The nose has smoked nuts and saline. Oxidized of course. This is dry but not bitter or biting. Almost refreshing. Went great with a plate of olives while waiting for our food. Nice finish. 3 Euros per glass (about 4 ounces).
2014 C.V.N.E. (Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España) Rioja Cune Crianza Spain, La Rioja, La Rioja Alta, Rioja
88 points
From a 375 drunk at the cafeteria at the Barcelona Train station. It was served chilled which I think worked out fine. Deep ruby in color. The nose has cherries, cherry juice and dust. On the palate, this is good. Correct. Nothing amazing but nice cherry fruit. Well balanced. Worked well with food. Easy to drink the half bottle. Pretty solid Rioja.
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2016 Paco y Lola Albariño Rías Baixas Spain, Galicia, Rías Baixas
87 points
Off the menu at The Spanish Farm in Madrid. Went well with a cheese plate and other assorted vegetarian dishes. Light yellow in color. The nose has crushed shells, salinity and slight herbal note. On the palate, the crushed shells and minerals continue. Very smooth and easy. Refreshing. Nice acidity. Good finish. Very solid wine. Served chilled which was nice on a warm day.
White - Fortified
N.V. Barbadillo Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Palo Cortado 30 años V.O.R.S Spain, Andalucía, Jerez-Xérès-Sherry
97 points
Ordered at Angelita's in Madrid. Great wine bar. 6.5 Euros per glass. Deep golden amber in color. The nose has fresh roasted nuts, salinity, slight vanilla, and a bit of orange peel. Gorgeous. On the palate, this is dry. deep and layered and complex. A bit nutty but also very fresh at the same time. Slight salinity. Long finish. Served with olives, this is outstanding. Wonderful wine that could go at any point from before to after a meal. Wow.
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2016 Viñedos Bernabeleva Vinos de Madrid La Cuartilla San Martin de Valdeiglesias Spain, Madrid, Vinos de Madrid
89 points
I am not really sure what this wine is. After visiting the winery the day before, this was on the list at Angelita in Madrid. I don't remember seeing it and I am not sure what the varietal is but I assume Grenache. Perhaps this is made for restaurants or maybe just a lower end bottling. In any event, it was quite good. Pale ruby in color. The nose has cherries, thyme, and tarragon which is interesting. On the palate, the cherries are darker with some herbal notes. A hint of bitter on the finish, but overall drinks very well. Seems lighter in body than most of the wines I had the day before at the winery.
White - Fortified
N.V. Bodegas Tradición Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Oloroso 30 Years Old VORS Spain, Andalucía, Jerez-Xérès-Sherry
95 points
Another outstanding dry sherry. I had never heard of this producer before. Watered down iced tea in color. The nose is great. sort of nutty and salty with slight burnt orange peel. On the palate, this is complex and deep. Dry. Salty with slight nuttiness. Long finish although a hint of bitterness on the end (nit picking). Really a special wine and very interesting. 7 Euros per glass at Angelita in Madrid. This was served with a watermelon and traditional gazpacho mixed together that was amazing.
2012 Bodegas Vega-Sicilia Ribera del Duero Valbuena 5° Spain, Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero
94 points
99 Euros of the list at La Manduca de Azagra in Madrid. Amazingly great food there as well. Killer Mushroom risotto. Back to the wine. Great price. Deep ruby in color. The nose is very nice with cherries, dust, hints of dill and some spice. On the palate, this is round and inviting and very accessible. Cherries layered with spice and slight earth. Deep and complex. Good balance. I am assuming its all tempranillo or whatever they call it in RdD. Long finish. Great with food. A really great wine that will most like continue to improve for a few years and last a long time after that.
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I really would have liked to try more wines in restaurants but the wine lists of the day to day places were quite limited and we often went for Beer instead. There are of course a lot of geeky places I could have gone, but when traveling with wife and daughter one needs to pick and choose. ;-)

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