Pecorino e Passerina

Faenza by MostoMostro

Tasted September 25, 2017 by quaglia with 138 views


A friends' blind tasting dedicated to these two varieties from Marche and Abruzzo

Flight 1 - Pecorino (3 notes)

2016 Marramiero Pecorino Abruzzo Italy, Abruzzi, Abruzzo
83 points
Bright golden yellow, with greenish tones.
Fine at nose: yellow fruit (gooseberries and gold plum). Almonds. Mineral.
persistent and complex at taste, with a nice acidity well balanced by alcohol and body. Mineral closing.
2016 Ciù Ciù Offida Pecorino Le Merlettaie Italy, Marche, Offida Pecorino
84 points
Light golden yellow.
Intense and fine nose, with a distinctive flowery note of acacia.
Very well balanced between fruit and minerality at taste.
Good structure.
2015 ChichiBio Pecorino Terre di Chieti IGT Italy, Abruzzi, Terre di Chieti IGT
83 points
Yellow fruits and minerality at nose. Almonds.
Easy straight wine, with a nice fruity structure. Mineral ending.

Flight 2 - Passerina (5 notes)

2016 Velenosi Passerina Villa Angela Italy, Marche, Marche IGT
82 points
Golden yellow.
Nice fine nose: mediterrean bush, thymus, gold plum, gooseberries and toasted hazelnuts. Mineral note.
Nice body at taste, well balanced, also if with an important mineral ending.
2016 Ciù Ciù Passerina Evoè Italy, Marche, Marche IGT
79 points
Golden yellow.
More flowery and mineral at nose, less fruity. Anyway very fine: mainly mediterrean bush.
At taste showing a medium body, with a shy fruit, overwhelmed by a hard minerality.
2016 Clara Marcelli Offida Raffa Italy, Marche, Offida
76 points
Greenish golden yellow.
A yellow ripe fruit and maraschino cherry is covered by oxidized notes.
Rather simple at taste, with low fruit and a alcohol / sapidity driven palate.
White - Sparkling
N.V. Ciù Ciù Altamarea Vino Spumante Brut Marche IGT Italy, Marche, Marche IGT
80 points
Very weak perlage.
Very shy at nose, with some Briny notes.
Nice fruit showing at palate, for a simple, correct wine
White - Sparkling
2016 Velenosi Spumante Brut Marche IGT Italy, Marche, Marche IGT
82 points
Lightly sparkling and light at nose, with some agrumes' hints.
Delicate and coherent at taste, well balanced.


...I discovered I prefer drinking Pecorino...

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