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Tasted May 19, 2018 by csimm with 522 views

Flight 1 (6 notes)

2016 Rivers-Marie Chardonnay Sonoma Coast USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast
87 points
Lemon liqueur, yellow pear, glycol, and lamp oil. Some faint lemon verbena and grass on the back end, but mostly hits of lemon and alcohol. A furry/pithy aftertaste made for an abrupt finish. Even with the good QPR, this wine isn't the friendliest or most quaffable of Chardonnays. It's ok, but pretty wonky overall. Previous vintages of this wine have performed much better. Hold for another year...I guess...
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2015 Post Parade Cabernet Sauvignon USA, California, Napa Valley
86 points
Nose of ripe prune, green peppercorn, and poblano chili pepper. "Uh Oh?!" I immediately thought this was going to be blasted or flawed. Ultimately it was not - at least not the latter (which would've been a convenient excuse, as the overall performance of this wine was fairly lackluster). On the palate, notes of ripe blackberry, purple/black plum, truffle, milk chocolate, wet mulch, and some dark soil. A little dank on entry, with confection chocolate notes leading the overly ripe fruit.

Some decent grip on the back end, but not enough to fully corral the fruit. Some substitute teacher tricep flab dripped its way to the rear of the delivery. The plum note hovered a bit too long on the finish, giving it a flabby mouthfeel and near-prune aftertaste.

Not flawed in the technical sense... just flawed in execution. Pass for me. This ultimately came off like an over-processed Caymus knock-off, where ripe fruit and cloying chocolatey flavors seem to upstage any attempt to pursue fruit with purity or identity.
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2014 Revana Cabernet Sauvignon Terroir Series USA, California, Napa Valley, St. Helena
88 points
Black cherry, black and red currant, plum, vanilla bean, and light cedar notes. Medium weight on the front end and through the mid-palate. Fairly simple and pedestrian, with a little bit of energy that picks up toward the back end. This had better grip and acid than the Post Parade served right before it, but this Revana was ultimately a little thin in the end. Stick with the Revana Estate and Howell wines. This Terroir was similar to the 2015 Terroir I had a couple of months ago. Pass for me on this Terroir series of wines.
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2014 Stone the Crows Cabernet Sauvignon Three Twins Vineyard USA, California, Napa Valley
91 points
Pucker factor galore on the initial PnP. This needed some air to even out its delivery and broaden its shoulders a bit more. Sour plum, black and red cherry, wild blackberry liqueur, and some bitter chocolate and iron. A formidable grip; one that seemed to overpower the core fruit. It came off young, unbalanced, and linear at times. It seems like there is potential here, but I don't know that I'll be around to see how it all plays out. It was fine and all, but kind of a snoozer for me personally.

I much prefer the Myriad expression of the Three Twins site. This wine seemed like it's holding back quite a bit, and it may never fully blossom in my opinion (almost as if the pick was called too early on this fruit). 89-91 point max range for me.
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2015 Pulido-Walker Cabernet Sauvignon Panek Vineyard USA, California, Napa Valley
93 points
Blackberry, black cherry, asphalt, black pebbles, and some scorched earth. The flavors were enticing, with the mineral notes really grabbing my attention. However, it was a bit boozy. The grip was solid, but the liqueur rush on the bookends of the delivery made for an uneven distribution of flavor and seamlessness. Some tight clamping on the finish as well.

Giving the benefit of the doubt, I'll blame youth on some of this wine's issues. It was certainly the most interesting wine in the tasting, even besting a 2015 Schrader CCS.

93+ points for now, with probable upside in 2+ years. QPR is pretty stiff at two Benjamins. Not worth the price of admission for me at that price bracket.
2015 Schrader Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon CCS Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard USA, California, Napa Valley, Oakville
93 points
Black and red core fruit, with notes of black and red raspberry, black and red cherry, vanilla liqueur, black rock, and some cedar. The mineral note shows up again on the back end (thankfully), saving it from its already overly fruity profile. Weight and balance are in check, however, it's a walk in the park kind of delivery at this stage. Flat and medium mid-palate, with a round, mellow finish.

Not a blockbuster, especially when compared amongst others in the same league...and especially for a BTK. A '15 Pulido-Walker Panek served right before the CCS had more interesting mineral notes for me personally. This CCS's complexity seemed to suffer quite a bit. It plays as a solid wine, but then kinda peters out at the end. 91-93 points depending on when you catch it on the palate. Hold for a few years in hopes it figures out what kind of wine it really wants to be. Some potential here, but...
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