Tour - Paso Robles - 2018

Paso Robles, CA

Tasted September 20, 2018 - September 24, 2018 by Wine Gent with 46 views


See Tasting Story 2017 for other wine tastings in this region.

On this Tour we focused on the west side of Paso Robles.

Paso Robles essentially has two sides, divided by the river, each has different terrain, terroir, and wine varietals. East side terrain is flat with low rolling hills which are more like typical farmland - wines are mild, light, and lean towards some light and moderate Zinfandels, and creative mixtures of light varietals. West side terrain is hilly, with steep hills and small canyons, similar to France's Burgundy west side - wines are heavier, stronger and lean towards Rhones, Cabernet Sauvignon, heavier Zinfandels, and similar.

Members of the Paso Robles CAB Collective include: Adelaida Vineyards & Winery, Ancient Peaks Winery, Bon Niche Cellars, Brecon Estate, Calcareous Vineyard, Cass Vineyard & Winery, Chateau Margene, Clos Solène, DAOU Vineyards & Winery, Eberle Winery, Halter Ranch Vineyard, J. Lohr Vineyard & Wines, JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery, Opolo Vineyards, Parrish Family Vineyard, Pomar Junction Vineyard & Winery, RN Estate Vineyard & Winery, Rotta Winery, San Antonio Winery, Sextant Wines, The Farm

Flight 1 - Brochelle Winery (2 notes)

$15 for 5 tastings.

East side tasting room is only one left - they got rid of their west side tasting room. Free home made brownies provided.

2017 Brochelle Vineyards Chardonnay USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Maria Valley
85 points
Rating is average between me (82) and wife (87). Bouquet apple, pear, tart, simple. Taste apple, simple, minor butter finish. $32 overpriced.
2016 Brochelle Vineyards Silk Santa Maria Valley USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Maria Valley
88 points
70% Grenache, 30% Syrah. Bouquet tart, berry. Taste big initial flavor, berry, sweet, moderate finish, minor tart backend, silky smooth finish. Good with homemade chocolate brownie provided by hostess. $55 overpriced.

Flight 2 - Calcareous Vinyard (0 notes)

$15 tastings.

Flight 3 - Jada (0 notes)

$15 tastings.

Flight 4 - Halter Ranch (0 notes)

$20 tastings.

Flight 5 - Whalebone Vineyard (0 notes)

$15 tastings. Fee waived with 2 bottle purchase.

Flight 6 - Niner Wineries (0 notes)

$15 tastings. Fee waived with 2 bottle purchase.

Flight 7 - Turley (0 notes)

$10 tastings. Fee waived with 2 bottle purchase.


Paso Robles is a second tier wine region. Wines are generally not as high quality as a top tier region such as Napa, Sonoma, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and similar.

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