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Madrevite Winery

Madrevite Winery, Umbria

Tasted May 29, 2019 by Woodbridge Brad with 80 views


Lovely family winery, visited with my wife and two other winemakers. Overall the wines are well made and the small winery is quite neat and well run. They also grow beans and olives for oil. The wines in general are estate but they do buy some grapes for their basic red and white. They started with just a red and white that they sell by the liter in a fill your container style. The wines we tasted beyond those two are reflected in the notes. In general they are good wines but they are still finding their winemaking style.

Flight 1 (5 notes)

2017 Madrevite Colli del Trasimeno C'OSA Italy, Umbria, Colli del Trasimeno
87 points
For me the best red of this winery, medium red mild spice and berry nose, good structure and finish nothing exotic but straightforward.14.5% alc. Tastes and looks nothing like Gamay which it turns out it is not. Gamay del Trasimeno is the local name for Grenache, the story is that it was brought in when the area was ruled by the Spanish. Need to dig into that.
2013 Madrevite Che Syrah Sarà Italy, Umbria
84 points
Technically correct wine but the style of 15% alcohol with unresolved oak and tannin did not appeal to me. This is a 2013 and I think it will not get better with time.
2013 Madrevite Umbria Capofoco Italy, Umbria
83 points
16% alcohol, way to into the ripe school for me. The winemaking is technically correct but the balance of body to acid to oak and other tannins are not in harmony for me. It is as a 2013, several years into the bottle aging cycle but for me this wine is not going to improve with time.
2016 Madrevite Colli del Trasimeno Glanio Italy, Umbria, Colli del Trasimeno
86 points
Soft and mildly spicy a nice red with decent structure and finish. Nothing exceptional but quite pleasant and more than adequate.
2018 Madrevite Umbria La Bisbetica Italy, Umbria
88 points
Lovely rose, slightly reduced at first but opening quickly and nice fresh fruit. Good acidity and nicely lingering fruit finish.
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