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Chateau d'Angludet mini vertical

KC's place

Tasted October 31, 2020 by chatters with 79 views


Time to plough through some Bordeaux...must have been at least, oooh, 24 hours since my last forage through this region...but, well, it's probably near the top of my favourites.

Anyway, four vintages of Angludet that I've stumbled across on the secondary market, lamb and KC meant a potential evening of fun

Flight 1 (4 notes)

1982 Château d'Angludet France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux
a slightly riper version of the 83 with a little more savoury spice and biscuit. Juicy medium plus intensity acidity, sweetly fruit, talc textured tannin burr on the mid palate is persistent. Leather, cigar box, cedar, mushroom, a little alcohol warmth, broad, long, nice. with time black tea and pepper spice start to come through as well.
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1983 Château d'Angludet France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux
Cork slipped (dropped?) into the bottle with application of Coravin...Insta-panic! Decanted and put under argon immediately but took a sample to make sure it was worth retaining. Initially cellar stink then leather, a little almost asparagus, sweet and baking spices, plum and brambles, a little baked warmth here as well as a touch of volatility. In the mouth it's quite savoury with flavours of brambles, leather, a sense of breadth, tannins are a whisper, with time gamey notes, a little green element, cigar box. It held up until dinner time but was just consumable and descended as the evening progressed.
1995 Château d'Angludet France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux
From Coravin. medium minus intensity aromas of black fruits, forest floor, earth, sweet spice and a little cedar. Juicy, almost sour, black fruits with plentiful tannins and grip, spice, leathery edges. Nicer than I remember this. Long.
2002 Château d'Angludet France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux
Last wine in the little vertical and, after the other wines, this comes across as closed with dense black fruits and plums, a little caramel and blackcurrant behind this. Juicy, all blackcurrant, plums, sweet spice, tannins are integrated and reined in, with time cassis and cream...it's very impressive considering the vintage. Bravo.
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And it was an evening of fun...pity about the 83 cork but I was always going to open the 82...I do love that pleasure that one has with a vertical tasting where a wine that is 15+ years old ends up tasting positively youthful compared to the older wines...I shall make an effort to try the 2002 solo to see how it looks out of this context...

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