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Vitamin H

"H" is for humility and that's why we drink them blind. There's a full dose in every tasting.

Flight 1 - Sparklers - All Pinot Muenier (3 notes)

White - Sparkling
N.V. Moussé Fils Champagne Blanc de Meuniers Premier Cru Brut Zéro Les Vignes de Mon Village France, Champagne
Blind: thought this was Vilmart Grand Cellier


Interestingly, I had this NV about 3 years ago and guess Pinot Meunier. This time, no go. As we learned from the two NV in this flight with different disgorgement dates, the wines are completely different.

This has a really nice balance to it - yellow apple on the attack and fine bubbles. good tropical notes on the backend. Very good stuff

Big take away? Tasting notes from others on NV might not be remotely the same wine
White - Sparkling
2016 Nicolas Maillart Champagne Premier Cru Mont Martin France, Champagne, Champagne Premier Cru
Blind: lost in space - thought it was a 3 varietal blend - probably a big house. The end.

I really like this wine because it has bits and pieces of everything. There's a bit of dosage but not out of control and the wood treatment is balanced with the fruit and acid. My favorite of the flight. The amount of CO2 kicked off is amazing, stuck my nose in for a whiff and there was no oxygen and I gasped. Not a good sight. The aromas were pronounced. yellow, red, and green fruit with a touch of caramel.
White - Sparkling
N.V. Moussé Fils Champagne Blanc de Meuniers Premier Cru Brut Zéro Les Vignes de Mon Village France, Champagne
blind: guessed blanc de blanc and zero dosage


Wow - this is the same NV at the 2014-2016 but with the addition of 2017. That is very hard to wrap my head around because the 2014-16 had a hint of sweetness and this wine is as angular and aggressive as it gets with a sparkler. Too much for my liking other than a food wine. Strong citric acid and low fruit profile that fades mid palate. Not balanced.

Flight 2 - Mixed Bag (3 notes)

White - Sparkling
2014 Piollot Champagne Colas Robin Brut Nature France, Champagne
Blind: I guessed Pinot Blanc because the last flight was PM and this didn't come across as PN or Chardonnay. Stab in the dark.

Nice wine but I'm guessing PB won't change the world. Fine bubbles, well made, and enjoyable but just missing that little something to make it stand out. The fruit was peach/melon which made it fun.
2016 Marie Courtin Coteaux Champenois Le Blanc de Tremble France, Champagne, Coteaux Champenois
Blind: guessed chardonnay and assumed it must be a white burg but I wasn't in love with the call.

A few at the table called this still champagne. Brilliant. There's a huge matchstick aroma flying out of the glass. Interesting that this doesn't use sulfur? Pure reduction? I love the aromas. That had me leaning towards burgundy which is chardonnay but it wasn't obvious and then when others called coteaux I got on board, makes sense. Middle palate was a touch light but I enjoyed this very much.

Great blind wine because this is 100% Pinot Noir yet it's a "white wine".
2016 Gaja Langhe Rossj Bass Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Langhe DOC
Blind: I thought this was either Greek or North east Italian. No idea on the grape.

The nose on this wine is wild white flowers, Todd called it plumeria which is even better. Really attractive - great wine. There was a hint of anise at the backend and that led me down the euro path. Good acidity balanced with the fruit. I think the little Sauvignon Blanc blended into the Chardonnay adds the extra dimension. This would be amazing with seafood.

Not the best QPR in the world... hey, it's a Gaja.

Flight 3 - Classic Reds (3 notes)

2014 Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon La Croix Boissée France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Chinon
Blind: my initial take was California Cab with some age. I stayed with it to my demise.

The fact that nobody called this Cab Franc, quite frankly, is an embarrassment. This has everything you read about from the Loire. A little poop, tobacco leaf, bell pepper, and I even got a bite of jalapeño.

Blind I thought I was getting redwood and oak spice/pepper. ugh
2019 Model Farm Syrah La Cruz Vineyard USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast
Blind: guessed zin or Syrah and ultimate settle on syrah because of the structure.

This is a balance style and excellent, they're a solid undertone of tannins supporting this wine. This showed more restrained and delicacy compared to the Chinnon and Halcon in the flight.
2018 Halcon Vineyards Syrah Alturas USA, California, North Coast, Yorkville Highlands
Blind: knew this was syrah but from where... Could be domestic, high quality regardless, or Northern Rhone in a cool vintage. Hum... I went for Rhone

Ever taste a wine and say "Hey, I need to get some of this" and then look in Cellartracker and there are a couple of bottles in there? It's like free money.
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