Jason's 2005 Bordeaux at Noizé

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Lovely offline organised by Jason. The brief was 2005 Bordeaux - Jason started us off with a delicious Krug but then we went straight into the reds.

Flight 1 - Gougeres (1 note)

White - Sparkling
N.V. Krug Champagne Brut Grande Cuvée Edition 168eme France, Champagne
Oof - lovely. Tightly coiled and delicious. After about an hour or so it seemed to fall apart a bit, for me, but other diners reported it being even more excellent an hour later. Proper kit and thanks to Jason for sharing.

Flight 2 - Game Parmentier served in wonderful snail dishes (2 notes)

2005 Roc de Cambes France, Bordeaux, Côtes de Bourg
Started off a little punchy - flooding the palate and even a little hard to drink. With the parmentier, however, a transformation. Still plush and persistent but now balanced.
2005 Château Beauregard France, Bordeaux, Libournais, Pomerol
On first opening seemed more refined and and elegant than its Right Bank flight mate (the Roc de Cambes from the same year), however when food was introduced into the mix the situations were reversed. An enjoyable wine - and if a friend served it to you at dinner you'd make a mental note to accept the next invitation - but if you have any of this don't rush to pull it out of the cellar.

Flight 3 - Guinea Fowl (2 notes)

2005 Château Poujeaux France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Moulis en Médoc
Plush, even stemmy. One fellow diner suspected a hint of TCA - I don't think it was that but there was something not quite right here - certainly looking at my previous note from 2014 this seems a different wine. Plan to open one over the weekend to verify.
2005 Château La Lagune France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Haut-Médoc
Woof. Wotn with no hesitation. Blind I would have had this pegged as a 96. The vaguest hint of bret perhaps? Just enough to make it interesting. Deep, forest floor - the one wine I could have spent the whole evening just smelling.

Flight 4 - Pigeon (2 notes)

I missed out a few wines here - by this point my lack of note taking, poor memory and blasted palate made things tricky.

2005 Château du Tertre France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux
Plush, joyous - ready to drink but no rush. Along with the Lagune this was well served by being opened when it was. As we discussed at the table, the pleasurable ease of drinking can make it easy to forget that it is a somewhat serious wine. Very pleased to have quite a few more of these in the cellar.
2005 Château Batailley France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
By the time we got to the pauillacs my palate was tired, to say the least. This, though, was lovely - albeit definitely still holding most of its pleasure in reserve. If you have some of these - hold on for a while longer.


This was a lovely evening but by the end my palate was really struggling. In retrospect, I should have followed the examples of my smart fellow diners and left more in each of the glasses - by the time we got to the pauillacs it was getting tough to taste.

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