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Getting the gang together @ Wus (plus birthdays!)

Wu's Wonton King

Tasted November 12, 2021 by MC2 Wines with 170 views


Coordinating with this group often means that we decide to do dinners months in advance but always fun to hang out with this crowd (and last night was a particularly boisterous night at Wu's so felt like the whole restaurant was getting in on the fun). We had two birthdays at the table and lots of great wine and great company. What could be better?

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White - Sparkling
1995 Perrier-Jouët Champagne Belle Epoque France, Champagne
Another good reminder to myself that aged champagne is just somehow different and better than the regular stuff. I wish it was easier to find these days. This is a bit toasty and for sure some oxidation. Still has some bubbles. Lots of flavor. It's got that sensation of the cracked caramel that gets left in the pan and maybe a hint of burnt to it but still kindof delicious.
White - Sparkling
2006 Billecart-Salmon Champagne Cuvée Nicolas-François Billecart France, Champagne
From a magnum and isn't champagne always better out of magnum? This is a contrast the PJ was which was older. All freshness here. Feels quite young actually. Would love to see some more time with it. It is though bright and light and easy to drink and sneakily finished faster than I would have thought.
1995 Château Montrose France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Estèphe
From memory and my takeaway from the wine event the week before (96 Left Bank Bordeaux) is that the differences among these sometimes aren't as pronounced as you'd think. This was fun because got to try next to some other '95s and also an older brother (the '75). I thought it was a good solid Bordeaux. Montrose pretty much always shows well. Perhaps a touch on the young side and certainly with lots of life left.
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1995 Château Trotanoy France, Bordeaux, Libournais, Pomerol
Drank next a bunch of other '95s although this was the only right bank wine. It needed some time to open and I think could possibly have used a decant. It's a big and powerful wine. Long life ahead.
1995 Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
Another '95 in the line-up and also drinking quite nicely. It's classic older Bordeaux. More library.
1993 Carruades de Lafite France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
I'm not sure I've ever had the Lafite second label before. '93 not a great year in Bordeaux but this was holding it's own with the better years. Drinking well and kindof right in window if I had to guess where many of the ones we had were almost a bit young.
1975 Château Montrose France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Estèphe
The old man of the group and this is a wine that I think you have to really like old wine to get. It's prob a bit on the tired side but all secondary and tertiary and as I am one of those ppl who does like the really old ones I enjoyed it quite a bit.
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1966 Château Latour Grand Vin France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac
Super treat. We tried it blind although knew it was a '66 (special wine for a birthday). Bordeaux for sure and left bank but that's as far as I got. I will say it's quite a nice wine. Sometimes I don't feel like I always get Latour, but this was drinking very well. Love the age and yet it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Big and powerful. Maybe it's that the wine needs at least 50 years.
1989 Château Margaux France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux
A favorite of ours every time we have it and this time was no different. It was delicious in the beginning and then kept getting better and better. Lots of the plushy red fruit and almost velvety style that Margaux is known for. This is a particularly good year - it just seems so very bright.
1987 Château Haut-Brion France, Bordeaux, Graves, Pessac-Léognan
Pleasantly surprised with this wine. I know HB is always good in every year but this was very very very good and I don't think of '87 as a even decent year in Bordeaux. It's spice rack and a kindof woodsy and probably what I liked the most is just pretty fresh in style.
White - Off-dry
1989 Zind-Humbrecht Gewurztraminer Herrenweg de Turckheim Vendange Tardive France, Alsace
These old ZHs are always good and maybe even my style since the acid really balances the sweet. Tasting good!
Rosé - Sparkling
2005 Charles Heidsieck Champagne Brut Millésimé Rosé France, Champagne
Bubbles for dessert! I am a fan. This a nice rose champagne - bit of the berries and a bit of a more austere note and with that nice lightness that CH does so well.


Nope - we did not have an official theme although somehow we ended up with mostly Bordeaux and Champagne (I'm not complaining) and more '95s than you might expect if doing random years.

The HB surprised me - I expected it to be good because you know it's HB but I didn't expect it to be that good. It was just singing. The '89 Margaux was spectacular as always. Those two I think kindof dominated although all of the wines were showing well. Oh - and another reminder that I just like aged champagne.

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