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Any Italian red wine. Any vintage. Any producer.

Flight 1 - Single Flight of all Italian Reds (8 notes)

Tasted in the order below single blind as wines A through H.

2006 Marchesi Mazzei Zisola Italy, Sicily, Sicilia
88 points
Ash, cherries, a little abrupt on the finish, good with food. 88pts.

Others who tasted this at the tasting suggested the following--

-Smell of cherries, almost like a Pinot, light, almost rose-like, low tannins, good with bacon
-Sunny bouquet, easy to drink table wine
-Smooth, medium body, nondescript, dark & deep
-Dry, harsh on the swallow, good vino da tavola, plays well with food
-My idea of a perfect red wine scent, nice on the palate (after the crostini fegotini), mild cherry scent, needs to open up
-Very Nice, sort of a generic red, goes well with food
-Liked it, licorice nose
-Good, mild nose, slightly metallic aftertaste
2004 Azienda Agricola Taurino Salice Salentino Riserva Italy, Puglia, Salice Salentino
89 points
Lighter, new plastique, vinyl, Sharpie marker, smalls hot, but tasty, nice. 89-90pts.

Others who tasted it at the same time at our tasting said--
-Acidic, plasticky smell
-Odeaur de Reebok, sweet drinking, Barbie
-Astringent, phenolic, rough, Barbera?
-Almost light brown in color, Stinks, funky, vinyl smell and aftertaste, tastes better than it smells, smooth, wine lover's wine
-Sharp odor, astringent smell, bitter aftertaste, but this blew off, very nice flavor after that
-Smells of new sneakers, not a lot of flavor, hard to get past the smell. Awful
-Astringent, but got better as it opened and paired well with food
-Chemical nose, acrid taste
2001 Tenuta Col d'Orcia Brunello di Montalcino Italy, Tuscany, Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino
80 points
Smells like poached eggs, sharp, flinty, maybe Sangiovese, it's OK. 80pts.

Others at the same tasting gave these comments --
-Faltulent, sulfur, then burned off, eggs, gravelly odor, yuck
-Basic, good Chianti?
-Slightly tart, light, composty
-Brownish-red color, starchy, pasta cooking water, could drink fast, tastes like a Chianti, flinty, fun and easy to drink
-Smelled of spaghetti sauce (mildly), chianti, sharp scent, fave so far
-Mild pasta-like odor, a little dry, tasty, good with cheese, standard red table wine
-Average taste, no nose
-Fruity nose, but dry, Chianti? Pretty ordinary
2000 Cascina Lo Zoccolaio Barolo Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo
92 points
Crushed cherry pits, licorice, muddled mint, white pepper, delicious!, a little like a sugar daddy, somewhat waxy, too. 92 pts.

Others at the same tasting offered these comments --
-Raisins, alcohol, good aftertaste, tannic, peppery
-Chianti Ruffino?, Black cherry, white pepper, bouquet lasts and lasts
-Mint, currant, licorice, cherry, pepper, smooth, #1
-Brown-red again, Dirt, mud, mint, great legs, chewy, smooth and delicious
-Ladies perfume, very strong a bit too much, nice flavor with food, earthy flavors
-Earthy smell, sweet, fruity, 'cheap like a stunt', some pepper in the smell, best so far
-Earthy, hint of mint, but it was fleeting
-Isopropryl nose, very dry
2005 Azienda Agricola La Giaretta Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Italy, Veneto, Valpolicella, Amarone della Valpolicella Classico
91 points
Toothpaste, cherry skins, very sharp & somewhat tannic, cedary, rockey outcropping finish, nice. 91pts.

Others at the same tasting offered these comments--
-Interesting, mild, vegetal in a good way, good aftertaste, cedar, almost Cabernet-like
-Very good Chianti?, nice pepper, cedar-esque bouquet, 'A' competitor
-Sweet Chianti, saccharine, faint plastic finish
-Cellar basement smell, meat of the grill smell, beefy flavor, blueberry, cedar
-Smells a bit like perfume, but mild, some must smell, tastes like sharp cheddar cheese, with some sweet cherries
-Interesting, hint of blueberry, very fruity, sweet
-Best, creamy, some cedar nose
-Spaghetti sauce nose, a medley of flavors
2004 Feudi di San Gregorio Irpinia Rubrato Italy, Campania, Irpinia
86 points
Light brown sugar, pencil sharpener, a bit sharp on the finish, not bad. 86pts.

Others at the same tasting gave these comments--
-Pepper, cellar, woodsy, minty
-Nice, peppery bouquet, surprise nice sweet taste, good dinner wine, good peppy coating of whole tongue
-Sweet, peppery,Abruzzo?
-Peppery, hard finish, Meh.
-Very mild scent, tastes of pepper with a chalky finish
-Hint of chocolate in the smell, sweet, cherry?
-Liked it 3rd best
-Chocolate nose, good dinner wine
2007 Masseria Li Veli Passamante Italy, Puglia, Salice Salentino
88 points
Strawberries, twigs, blood, iron filings, copper, gypsum, food friendly. 88pts.

Others at the same tasting offered these comments--
-Plasticky, mild
-California nose, aged in metal, dull knife on the tongue
-Iron, cream, gypsum, very good
-Smells like Pinot, kindling, buttered bread, delish, mmmm lentil soup
-Grape juice color, light strawberry smell, sweet mild flavor, buttery, sweet, fresh air scent
-Strawberry, light, mild, poured like grape juice, bloody
-Strawberry nose, light, good
-Nose of some vinyl, taste was full
2007 Matane Primitivo di Manduria Italy, Puglia, Primitivo di Manduria
82 points
Blackberry, acidic, watery, brambled...pretty weak. 82pts.

Others at the same tasting offered these comments--
-Not good.
-Acceptable peppery nose, OK for cheap dinner maybe
-Sea breeze & corn syrup
-Vinegary, Ewww, watery, acidic
-Mild salty smell, sharp flavor, ok, not terrible
-Very light, like Coors Light, no real aroma, mediocre
-Musty, cheesy nose, ruby color, some acid but not very bad
-Common nose, taste of acid and bitters
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