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2005 Jana Winery Cathedral Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
11/27/2019 - klezman wrote:
This was firing on all cylinders. It's in its teenage years, still showing lots of youthful fruit and density while also showing plenty of secondary notes and interest. A lovely Cabernet.
  • klezman commented:

    12/1/19, 2:59 PM - Depends on your preference. This will certainly change with age, but from here on out it's a matter of taste preference to me. Tannins will be around for a long time yet. I've got one more and will probably leave it another 3-5 years or maybe wait until its 20th birthday.

2003 Chateau Musar Bekaa Valley Red Blend
Dinner in our backyard will the Casemates Group (Acampo): Tasting like a aged Bordeaux from the middle ranks. Medium color and weight, a very nice aged wine. Thanks to whoever brought it to the dinner. No score given as scoring is meaningless for this very nice experience.
  • klezman commented:

    7/14/18, 8:08 PM - Thank you Brad! Very happy you enjoyed it, and many many thanks for hosting us and everything you did for the tour.

1999 Wellington Vineyards Zinfandel Estate 100 Year Old Vines Sonoma Valley
4/27/2017 - RPerro Does not like this wine:
60 points
Yuck. Smells and tastes like stewed fruit mixed with soy sauce. Really cloudy, turning brown, definitely way past drinkable. Disappointed this was included in my Wellington "surprise pack" from Should have been drank about 10 years ago. Down the drain...
  • klezman commented:

    7/4/17, 11:00 PM - Very very fine sediment in the bottle I just had. It was laying on its side for a few months after delivery followed by upright for a couple hours before opening. Sorry you got a bad bottle, but thankful I did not!

2000 Teldeschi Petite Sirah Dry Creek Valley
3/22/2017 - klezman wrote:
So good - acidic, earthy, herbaceous, bright plum and blackberry fruit.
  • klezman commented:

    5/13/17, 5:13 PM - You're probably good either way, my friend. I don't think it's in imminent danger, but I wouldn't plan on holding on to them another 10 years.

2014 Charles Smith Riesling Kung Fu Girl Washington
10/23/2015 - klezman wrote:
Bone dry. Initially we wondered if this was even Riesling, as it had some grassy and tropical notes we associate more with Sauv Blanc. After being open for a bit, and as it warmed up a touch, it displayed more typical Riesling qualities of citrus and mineral. Tasty wine, and at $8 a killer value.
  • klezman commented:

    10/24/15, 10:24 AM - Actually, so were we

2007 Vino Noceto Zinfandel OGP Grandpère Vineyard Amador County
8/28/2013 - klezman wrote:
Delicious. Raspberry, blackberry, leather, bright fruit but intense. Acid is balanced and present as are the tannins. Great wine, definitely in a good zone with some five spice notes on the finish. It's got a year or two to go, but drinking beautifully at the moment.
  • klezman commented:

    9/4/13, 7:14 PM - You know I don't use numbers for ratings!

2008 Kent Rasmussen Petite Sirah Esoterica Chavez-Leeds Vineyard Rutherford
Delicious, even if young. Nice tannic structure and great blackberry and herb flavours. This will go the distance but will also be a thoroughly enjoyable wine in the shorter term.
  • klezman commented:

    2/13/13, 6:41 PM - Richard, it's not over the top tannic. I think you'd find it fine on day 2, and maybe even on day 1. I haven't had the 07 since 2010 Tour, though.

2004 Hawley Wine Merlot Dry Creek Valley
Fantastic. Went very well with grilled steak and was just a lovely bottle overall. Opened up after only a little while, and stayed expressive for a long window until we demolished it. With a longer decant it would probably do even better. Gotta get more Hawley.
  • klezman commented:

    1/6/13, 8:02 PM - No you don't. These will go a long long time, I think.

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