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2007 Two Hands Cabernet Sauvignon Charlie's Patch Napa Valley
4/5/2013 - ksde wrote:
92 points
Took a few hours in the decanter to hit its stride. Throwing lots of sediment so I am wondering about aging potential. I think that I will consume another of my remaining 4 bottles in the next couple of months to see if the sediment is a sign of premature aging. Still, drinking very well now with a great palate and perfumed nose. One notch below my Conn Valley reserves.
  • jreis commented:

    4/6/13, 2:38 PM - Just one comment that I hope will be helpful. In my experience, the amount of sediment in wine is not an indicator of how quickly a wine is aging. Some wines do have more sediment, in part as a result of winemaker choices on filtering, but the aging curve is unrelated. Michael Twelftree, the Two Hands winemaker, usually makes wine to stand the test of time, so I would expect several more years of pleasure from your remaining bottles. Hope this is helpful.

2010 Schild Estate Shiraz Barossa Valley
2/21/2013 - jreis wrote:
Blind - would have definitely thought southern Rhone. Lots of Brett, dark fruit, coffee and peppery spice. Hard to get past the Brett, but seemed more balanced than I would have expected.
  • jreis commented:

    3/6/13, 3:21 PM - Coupe 60 - I have no experience with this producer. Knowing that is was an Aussie Shiraz, I would have expected a much different profile, similar to what you described. I thought the wine was ok, but not great.

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