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2010 Next of Kyn Syrah No~4 Cumulus Vineyard Central Coast
9/19/2015 - Thralow wrote:
100 points
Over the last few years, I have been drinking a lot of wines and not writing reviews. Because, well, it takes time. I have had some excellent wines from Quilceda Creek, Robert Craig, Kongsgaard, Saxum and other international wines that I do not want to look up in order to spell correctly. But, I must take a moment to write a note about this wine because I get to use the word sublime. The first few swallows were not optimal. A little funky... good, but not incredible. I thought, hmmm why am I saving these? Well, after about 15 minutes... the answer became clear. The bottle warmed slightly, from cellar temperature, a little breathing took place and this became the best wine I have had in a couple of years. A reminder of wonder for this jaded wine drinker. Thank you Elaine and Manfred Krankl.
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    9/26/15, 4:19 PM - You might not rate it 100... but you will not be disappointed. Often the aura of the setting can have an effect... and I did drink it with a good friend and great steak. So not a controlled environment. However, I have had a few really memorable wine experiences and this was one of them. I just loved it. Thank you for commenting.

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    5/6/16, 9:10 PM - Hi TP, thank you for asking. You can drink it now. I would let it sit open, in a glass, for twenty minutes... or as long as you can stand waiting. IF that is two minutes... fine, but it will taste better to wait at least 15 minutes. Wait more than hour? Well, I am not that patient. But, it would probably be wonderful even 24 hours later. Unopened, In proper storage, I think this wine will keep just about forever. But, probably best in the next 20 years.

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