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2012 Mollydooker Shiraz The Boxer South Australia
11/8/2013 - tschneid wrote:
91 points
Opened, decanted and drank with delicious homemade beef bourguignon. It's been a while since I had the Boxer but it's been one of my favorites although I like Two left feet a little more. This bottle wasn't as big and in your face as I remember some of the older vintages but it definitely is not a subtle wine. If you like a big , bold Shiraz then I highly recommend this wine. Is it a 100 rated wine? No. Not even close. Is it a 65? Even less close. I know there was a lot of hype about these wines in the past. I know they are big and in your face with a lot of alcohol and not for everyone. So if you don't like this type of wine then don't drink it. If you must, then don't rate it a 65 and skew the ratings because of an agenda or because you believe you know what a wine "should" taste like. I don't particularly care for white Zinfandels but they make it and people enjoy it, therefore I wouldn't rate it here and pretend I know better than they do what a wine should be. I and I suspect many others use these ratings as a guide to help with purchases and expanding my knowledge of wines. If you care what I would really rate this wine, I would give it a 90-91, but obviously that's just my opinion, yours may vary by 20 or 30 points!
  • anubis commented:

    1/3/14, 5:02 PM - If you don't think it is a 100 point wine, why did you rate it as such? You're just as bad as the 65 point rater.

2012 Mollydooker Verdelho The Violinist McLaren Vale
4/16/2013 - mflesh wrote:
92 points
One glass as an aperitif to dinner. Rest of the bottle will be consumed tomorrow. I want to see if there are any changes. When it comes to "budget" wines this wine is incredible and the QPR almost makes me rate this a 93 (flame away oh ye purveyors of "well it's ONLY about the taste of the wine"). This wine had some density to it - quite a bit of lemongrass and wet stone in the nose, tangerine and honeydew on the palate towards the front, going back to lemon with kiwi in the middle, and even a creme brulee note towards the end. Compared to the Scholium project Verdelho there is no comparison. Still not as full bodied as a good dense chard, but very enjoyable. I better slow down if I'm going to keep some of this for 3-4 years.
  • anubis commented:

    8/9/13, 8:29 PM - Hi MFLESH. I love the reviews of this wine and do find them useful.
    May I suggest you only rate a wine once rather than at each review? It seems this wine now has rating of 91 (whatever that means anyway), and this is mainly due to your 92 ratings. As the wine has not changed between tastings, the rating won't have changed either.
    If you had rated it once, the rating would more likely be around (85 + 92)/2 = 88.5. <Just a thought>
    Whatever. Please keep your reviews coming. It's what CT is all about.

  • anubis commented:

    8/9/13, 8:31 PM - Oh yeah, I have this wine, what is your thoughts on it's drinking TO date? Do you think it will develop over the next 3 - 4 years, or will it taste the same in 4 years time?

2005 Penfolds Shiraz St. Henri South Australia
5/28/2012 - nogohawk wrote:
95 points
Popped & poured - plum & currant with a long finish; nice size for an evening (2 glasses) - excellent QPR @ $15
  • anubis commented:

    5/31/12, 5:14 AM - You bought it for $15? This wine goes for more than A$70 in Australia!

2001 Carpineto Molin Vecchio Toscana IGT Sangiovese Blend, Sangiovese
3/7/2010 - Bak wrote:
92 points
Fantastisk i næsen lige fra den bliver åbnet. I starten virker den enten lukket eller som om den er over toppen, men svaret kommer ret hurtigt, og det var heldigvis fordi den var lukket. Den åbner sig i løbet af et par timer og smager fantastisk.
  • anubis commented:

    7/8/10, 3:53 AM - From Google translate...
    "Great nose straight from being opened. Initially, it works either closed or whether it is over the top, but the answer comes very quickly and it was fortunately because it was closed. It opens in a few hours and tastes fantastic."

2006 Tyrrell's Shiraz Rufus Stone Heathcote
4/1/2010 - Bak wrote:
90 points
Flot og vellavet Shiraz. Virkelig god balance mellem syre og frugt og perfekt til en grillet and!
  • anubis commented:

    4/5/10, 4:24 PM - Google translate says: "Beautiful and vellavet Shiraz. Really good balance between acid and fruit and perfect for a grilled duck!"

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