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2018 Ceritas Chardonnay Carex Sonoma Coast
11/18/2021 - t_moderne wrote:
84 points
Pop and pour.
Light light yellow color.
Not much on the nose. Perhaps, a hint of lemon and white hibiscus.
On the palate,, there is some citrus and a saline note but not much depth.
This is a wine that wants to be better but perhaps they watered back to get to 13.1%abv and made this a bit watery. Seems diluted.

Disappointing given the price and the winery pedigree.
  • t_moderne commented:

    5/11/22, 10:38 AM - I have one left and will let it sit sideways for some time before trying my last bottle.

2015 Fattoria Petrolo Galatrona Val d'Arno di Sopra Merlot
1/6/2019 - t_moderne wrote:
89 points
Opened, had a small pour and taste, and then let slow-ox for about 1 hour before serving.
Tasted on its own and then with food.
Ruby color.
Nose offers some orange peel along with plum and blackberries.
Light in texture, there is bright acidity to this wine. Nice plum flavor with evident acidity and citrus peel. Tannins are well integrated. Some notes of mushroom and red clay on the back end.
  • t_moderne commented:

    12/17/21, 12:35 PM - Thanks for the added info on the 2015 Galatrona.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Luca Sanjust at a Tre Bicchieri wine tasting.
    At the end of the evening, I enjoyed a full glass of the Galatrona with Luca.

2017 Kutch Pinot Noir Bohan Vineyard Sonoma Coast
Time for another....opened yesterday. 12% alcohol, this is easy on the soul, much like the rest of Jamie's range. I've got a bunch of notes on this wine that already exist below so I will just cut to the chase here. Like the other bottles, gentle, creamy, lightly red colored and yet full of red fruited juicy goodness. Some tangy strawberry, red apple, something Indian spiced like a cardamom (I called it cinnamon in my last note). My reference to 'hard cherry candy' is still valid too, as this reminds me at times like a red fruited Jolly Rancher. Some moderate acidity remains mixing with the red fruit, altogether creating a glass of Pinot Noir that is in a great place. Given the brightness that remains in the wine, I think it's good for another few more years but I'll have my final bottle consumed by then. Delicious.
  • t_moderne commented:

    11/30/21, 3:24 PM - Just finished my lone bottle and I get your red Jolly Rancher note. Don't know if it is the power of suggestion as I read your note before opening the bottle but I certainly see that element in this wine.

2014 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Dr. Crane Vineyard St. Helena
11/14/2021 - t_moderne wrote:
93 points
Opened, poured into a decanter, and enjoyed about 1 hour later. Followed for about 3 hours over dinner and after.
Deep purple color.
Nose offers a wisp of alcohol at first and then as the wine opened up a bit more showed dark chocolate and cherry.
Good richness to the wine with sufficient acidity to carry the ripe fruit.
Has some good weight in the mouth with the tannins nicely integrated.
An enjoyable wine.
On this evening, it just did not have the "wow" factor.

[Edited to correct spelling.]
  • t_moderne commented:

    11/16/21, 10:19 AM - Certainly had high expectations given the winemaker and the vineyard parcel and that has some effect on my comment of the absence of 'wow.'

2017 Kutch Pinot Noir McDougall Ranch Sonoma Coast
10/25/2021 - t_moderne wrote:
95 points
Pop and pour. Saved half of the bottle - Vacu-vin and refrigerated.
Ruby color.
Nose offers ripe strawberries,/red fruit with a wisp of sandalwood incense. Fresh earth/soil as well.
on the palate, fresh red fruits and herbs. Bright and lively. Good acidity.
Mid-palate notes of sandalwood and brown spice add depth.
On first taste, I muttered to myself: Oh, this is good. There was such a lovely freshness to the wine. So inviting. And with more time, the depth of flavors -savory and ripe fruit - present themselves.
So good.
  • t_moderne commented:

    10/27/21, 10:37 PM - This one surprised me, even as a big fan of Kutch McDougall. Worth high praise. Time, place, setting, mindset, ambiance, etc. all play a part but this was (is) a tremendous wine. Will be interesting to see where it goes.

2018 Rhys Pinot Noir Bearwallow Vineyard Anderson Valley
6/18/2021 - t_moderne wrote:
What is it with the Rhys/Alesia half bottles from 2018.
Opened to a whiff of acetic acid. Then on the palate - oxidized stewed fruits.
Second flawed half bottle from 2018.
All purchased and delivered during cool Fall temperatures and stored in 55F cellar. [shrug!]
  • t_moderne commented:

    10/27/21, 10:04 AM - ewsds - I would contact the winery. They generally make good on flawed bottles.

2018 Pisoni Pinot Noir Estate XX Anniversary Santa Lucia Highlands
9/15/2021 - t_moderne wrote:
94 points
Pop and pour. Enjoyed with food and then on its own.
Purple color.
Nose is initially like a bouquet of flowers - mix of floral notes and green leaves. Then opens to dark fruits - a nice plummy, and blackberry note with a core of wet fresh earth.
Delicious dark fruited wine with depth of flavors. Good acidity that highlights the fruit and the earth and dark spice notes.
Has sufficient qualities to improve with a year or two in bottle but this is quite inviting now, even on just pop and pour.
  • t_moderne commented:

    9/17/21, 10:26 AM - Hi Frank - $105 for the 2019.
    While the Pisoni Estate tends to be bog shouldered Pinots, they do retain a sense of place and elegance.
    And they are taste good too!

2013 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Three Twins Vineyard Napa Valley
8/8/2021 - t_moderne wrote:
91 points
Pop and pour and tasted with food (Sunday gravy with macaroni, in case you were wondering).
Dark purple color.
Nose offers cherries, black cherries and black berries. Hint of violet and chocolate too. Slight reductive note that blows off.
Good dark fruits, with a rich mouthfeel. The violet floral note comes in as well. Some chocolate creamy notes on the finish. Sufficient acidity to keep things engaging.

Expected a bit more from this 2013. Quite good but I expected greater depth.

Tasted the following day after 1/3 of the bottle was saved with a Vacu-Vin and refrigerated. Still enjoyable with good fruit and sufficient acidity. Shows a little bit more of the plum side along with dark chocolate notes and cherries.
  • t_moderne commented:

    8/10/21, 1:16 PM - A long time in the decanter could help.
    Tasted the following day; it was still enjoyable yet I found it was still lacking a bit in depth.

2016 A.P. Vin Pinot Noir Rancho Ontiveros Vineyard Santa Maria Valley
10/25/2019 - t_moderne wrote:
Twist and pour.
Deep ruby color. Clear.
Nose offers cherries and kirsch with beautiful floral violet notes.
Primary flavors of black cherries and plums, violet, with a brown spice note on the back end. Sufficient acidity to carry the ripe fruit.
Very enjoyable.
I have been a long time purchaser of Andrew's wines. Over the years, i have seen tremendous improvement in his wines. Impressive. Unfortunately, he announced the closing of AP Vin. As one who enjoys these wines, that is a loss.
  • t_moderne commented:

    6/7/21, 2:37 PM - Yes, it was fun following Andrew from his early releases. He made some very good wines. Good vineyard sites too.

2013 Radio-Coteau Pinot Noir Savoy Vineyard Anderson Valley
11/26/2020 - t_moderne wrote:
Opened, poured into a decanter, and served with Thanksgiving dinner (pork ribs with cheesy polenta, in case you were wondering). Followed for about 2 hours.
Ruby color.
Nose is not offering much - some red berries, perhaps.
Sour and tart. Overly acidic and not much fruit showing here. Citrus notes and perhaps a touch of unripe berries.

I have enjoyed many wines from the Savoy Vineyard (Radio-Coteau, Kutch, Failla and Littorai, as I recall). This was just a bad bottle or a bad vintage.
  • t_moderne commented:

    11/30/20, 9:38 PM - Ledocq - Thanks for the insight. Did not know about that bottle variation for the 2013 vintage. I had a Clos Platt that was quite enjoyable and a Neblina that was its usual self of a wine.

2016 Rhys Pinot Noir Alpine Hillside Santa Cruz Mountains
2/27/2020 - t_moderne wrote:
93 points
This was a Falltacular auction purchase, and paired with the 2006 Alpine Hillsides.
Dark ruby color.
Nose offers wisp of wood smoke, with red berries and herbs.
Light, fresh vibrant wine. Bright red berries, hint of forest floor, with a fresh orange peel note on the finish. Light, elegant with bright, tangy fruit. Has a slight sweetness to it from the ripe red berries.
  • t_moderne commented:

    3/4/20, 4:12 PM - Based upon my experience with other Rhys wines (Swan and Alpine), I think this will improve with additional time. I did enjoy the fresh and tangy nature of the wine. Quite elegant but yet still has an energetic side to it.

2014 Torrin The Banshee Paso Robles Willow Creek District Red Rhone Blend
10/4/2019 - SMagowan Likes this wine:
92 points
Still a bit young. Rich and full bodied. A mouthful of blackberry jam and pepper.
  • t_moderne commented:

    11/6/19, 10:49 AM - Nice to see you are drinking well.

2015 Kutch Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
6/26/2019 - t_moderne wrote:
86 points
Pop and pour and tasted without food.
Bright ruby color. Clear.
Nose offers herbs and some cranberry.
Flavors of bright red berries (cranberries and wild strawberries) with some red cherries on the back end. The whole cluster usage is evident as the wine has a significant herbal note. While the whole cluster gives the wine added depth and a savory quality, it is a bit jarring and perhaps over done. I am not sure that green herbal element will fully integrate. At present, it is a bit of detraction from the wine.
  • t_moderne commented:

    7/8/19, 10:12 AM - Frank - Thanks.
    I appreciate the use of whole cluster and get that it gives a luscious texture to the wine. The lower alcohol and freshness of the wine is a plus. My last two bottles, however, I found the whole cluster herbal element a bit of a distraction. Perhaps there was not sufficient ripe fruit to carry it.

2014 Quivet Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
1/30/2018 - t_moderne wrote:
90 points
Pop and pour and tasted on its own, and then with food (cod in a miso glaze, with a bok choy and broccoli stir fry, with forbidden rice, in case you were wondering).
Dark purple color.
Nose of black cherry, some cherry liqueur, vanilla and chocolate notes.
Big and rich, with ripe dark fruits, and showing a touch of sweetness. The sweetness is countered by the tannins. There is sufficient acidity to keep the wine inviting.
Poured half into a 375ml bottle, recorked and refrigerated and will update the note if there is any considerable change.
Retasted the following day. Still shows good dark fruits, with a nice licorice note.
  • t_moderne commented:

    1/31/18, 11:57 AM - Thanks for the comment.
    The cod dish was based on the Nobu Black Cod with Miso recipe.
    I ended up using Atlantic Cod which, while not as fatty as Black Cod, was quite good.

2013 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
10/11/2017 - t_moderne wrote:
92 points
Pop and pour and drank out of a Govino plastic cup while sailing.
Bright purple color. Nose shows some dark fruits and a nice inviting spice element. At first, the flavors were tight and not giving much. With some time being open, the flavors start to expand, showing various levels of depth. Plum, cherries, some vanilla and black licorice notes unfold. There is a good core of acidity for balance.
Certainly could use more time in the bottle or a long decant if opened now.
  • t_moderne commented:

    10/17/17, 9:02 AM - The Govino is not a bad 'glass' for wine when you want to have a glass while under sail. I would use a 20 oz. Big Gulp cup if that's all that was available. Better than drinking straight from the bottle.
    Although pouring 20 oz. into a Big Gulp does not leave much to share with friends.

2014 Myriad Cellars Syrah Sangiacomo Vineyard Petaluma Gap
9/16/2017 - t_moderne wrote:
90 points
Pop and pour and tasted out of a plastic cup at a corn roast.
Dark purple color. Bright. Nose shows some spice and dark cherries. Good acidity that keeps the wine lively. Fresh black fruits.
  • t_moderne commented:

    9/23/17, 3:17 PM - I volunteer at an annual fundraiser event where I roast fresh corn on an open wood fire. I have to treat the crew to some good wine. The 2014 Myriad Sangiacomo Syrah was one of the treats along with a 2014 Bedrock Oakville Red. Both were delicious and stood up to plastic cups and the roasting corn and smoke. Everyone enjoyed them. Good wine is good wine.

2015 A.P. Vin Pinot Noir Rosella's Vineyard Santa Lucia Highlands
5/13/2017 - t_moderne wrote:
86 points
Twist and pour and followed over the course of two days while the bottle was opened in the wine cellar.
The nose at first is funky. Manure and wet earth masking any fruit. That blows away with some time. Wine is a bit rustic, showing that wet earth/ fresh manure note along with ripe blackberries. Improved on the second day to show a savory side of brown spices to go with the ripe black and red fruits.
  • t_moderne commented:

    9/22/17, 8:08 PM - That's a big thing with this interets in wine. Everyone has their own impressions about what they enjoy in their wine.

2014 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Estate Etzel Block Ribbon Ridge
3/3/2017 - t_moderne wrote:
88 points
Pop and pour and served with food (chicken in a tomato and olive stew, in case you were wondering).
Cloudy. Nose shows some brown spice and forest floor. Crisp acidity, with red berries including a crunchy cranberry note. A bit tart but pairs well with food.
  • t_moderne commented:

    3/8/17, 9:07 PM - Chicken with tomato and olives recipe.
    Cut up 4 chicken thighs.
    Heat olive oil over medium heat in a large Dutch. Dredge chicken in flour, shaking off the excess.
    Saute until browned. Remove the chicken from pan.
    Add 1 sliced onion and 2 cloves of chopped garlic. Cook until soft. Add ½ cup white wine to deglaze.
    Add ½ to 1 cup of large pitted green olives.
    Add a small can of chopped tomatoes. Add a bay leaf and handful,of chopped parsley. Add ½ cup chicken stock or white wine.
    Return the chicken to the pan, and lower heat.
    Cover and cook over low heat until the chicken is tender – about 60 to 90 minutes, stirring every 10 to 15 minutes, adding water or stock if the sauce is getting too thick. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
    Stir in some more chopped parsley.

    Serve over polenta.

2013 Arnot-Roberts Pinot Noir Legan Vineyard Santa Cruz Mountains
11/20/2014 - t_moderne wrote:
91 points
The bottle arrived today and there was a tiny hairline crack in the bottle such that there was the smallest leak. Single drops of wine. The winery was kind enough to send a replacement, leaving me no choice but to open the leaking bottle before it emptied, small drip by drip, onto the cellar floor.
Pop and pour and served without food
crisp bright tart red fruits, cranberries and fresh basil. the whole cluster is evident. Wonderfully bright and inviting. Enjoyable.
  • t_moderne commented:

    11/24/14, 9:44 PM - The rest of the shipment was fine, except they sent an incorrect wine (a Chard instead of a Pinot). Wine looked good and shipper was fine. Winery was good about making the correction. It was a good opportunity to check on the Legan as I would have hid it in the cellar for a few years. It was delicious right out of the gate.

2010 Torrin The Maven Paso Robles Grenache Blend, Grenache
7/29/2013 - t_moderne wrote:
91 points
Pop and pour (after 30 minutes of slow ox) and served in Govino plastic cups on a sailboat. Served with food (a burrito with chicken and guacamole and sour cream, in case you were wondering).
Rich dark wine with black fruit and game notes. Has a little zip to it that gives it some lift. coats the mouth. A slight bit of heat but nothing too jarring. Big, bold and bouncy.
  • t_moderne commented:

    12/11/13, 1:33 PM - Thanks.

2010 Torrin Tsundere Paso Robles Red Blend
7/5/2013 - t_moderne wrote:
92 points
Pop and pour and served with BBQ baby back ribs with a tomato based sauce. Big, rich and dark wine. Some sweetness from the grenache. Shows good spice and earth notes. Presents a bit of heat with the spice from the BBQ sauce. Better without spicy foods. This has enough acidity to carry the richness of the fruit.
  • t_moderne commented:

    8/1/13, 8:08 PM - Holding off for a year or three would not be a bad idea. I recently opened a 2008 The Maven and it still showed richness of a Paso Robles wine with a touch more finesse.

2008 Rhys Pinot Noir Alpine Vineyard Santa Cruz Mountains
4/15/2013 - t_moderne wrote:
90 points
Pop and pour and followed for three hours, without food, unless you count Wheat Thin crackers as food. The re-corked, chilled, and tasted the following day. This has the Rhys signature nose and flavor profile. A savory and crisp Pinot. Some herbal elements (whole cluster) and fresh crushed raspberries. A hint of mint and basil mixed in. This has a lively flavor, some tartness, with the fresh fruit. Light in weight but there is good flavor, leaning to the savory side of the spectrum.
  • t_moderne commented:

    5/23/13, 10:23 AM - I did not have a real preference for day two over day one. To me, many of the Rhys Alpine Vineyard Pinots have a crunchy snap to them, as if biting into a tart grape. I think many of the Pinots have that element. On day two, that crunchy element subsides a bit and the savory herbal element shows a bit more.

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