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  • Region:Washington state, particularly Red Mountain, and Spain
  • Dream wine:Lafitte. Barring that, Screaming Eagle. Most of the rest are within my reach.

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I've become a wine aficionado, and that's become the focus of my website (http://www.schmelings.net). I've noticed that many people with law degrees practice law, then start to drink wine, and then learn to appreciate it. I was first exposed to wine in Spain when I lived there for a few years, mostly Spanish table wine, but also some terrific Rioja wines and interesting Navarre wines - and that was before Navarre really had much of a reputation for wine. I've been tasting and buying Spanish wines much more extensively recently, and find the price to value ratio to be fantastic. There are also some expensive Spanish wines, by their standard, but compared to France they are tremendously good values. I'm a fan of Rhone blends, including California Rhone Rangers, and Bordeaux blends, particularly Red Mountain blends from Washington state. I love a good Shiraz or a Syrah. Bordeaux is attractive, except for the price of course. White wines are nice, though I usually don't buy many. I appreciate whites with little apparent oak. I've found the most valuable part of the wine experience is wine education for someone without a lot of knowledge going into tasting or collecting. And the second most valuable is being willing to try new things, and tell other people about them - what you like, what you taste and smell, what your eyes tell you, and also what you don't like. Try enough and you'll find favorites. But make notes about what you like and what you've tasted and you'll be able to experience new wines and compare with your favorites.

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