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1999 Urbina Rioja Selección Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
2/9/2019 - MindMuse wrote:
90 points
Okay, this is a nice find, as I just bought a bottle of this retail a few weeks ago as a test bottle. Ruby with still dense core and pale just beginning to brick rim. Relaxed soft vanillins and dill lead the nose, and in a pleasing way, with tobacco leaf, dried cherry, tomato leaf, herbs, kidskin leather. Medium minus body with dried cherry/strawberry/cranberry flavors and marinara notions, still some soft tannins and acid, low alcohol. Hope I can get more of this nicely aged wine as it was a steal at $20. 89-90, drink or hold a couple of years.
  • MindMuse commented:

    2/12/20, 10:45 AM - virtualjsk: It was a Costco wine, which they surprisingly had several cases of. It has been gone for a while. I still have a couple of bottles left.

2010 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc Pessac-Léognan Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend
9/15/2013 - Paul S wrote:
93 points
Asher's 1st Birthday (Alex's place): This wine absolutely blew me away when I tasted it from barrel two years ago. Back then, manager Rémi Edange warned that it would take a good 8-10 years in the bottle before coming anywhere close to how it showed in the barrel; still, I could not resist snapping up a case en primeur. It was thus a great opportunity to see how this was doing when Ming brought a bottle to dinner. He had opened it 3 hours before serving it blind, but even then, it was far tighter and less expressive than in its infancy. No mistaking it for anything but a top-end Bordeaux blanc though, even just from its lovely nose of cream and nuts underlying the ripest gooseberries, passion-fruit and green mango scents. Tighter for sure, but still lovely. Unfortunately, the palate was really way, way too young. It showed great promise though, displaying a ripe depth alongside a lovely sense of definition, precision and focus, with solid minerality running like a laser-like beam through fleshy notes of mangoes, gooseberries, passion-fruit and cream. Along with really fresh acidity that gave a firm backbone to the whole package, this was really impressively built. - rich, deep, yet always light, almost lithe on its feet. It had a long, long finish too, slightly nutty, with some oak inflections flecking nicely round and fleshy fruit, and underlined by more of that lovely minerality and a nice, spicy linger. A baby, but so very good; actually super-complex considering how young this was. However, it was all just slightly muted compared to the exuberantly expressive, almost explosive wine we tasted from barrel. My own bottles will remain untouched for sometime yet. 93++
  • MindMuse commented:

    8/22/18, 1:54 PM - Paul, such a spectacular wine on that trip for sure - my favorite of all. I took one to an offline in Spring 2016 and shared with two other couples present on that trip, and it was indeed still tightly wound but promising great things again. Hopefully it emerges before too many years pass.

White - Sweet/Dessert
1989 Domaine Huet Vouvray Moelleux 1ère Trie Le Mont Chenin Blanc
1/5/2018 - MikeATL Likes this wine:
93 points
1989 Vouvray Madness (Good Luck Gourmet, Doraville, GA): Sweet and a little floral with good acidity. 79 g/l RS, 7.7 g/l acidity (I've been informed that the correct acidity is 4.88, which seems more likely).
  • MindMuse commented:

    2/10/18, 11:39 PM - Ooh, keep me in mind if you do this again. I have a couple of the 1ere Trie 89's. Could have backed up that corked CdB!

2010 Echo Ridge Cellars Syrah Echo Ridge Vineyard Columbia Valley
2/11/2017 - MindMuse wrote:
Quite delicious. Like ledocq's note I couldn't believe how quickly this was consumed, and I was trying to coax more from the empty bottle, my last alas.
  • MindMuse commented:

    2/11/17, 10:37 PM - Briefly, yes. Then I just go find something like the '05 Weil Auslese I did tonight and forget the last empty!

White - Fortified
N.V. Buller Premium Fine Muscat Victoria
4/1/2016 - John Nezlek wrote:
90 points
Note: I use a rating scale for which 85 represents a very good wine.

This bottle has not changed over the 8 years I have been drinking it. The acid seems to e less pronounced than before -- hence the lower score, but this is a poster child for the "Aussie stickie".
You either like 'em or you don't. I do.
  • MindMuse commented:

    5/3/16, 11:28 PM - Yep, me too, John!

2010 François Chidaine Montlouis-sur-Loire Clos du Breuil Chenin Blanc
3/16/2015 - Jimywags wrote:
Popped and angrily poured. Well, the last of my 5 375ml bottle purchase was the worst. A wonderful color of hazy piss-yellow greeted me and I knew we were in trouble. Moldy honey and sherry on the palate. I'm assuming this was pre-mox but who knows. I took a picture and sent it to a friend prompting him to ask, "Why do you have Widmer Hefeweizen in your burgundy stems?" Damn good question. 50-pts.
  • MindMuse commented:

    12/21/15, 8:09 PM - absolutely. Mark flawed, don't drag a score down on a wine that is clearly flawed; that isn't appropriate use of scoring. Save 50 points for the brother-in-law making blackberry wine in the bathtub.

2009 Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir Old Vines Summa Sonoma Coast
3/20/2015 - Burgundy Al wrote:
87 points
Lioco and Sonoma Coast Tasting (House of Nanda - Chicago IL): Tasted double blind in flight of 2009s. Very mature red berry aromas and flavors with good spice. Good fruit, slightly short finish. This tasted far older than others in the flight, certainly older than i would expect from this wine. Cork was in perfect condition.
  • MindMuse commented:

    12/3/15, 11:12 PM - I had one too that just seemed oddly advanced for its age.

White - Off-dry
2005 Bert Simon Serriger Herrenberg Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel Mosel Saar Ruwer
4/26/2014 - MindMuse wrote:
94 points
An all around terrific bottle, which I paid corkage on at a steakhouse where we had it with oyster and crab cake apps, then with Prime Rib, then finished it as a dessert wine. It worked better than the Blackbird Contrarian with the Prime Rib, though not as well with the Filet Mignon. Very tasty and versatile wine. Lots of succulent tree fruits - yellow apple, pear, peach, some orange. No real Petrol in this bottle. Quite weighty mouthfeel with a long finish. Ridiculous QPR, but alas a singleton. Drink or hold.
  • MindMuse commented:

    4/28/14, 10:07 PM - Want to do a Tasty China night?

2012 Two Vintners Grenache Blanc Boushey Vineyard Columbia Valley
Brought to a wine dinner. Much better showing than previous bottle of this vintage. Rounding into form nicely. Lovely quality to that Boushey fruit.
  • MindMuse commented:

    4/17/14, 4:08 PM - mc2, it was indeed this wine, the previous vintage, which provided some really electric bottles.

White - Off-dry
1994 Zind-Humbrecht Pinot Gris Rangen de Thann Clos St. Urbain Vendange Tardive Alsace Grand Cru
Magnificent, in all regards. Though this is just getting started, it's already quite pleasing. Very lively acids, bright orchard and citric fruits on a bed of minerals and white floral. Spice seems to dart in and out, adding further dimensions. Medium-bodied, and never cloying; pleasingly sweet, with a cool, herbal, stony finish that invites additional inquiry. Top class, and here for many more years. highly recommended, drink thru 2035

Aerated to decanter 2 hours, served non-blind, and paired very well with homemade flan. A wow wine for geeks.
  • MindMuse commented:

    4/3/14, 9:47 PM - Now I feel even better having sourced one of these. :-)

2009 Ramey Chardonnay Hyde Vineyard Carneros
3/26/2014 - MindMuse wrote:
94 points
Even better than several months ago, this gorgeous chard is rich and redolent with lemon curd, guava, pineapple, and sea-salted butter. While there is plenty of fruit, it shows such a depth and cut in the mouth as well, and unfolds new layers over time. Most of all, every sip I am just thinking - or usually involuntarily expostulating aloud - just how delicious this is. Drink now, or especially if you only have one, hold a bit longer. 93-94+
  • MindMuse commented:

    3/28/14, 11:31 PM - Thank you, David, for your great wines. Turns out I got to taste your next vintage at the High Museum tasting yesterday. I related a story Chris Camarda told about you solving a problem of his many years ago.

    You need to come to Atlanta and we can put together some very nice events!

2003 Mitolo Shiraz G.A.M. McLaren Vale
2/7/2014 - budh wrote:
92 points
Deep ruby color. The fruit aromas really smack you in the face - very intense raspberry & blackberry. The fruit is so intense, it's hard to make out the other aromas - violet, licorice, cedar. Same for the palate. Full-bodied, medium (+) acidity, nice soft & well-integrated tannins. High alcohol (14.5%) that is quite noticeable initially, but not after a few sips. Long, smooth, fruity finish. I would have hoped for a lot more tertiary aromas and flavors after 10+ years. Makes me wonder what this tasted like several years ago - even fruitier? Big wine, well balanced, smooth, good value. Day 2 update: used a Bordeaux glass instead of a Syrah glass that intensifies aromas with a narrow rim. Not sure how much of the difference is due to the different glass vs. the extra air time? The fruit has toned down a bit, and some forest floor, leather and meat notes are there. A nice improvement. Still fruity and luscious.
  • MindMuse commented:

    2/7/14, 8:24 PM - Screw cap or cork?

  • MindMuse commented:

    2/7/14, 9:52 PM -

    Yep, newer than this have selectable permeability.

2011 Unibroue La Fin du monde Quebec Malt
2/3/2013 - Eric wrote:
My goodness this is great brew. Amazingly balanced, spicy, aromatic, and pure.
  • MindMuse commented:

    7/19/13, 9:58 PM - Just popped one of these and decided to see if it was in CT. Agree, this is most excellent. (I don't even really remember buying it, but I bought a handful of interesting looking singles a few weeks ago, and just looked in the crisper drawer of the fridge.) Had a chore popping the cork on this and wondered if something was amiss, but poured into a Riedel Oregon Pinot glass and got a three inch head on it. Really impressive and scrumptious brew. Beer Champagne.

  • MindMuse commented:

    7/19/13, 10:37 PM - Going by the cork, I think mine is a 2010. Not indicated on the bottle, but I take 1002 on the cork to probably mean Feb 2010. Bottle only suggests "Best by 1-12-15"

1971 Blue Nun 8 Puttonyos 1er Grosses Proprietary Select ** Rheinhessen White Blend
11/22/2012 - Musedir wrote:
95 points
Based on memory alone this wine is always about fumbling around in the back seats of cars and surveying the inside of porcelain bowls. With such a rich heritage it would be a travesty to even open such a library wine and deprive it of its evolving elixir of life. So my score is based on cherished childhood memories of faked I.D.s and furtive grabs from parents' liquor cabinets.
  • MindMuse commented:

    7/2/13, 9:31 PM - From personal experience I recommend not drinking the entire 18L by yourself. I shall NOT go into details.
    I strongly suggest enlisting a long weekend and at least two coeds...

2004 Dardano Barolo Nebbiolo
1/31/2013 - MindMuse wrote:
89 points
Yes, it improved a little.

Not much though. 88-89
  • MindMuse commented:

    2/6/13, 9:29 PM - I did decant this at table for about an hour, but it had to make the rounds of about 11 people, so no second night on it! :-)

2010 Secret de Grand Bateau Blanc Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc
1/12/2013 - Tim Heaton wrote:
There's a rock in my glass. It's black in color, and it smells like diesel exhaust and schist. The smell is powerful, and it remains for a good 20 minutes before some orchard fruit, hay and mineral notes move to the fore. This needs time. Time to flesh out, and time to evolve. Great structure and really superb sense of place, but I'm not interested until this has another 18 months of bottle rest. At the moment, the SB is overwhelming the Semillon. Drink thru 2014-2019
  • MindMuse commented:

    1/17/13, 8:29 PM - Hey man, the SB is ALWAYS going to overwhelm the Semillion. Because there isn't any Semillon in it! My understanding is originally they bought the sauvignon grapes to blend, but decided it was awesome on its own, so bottled it 100% sauv blanc.

  • MindMuse commented:

    1/17/13, 8:37 PM - I have a better idea. I'll buy it all from you! ;-D

    I took a bottle last night to a dinner that had 4 x100 pt RP 2009 Bordeauxs. Took it just on the thought we might need a white. Which it turns out the restaurant owner asked if anybody brought one. It rocked. I love this wine. My only concern is the cork they use doesn't suggest they think it deserves aging.

White - Off-dry
2009 Weingut Günther Steinmetz Wintricher Geierslay Riesling Spätlese feinherb Mosel Saar Ruwer
11/30/2011 - Anonymous wrote:
89 points
Can't keep my hands off these. Pristine. Crystallized Riesling with cut and purity. Rainwater, minerals, pure tropical fruits and subtle smoke.
  • MindMuse commented:

    11/30/11, 9:58 PM - There are several of us who seem to find this something akin to liquid morphine. I seldom have more than a couple of the same bottles of a particular wine in a year, but I've had five great bottles of this one this year and it is one of my wines of the year.

2008 Schild Estate Shiraz Barossa Valley
7/28/2011 - ggb wrote:
81 points
Bof bof bof, un nez de ketchup et mélasse, sur un fond de bois. Ce vin a des qualités, mais pas dans ma bouche. Finale alcooleuse. Note : ce vin fait parti de nouveaux lots de la maison.
  • MindMuse commented:

    7/28/11, 11:07 PM - You might want to view my note tonight on the 2006.

2009 Château de Macard Bordeaux Supérieur Red Bordeaux Blend
6/16/2011 - John McCabe wrote:
90 points
Am surprised at how good this is. It's not huge, dense or rich but it is lively and quite polished and expressive. It may lack the complexity or ageing potential of some of the more pricey Bordeaux, but it really shows what's possible at a modest pricepoint for such a fine vintage. It's quite light, but the fruit really shows and attracts. I'm taken aback. I can't belive I paid just $10 for this. This is a solid workhorse wine for Bordeaux lovers (like me) who want to pare back their expenditure a bit...
  • MindMuse commented:

    6/16/11, 11:07 PM - This was my first 09 Bdx, and a test to see if the vintage was good enough that most properties could produce a good wine. If Macard is any indication, there is some good Bordeaux wine to be had for a tiny fraction of the big boys, which have become silly expensive. But value Bordeaux can be a super value.

2008 François Raveneau Chablis 1er Cru Butteaux Chardonnay
1/20/2011 - Richard Jennings wrote:
91 points
2008 Raveneau Chablis (Vin Vino Wine, Palo Alto, California): Light canary yellow color; apple, mineral, lime nose; tasty, lime, tart lemon, mineral palate with good acidity and tension; medium-plus finish 91+ pts.
  • MindMuse commented:

    1/23/11, 12:22 AM - Your 20,000th Tasting Note in CellarTracker. Unbelievable!

    Congratulations, and keep up the great stuff!

2008 d'Arenberg Shiraz The Stump Jump McLaren Vale
3/27/2010 - TJolley Does not like this wine:
80 points
The first shipment of the Stump jump that I received was exceptional, you can see in my previous notes. I just received another shipment, the bottle now has a 90 point WS sticker on it.

I hate to be the one to call out this wine, but it is in no way the same wine that received the 90 WS rating.

The first shipment needed nearly 3 hours to open up, the new shipment is pop and pour and lacks in complexity.
We tried the first shipment side by side with the new, and it is in NO WAY the same wine what so ever. I still do not understand how something like this could be legal.

Here are my tasting notes on the juice that is currently bottled with a\the 2008 stump jump label with the 90 point sticker on it on it.

Upon opening:
Aromas of herbs asparagus, and raspberry fruit. Rich and mouth filling, the essence of fruit. very flavorless on the palate. No minerality is experianced on the finish with this one what so ever.
Where WS brags about this wines Minerality
Here is my brief tasting note I posted when this vintage first came in: Without the 90PT WS sticker on it.
Upon opening this bottle smells like a vitamin and mineral jar. I cannot stress enough that this wine must sit open in a decanter for at least 2.5 hours before the vitamin aromas, and flavor masking, chalky tannins dissipate.
At around 3 hours after opening, this Shiraz drinks like a $30+ shiraz.
I couldn't figure out how this wine was getting such poor ratings on CT, and now I know why, and feel sorry for those who purchased this expecting something great and never had the opportunity to try the original Stump Jump which received the actual 90 Point rating.

I have tried 7 bottles of the first shipment, and now 5 of the new in the last 8 weeks
This discovery will be a tremendous outrage to the wine community.

---->I have also confirmed from one of my resources that my discovery IS a fact.<----
Here is what you will see in the future:
Soon you will see the 2008 Stump Jump with White screw caps rather than the red screw caps originally on it, at this point this will be the 3rd different wine bottled under the 2008 Stump Jump Label.
  • MindMuse commented:

    4/12/10, 8:33 PM - Here is another way CT/GS can be invaluable to the community, and perhaps keep somebody honest. I hope you let the WS forum and editors know as well.

2006 Ramey Syrah Shanel Vineyard Sonoma Coast
3/20/2010 - dkoontz wrote:
94 points
Dark purple. Nose of black fruit, but savory. Nothing about it is juicy, but the palate features plenty of dark, brooding fruit and smoky meat flavors with a hint (more than a hint would be disgusting - but this works) of oyster jus. Nice med-long finish.
  • MindMuse commented:

    3/20/10, 7:20 PM - I agree this is a terrific and interesting wine. If you get a chance you should try the Ramey Rodgers Creek Syrah for a different but also quite compelling wine.

1989 Penfolds Grange South Australia Shiraz Blend, Syrah
3/13/2010 - anubis Likes this wine:
93 points
Bottled 1990. Released 1994. [cork, 13.5% alc]. My fathers wine. Celebrating my wifes new job. Cellared in a good cellar for last 10+ years.
5:00pm Opened. Not a good start, the cork disintegrated and after some surgery, got 75% of the cork out and pushed the remaining into the bottle. Then decanted it via a fine filter. A hell of a lot of sediment in the filter and even more left in bottle. With the initial nose, there wasn't a lot of distinctive smells. 5 minutes later it started getting some moldy smells. The wife says it smells like moldy blue cheese. Not looking good. Small taste and it has an OK up front taste, nothing standing out, worryingly it has a very in your face taste right at the end, again moldy blue cheese smell. This is probably going to turn out bad. Start thinking about a backup bottle.
6:00pm I think it has improved, the moldy smells isn't as obvious. The after taste has also subsided some. Wife still says it is not good, I'd trust her taste before mine. It will be interesting to see what my father says when he tries it.
7:00pm Father arrives, has a smell and then a taste. Sort of says "it's OK", but without a lot of conviction. Opened and decanted the backup bottle, Rockford Basket Press 2005.
8:00pm Sit down to dinner with BBQ cattleman cutlets. WHAT A WINE! What an amazing change in 3 hours, especially the last hour. All 5 of of us drinking say that the wine is impressive. It's not the same wine I opened 3 hours ago, smoothness, creaminess and fullness right through the mouth. No musty/moldy smell at all.
Colour is near dark garnet, with a slight cloudiness. Up against the 2005 Basket Press it is very obviously cloudy. Nose has very slight spicyness. Taste is very subdued. Not a lot of fruit, but lots of other flavours trying to get through. Good fullness in mouth and lasted through the mouth quiet well.
Over the next hour of drinking it developed some more. Pity we didn't have a magnum to see how it would have continued to develop.
Decanting for 3 hours is a must for this wine, probably needs 4 hours. Still has plenty of life left as long as it is stored appropriately.
  • MindMuse commented:

    3/14/10, 11:48 AM - Great report after a good and enjoyable CT Forum discussion beforehand!

1997 Burgess Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage Selection Library Release Napa Valley
2/27/2010 - acintheoc wrote:
85 points
Upon opening this wine is very flat. No nose and no fruit. After decanting for several hours I got some fruit out of it but not much. This is not a sipping wine, I would definitely serve with food. It is smooth but that's about it. Drink now because it is not going to get any better.
  • MindMuse commented:

    2/27/10, 9:52 AM - Disappointing to hear this. I just recently got some of the 1995, and in fact had been considering it as a candidate for opening one tonight. Hoping it is holding up okay. Have you had the '95?

    Also, you might want to see if it wakes up day two.

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