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White - Sweet/Dessert
2005 Château Rieussec Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend (view label images)
5/4/2022 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
from a half bottle.
Lovely colour - so enticing.
Bright gold moving to amber.
Pear drops and fruit salad (the sweet/ candy) and a waxy lanolin note, on the nose.
Sweet rush followed by a caramel note - like a luscious tart tatin.
Personally I like a bit more acidity on the finish.
I have a few more halves, should pair well with cheese and puddings.
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2009 Echo de Lynch-Bages Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
2/27/2022 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
This is my last of 3 bottles bought EP as part of a mixed case from TWS.

If you have any then my suggestion would be to decant for an hour or two before consuming, as it takes a while to open up. Plush tannins.

Initially quite closed and minerally before the fruit pops up and gets a look in.

On day 2 (stored over night in my new Eto) there was a more pronounced perfume note, violets perhaps.

Cant remember what I paid EP but these mixed cases from TWS are often a great way to explore different wines.
1/4/2022 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
89 points
Last tried 3 years ago.
Rhone blend I believe Grenache, Carignan etc. , so expect purpley pinky rather than deep red after 10 years.
No clue on the label of the assemblage - which I like!

Woody spice on the nose with a meaty mushroomy note but I was cooking a bone-in-rib at the time!

Any fruit left is too muted to pick out.
Sturdy, medium bodied, and noticeable tannins on the palate, and as the fruit has disappeared the acidity comes to the fore. Bitter herbs - is that what they mean by garrigue?
Makes much more sense with food as the acidity cuts through the richness of the beef and the saute potatoes
I can see why others have suggested it's past it.
As a drink in-and-of itself perhaps.
Drink it with the right food and it still works well.

Last of my 6 bottles. Since buying EP, my palate has shifted so won't be seeking out to buy again.
2015 Guinaudeau "G" Acte 7 Bordeaux Supérieur Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
12/23/2021 - ProfAvi wrote:
90 points
I was recommended this wine by a chum who knew about its origins and the pedigree of its vines. It meant nothing to me but I trust him. He said cellar it for 10 years and I cant remember what I paid.
Still purple to its core with no obvious fading to the rim, and dripping with legs. Too young?
Confirmed on the palate. Decanted into my Eto.
Much better on day two.
There's a rich fruity nose with a beguiling hint of something special that I couldn't quite place - spice, dark ripe fruit (mulberry?), and noticeable but not harsh tannin.

With food - sausage pasta - it was lovely.

Keep for more secondary characteristics to develop but if you like fruit forward, decant for a few hours and enjoy now.
12/23/2021 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
95 points
I bought a 6 bottle case that had been matured by the TWS in the UK before release.
Cant remember what I spent but I bought the wine because of its reputation.
I've never had a semillon that wasn't sweet before so this was a revelation for me.

I really liked this wine from the get go.
Beautiful in the glass, bright, pale lemony with a hint of green. Somewhat muted nose with mineral, stone with a touch of beeswax.
However it comes to life for me on the palate.
There's no way I'd have guessed a 10 year old white wine.
Its bracing acidity reminds me of a Chablis but this is grown in Australia! Mind blown.
There's a touch of creaminess developing too.
I know this wine can last years.
For my taste it's spot on now but don't drink it too cold.

My normal go to whites are Chardonnay Riesling or Chenin based but no longer!
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12/10/2021 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
If you like apples and you like chardonnay then this is the wine for you!
On the nose a whiff of smoke and vanilla from the barrel I presume and lemon curd. On the palate it's upfront green apple that gives way to a precise finish.
I think I paid about £20 for this.
I have a few other bottles and for me this is too young and needs another year to balance out and for some more secondary flavours to develop;.
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12/8/2021 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
Last tasted 22 months ago and it's a different wine or there's significant bottle variation!

No more major struck match overpowering everything else.

Instead, a whiff of smoke/ struck match with a hint of spice, leads to a lemony, creamy palate (it reminded me of a lemon tart) with an appealing stripe of acidity, and on the lengthy finish a touch of nougat.

From my limited wine knowledge I'd conclude it's in its secondary phase as fruit favours typical of NZ chardonnay are not much in evident, or it underwent lengthy malolactic fermentation!

All-in-all a much more appealing proposition.

I cant remember how much I paid, probably around £20, and whilst better value than much that is on offer from Burgundy, I prefer Kumeu's wines of a similar price.
12/7/2021 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
Day 1)
This is a good wine.
It's just not "me" anymore.
15 odd years ago when I got this from a TWS EP offer, I liked big reds.
But over the intervening years my palate has changed.
Decanted for two hours, it's cold outside, and the woodturner has been lit.
Lovely on the nose - an instant hit of dark fruit, wood and spice.
This is followed through on the palate but with tannin still to the fore, but at the end an almost "bitter" finish that I associate, not with its acidity, but alcohol. The finish is exceptionally long and the bitterness evolves into kirsch.

I know it's a 15% wine and this frames my perception of it.

I like a "lighter" style of wines these days.

However, with food it makes so much more sense.
Whether it's its acidity or high alcohol that I find difficult, this is offset by steak pie and chips, homemade of course!

Half stored overnight in my new etowine.com decanter that is expensive but highly recommended if you can resist the wine you put in it.

Day 2
This is a different and more pleasant proposition.

Rich, dark fruit, meaty, nose with a dollop of spice and a floral note that I couldn't pin down - violet or lily maybe.

More balanced on the palate but the alcohol is still persistent. Tonight baked sausage pasta. It still make more sense with food.
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10/30/2021 - ProfAvi wrote:
93 points
This wine is in a cracking spot right now.

Decanted into my new "Eto" (https://www.etowine.com) and drank over two nights.

2nd night dark fruit, kirsch on the nose.
I could not place the palate - soft tannins and stewed fruit yes... then it came to me dark olives...

Last of a 6 bottle case.

2010 next.
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10/13/2021 - ProfAvi wrote:
94 points
Full disclosure - I've never had any of Muga's wines that I have not liked.
This is no exception.
Still dark black cherry colour, long legs, and a rich mocha/ chocolate nose.
Lovely rich palate of dark fruits, wood and spice. Noticeable but silky tannin.
Best with food at the moment.
If you can decant.
Should keep for 10 years if you can resist it.
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8/9/2021 - ProfAvi wrote:
90 points
Was slight worried when I read the comments - not too sure if I was drinking the same wine!
Wonderfully fragrant nose of red almost black currants with heady spice but a notable whiff of alcohol that others' have noted. Lovely ruby red colour with evident legs.
Rich and velvety with medicinal note giving way to spice and more currant and a touch of sweet cherry.
Perhaps at the end of primary phase as there's no evident secondary PN flavours - yet.
Would not rush out and buy again but nice peek into Oregan PNs. And for the price still way cheaper than even a standard bourgogne. So relative to a French counterpart good value.
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6/28/2021 - ProfAvi wrote:
88 points
I thought this wine was past it but this bottle wasn't.
Cracked open a bottle straight from the cellar - no decant, no slow ox.
Half today - half tomorrow (vacuvined).
Straight out of the glass were aromas of cherry and cured pork (like Serano ham) but with a noticeable, chemically high note, what others have called acetone,. I know what they mean.
Lovely colour. Noticable legs.
Cherries, wood, spice on the palate. Thin finish.
Served with food the acidity is noticeable. I had it with duck and lentils.
What will it be like tomorrow? We'll see.
5/29/2021 - ProfAvi wrote:
88 points
I found this lurking in the cellar bought from TWS.
Was slightly worried as reviews seem to suggest I should have drunk this by now.
Screwcap. PnP.
As soon as it was opened I knew everything was going to be ok.
Garnet in colour - appealing nose of redcurrant, cherries and marzipan!
Long thin legs.
High acid on the palate - not too much fruit but lots of spice.
Smells better than it tastes.
Will see how it develops over the night.
5/27/2021 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
88 points
Normally I'd leave a grand vin for 10 years before approaching, so as this is the 2nd wine I thought I'd give it a go.

Double decanted half; the rest for tomorrow.

I can see why others have been put off by a whiff of alcohol on the nose, but plenty of dark brooding fruit in there too, along with some "green" notes and a hint of vanilla and spice. Still purple than red, and pronounced legs.

Disappointing on the palate. Lack of primary fruit intensity that I'd expect 5 years in, and quite a thin mouthfeel, with noticeable tannins, as you'd expect, but not aggressively. Long pleasant finish with hints of cherry.

I'm no expert but I would be slightly worried that when the tannins are fully resolved then there will be no fruit left, so will hope some second and tertiary flavours will appear in die course.

But drunk with food the wine makes more sense and it went very well with a midweek lasagne. At the weekend it would segue nicely from the end of the mains and into the cheese board!

Indeed it reminds me of the main difference between a pro review and an amateur one: we tend to drink our wine with food but the pros rarely do.

I paid £28 so poor PQR so far.

This wine made so much more sense on day 2. The tannins had mellowed the dark fruit was more to the fore and all-in-all more balanced for my taste. Paired well with rib-eye, chips and salad.

So on balance still a bit young. If drinking now give it a good decant.

Had another bottle Feb '22. If drinking now this wine benefits from a good 2-3 hour decant.
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4/8/2021 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
I had another bottle from a 6 bottle case over two nights - vacuvin-ed over night.

I must say that I preferred this wine on day 2 - Kirsch/ cherries, spice and a touch of forest floor on the nose, spicy, stewed red fruit on the palate, with acidity keeping it from being too heavy. Fully resolved tannins. Very nice finish.

The day before it was all spice on the nose and prunes/ raisin on the palate.

Undoubtedly a good wine, but my tastes have changed since I bought this wine EP.

For French wines my palate is moving north for red wines and especially the Loire and their Cab Francs.
3/22/2021 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
First time with this wine and its maker.
Lovely from the first pour - pale yellow gold - with a fresh nose with a touch of spice and a super citrus (grapefruit first came to mind) palate that ends with a zip of acidity.
Lovely stuff.

My label didn't look like the one above - so this maybe a different wine. It has bright yellow label with an image of a female tightrope walker on it but is called "Aligotte!" but the maker is as above.
3/20/2021 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
92 points
Part of a mixed case from TWS.
Double decanted and drank over 3 hours with Cote do Boeuf.

12/12/2020 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
I tried the 2016 in the Summer, so I thought I'd try the 2015.
Still young but eminently drinkable now.
Double decanted.
Unlike the 2016 no funk on the nose, but spicy herbaceous-ness and what I can only describe as red meat!
With a swirl the glass is dripping with legs.
Bit muted on the palate with lovely crunchy tannins that are softening. Bit of funk on the palate. Dark, cherry like fruit on the aftertaste.
On initial tasting prefer the 2016.
12/11/2020 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
92 points
I picked up a 6 bottle case of this from a local merchant DBM in Bristol, UK.

As I was leaving I said to D, "Is it a bit young?"
He said, "give it two hours in a decanter."

Well I ignored his advice and PnP as I was preparing dinner - burgers and chips (homemade of course).

For my palate this is spot on, now! And I was surprised.
Lovely red colour, with herbs, liquorice (?), spice and wood on the nose. I agree with other comments - no primary fruit notes of note on the nose.

On the palate it's eminently quaffable! Smooth tannins, well integrated, with some stewed dark red fruit compote, spice, wood and smoke.

I found this wine delicious now.

I expect the other 5 will now get drunk at Christmas so I won't see how this wine develops.

Maybe, I'll keep one bottle back.
Will my enjoyment of the wine be greater in 5 or 10 years time?
With some wines, and depending on your own personal taste, it's easy to tell. With this one it isn't.

And that makes this wine all the more interesting.
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2016 Château Sénéjac Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
10/16/2020 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
My local supermarket (Co-op in the UK) pre-covid had this on offer.
I picked up 5 bottles for £8.50 each (half price)!
My tasting note is therefore influenced by the amazing QPR.
Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
It's young still but so enjoyable for it.
Cassis, cassis and some more cassis - blackcurrant leaf on the nose and its tart fruit on the palate.
Noticeable but agreeable tannin.
But with food the acidity helps make this wine eminently drinkable.
I happened to have it with burger and chips and the combination was spot on.

For £8.50 it's a bargain.
But would I buy it for £17?

I'll never know!
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10/11/2020 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
Recommended this by a friend.
Opened and poured.
Pale lemony-gold colour.
Flinty nose with a touch of struck match - no fruit evident.
Rich, creamy mouthfeel that mirrors the nose - with some tropical fruit lurking.
Suits my palate with a nice stripe of acidity.
Probably needs a few years as others have noted.
For a 1er cru very good value.
9/24/2020 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
94 points
I was looking for a nice chablis and a wine professional friend recommended this to me.
In the UK it comes in at around £18 a bottle.
There is some surprising richness on the palate that I wasn't expecting but with a typical chablis like mineral finish with an appealing stripe of acidity.
It's like a cross between a traditional old school chablis with a Cote D'Or white burgundy.
For my palate it's spot on and could probably benefit with a year or two in bottle, assuming you can resist it.
Punches above its weight, so for me good QPR.
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8/21/2020 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
88 points
I bought a case of this.
Last few bottles and will be drinking it up - unless it's going through a "closed" phase.
Appealing lemon gold colour, not much fruit on the nose but a subtle spicey nutty note, nice mouth feel, stoney palate, nice acidity for my palate. Long finish.
Very poor PQR - hence the score.
8/20/2020 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
I bought a case of this wine as it got a great write up in Decanter.
Lovely pale lemony-straw color, melon, white peach, pear on the nose; rich smooth creamy toasty mouthfeel. A zip of green apple acidity keeping it in check.
Paired surprisingly well with a courgette, mozzarella and sausage pasta.

It was a surprise that after dinner the wine improved - the finish goes on and on. More balance now after a couple of hours almost Burgundian.

According to Decanter, outstanding and just at the beginning of its drinking window.

If drinking now it will benefit from a decant.

It's not outstanding at the moment but very nice, with a great PQR.

In Burgundy this would be double the price.

90 now but I expect that it can only get better.
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8/3/2020 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
93 points
I got the bottle out of the fridge and poured myself a glass.
I then went off to do a few chores and when I came back into the room I could smell the wine from meters away. Promising I thought. Citrussy smoky, flinty, struck match on the nose with a hint of apple/ quince; pale, lemon gold colour; nutty, creamy, melon on the palate with a zip of acidity - I like a bit more of a zip but pleasing aftertaste nevertheless that lasts and finishes with an (apricot?) kernel note.
7/30/2020 - ProfAvi wrote:
90 points
Got this as part of a mixed case from a reliable local merchant - someone was getting rid of their cellar.
Lovely colour cherry red. second notes on the nose, spice, smoke, soft tannins with soft red fruit coming through on the palate and a strip of acidity coming through at the end.
Very agreeable and I can't see it developing too much.
7/29/2020 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
I was recommended buying this wine by a MW as a "bargain".
He also told me to wait 6 or 7 years to try it.
But I couldn't wait.
I've double decanted it and will see how it evolves over the evening.
Initial reaction is blimey.
Immediately after decanting funky, farmy, spicy on the nose, damson colour, quite soft tannins for a young wine with a fresh, clean finish. A bit disjointed at this stage.
I enjoyed it so much I forgot to update my later-in-the-evening tasting note.
It's not for everyone but I found it beguiling.
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7/8/2020 - ProfAvi wrote:
90 points
I think I may have over scored this wine simply because I bought the case EP and have just got it delivered from storage.
After 13 years it's got to be nice right?

When I bought it I was into big reds.
In the intervening years my tastes have changed.

I was therefore not excited to open this bottle as I usually am with wines I've cellared.
Lovely colour - not quite red but not quite purple either.
Evident legs.
Spice, pepper, espresso, cough syrup on the nose.
On the palate, cooked red fruits with a zip of acidity reminiscent of some Kent cherries I've eaten recently. Smooth tannins that coat in a nice way the tongue, but the finish is a touch bitter, maybe from the high, for me now, alcohol level.
Will drink some today and Vacuvin the rest for tomorrow.
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7/8/2020 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
I have to admit I have no idea where this bottle has come from.
As I'm a member of TWS in the UK I assume it's from a mixed case bought years ago and I've simply missed drinking this.
I've never had a white wine that wasn't a sticky this old before.
The fill was full - so I've stored it well.
The cork came out with no sign of deterioration.
And as soon as the bottle was opened I knew everything was OK!
Beautiful colour - lemony-gold
Creamy honey & lanolin on the nose, with a hint of spice.
Rich, viscous, luscious palate finishing on a nutty note. Just enough acidity not to be cloying.
I'm not getting any fruit on the nose but a touch of lemon (preserved rather than fresh) on the palate.
Will see how it develops over the evening.
After an hour some candied/ dried tropical fruit on the nose.
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2007 Domaine de Chevalier Pessac-Léognan Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
6/23/2020 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
92 points
I recently withdrew one case from storage after buying EP from TWS.
This is the first bottle - Open and poured not decanted although there is some chunky sediment in the bottle.
My initial reaction was positive.
Great deep ruby colour at the core. Long legs.
The nose is full with secondary notes spice, wood - not too much fruit - plums maybe.
On the palate it's rich and full, with soft tannins that are fully resolved. Good long finish that mirrors the nose.
Very nice so far. I'll see how it develops overnight.
2+ hours in it paired very nicely with a sirloin steak with a rocket salad.
On the nose now, compost, wood, smoke.
It's rich on the palate with the tannin and acidity coming through at the end leaving a lovely creamy mouth feel.
A good example of a good wine from a sub-par vintage that drinks very well with food - that the professional tasters never do.
I will drink the rest over the next year or two as I can't see the wine getting better.

It's lovely now.
2/20/2020 - ProfAvi wrote:
90 points
Opened and poured.
Initial reaction very positive.
Lovely cherry red colour,
Great legs.
Vegetal nose - compost? mushroom soup? TBH it smelt like dhal!
Strawberries and cream on the palate.
Unlike others it feels like lowish acidity to me but with smooth tannins.
Will see how it evolves over the night.
Vegetal notes blow off after a while.
If drinking now decant.
After an hour or two really singing.
Red berry fruit on the nose, sweet cherry on the palate. Acidity more obvious now cleansing the palate.
2/19/2020 - ProfAvi wrote:
80 points
I bought this from TWS.
It was 'marketed' as struck match, a feature of white burgundy that I have found appealing in the past.
This isn't struck match a la Coche Dury.
It's more like a box of matches exploding at the same time.
For my palate it's undrinkable at the moment.
Crisp acidity.
Once the struck match has worn off we may find some typical chardonnay fruit, but it's well and truly over powered at the moment.
After a day with no vacuvin but kept in the fridge the overpowering struck match had dissipated. It revealed a nose of wet stone, a creamy palate of stone and fruit with a lovely zip of acidity keeping it all in check. Long finish.
Keep for a a few years if you have some.
2/18/2020 - ProfAvi wrote:
90 points
Opened and Poured.

My first reaction was why haven't I bought this wine more often?
I went on a search for a nice syrah and have been drinking them from all over the world. And my journey's brought me back to its 'spiritual' home. The syrah here with 6 years in bottle is a lovely deep cherry juice red. On the nose herb, spice but it's on the palate that it impressed me most.
Smooth, warming, spicy with tannins that you know are there, but a refreshing acidity that keeps it interesting..
I would recommended decanting now to open it up, or leave it in the cellar for a year or two. If drinking with food it's good to go.
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12/4/2019 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
Cote d'Or white burgundy is a bit out of my price range these days so I've been looking elsewhere for my white burgundy "hit".

Given the last white burgundy I had was a 2007 Coche-Dury Meursault (someone brought it to dinner!!) I wasn't expecting too much from this despite its price (around £28). I was recommended this grower by a MW who was also at the dinner.

If you don't drink it too cold (get it out of the fridge for half an hour) then there's plenty to enjoy in this wine - appealing nose of lemon and nuts, rich mouthfeel but with a nice zip of acidity keeping everything in check.

Doesn't quite have the viscosity of a top Cote d'Or but nevertheless I'm suitably impressed. Better on day 2 than day 1 (vacuvined overnight) so perhaps keep for a year or two.

Had two further bottles over the Christmas period. The first was as above, the second however was less appealing with slight oxidised notes suggesting bottle variation.
11/29/2019 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
92 points
One case from TWS.
Despite enjoying wine for 30 years, I've never bought a case of chablis. However as I'm now priced out of the Cote d'Or I've been hunting around for nice chardonnay from around the world around the £20 mark.
This ticks the box.
Flint and smoke gives way to a steely nose, rich and full - creamy butterscotch - on the palate with a nice strip of acidity on the long finish.
I know nothing about chablis or this grower but it's just what I was looking for. Very good PQR or is it QPR?

Down to my last bottle of this and it's still as above. Can't see it getting any better.
11/28/2019 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
88 points
Bought from a reliable merchant as part of a mixed case 2 or 3 years ago.
Opened and poured.
Cherry and raisin and fruit salad (the sweet for UK folk) on the nose, core fading to a pinkish rim.
Good legs.
On the palate, fading strawberry fruit, bitter-y finish.
Past it I think but I'll see how it evolves over the night.
11/14/2019 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
Give it time.
Either decant now or keep.
Drink with food.
Paired well with duck & lentils.
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10/25/2019 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
My second bottle from a 6 bottle case, 20 months after the first bottle.

Garnet core fading to a pinkish rim. No purple left.
Not immediately appealing on the nose - wood spice
Good mouth feel with soft but agreeable tannins.
Soft red fruit on the palate - autumn raspberries - which is odd no? Slight bitter finish but not unpleasant.
Needs food.
4/19/2019 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
I bought a 6x 75 case of this having loved the Muga Riserva and Muga Prado Enea. Fortunately my local supermarket was having a 25% off on-line.
Heady spice on the nose, with a creaminess that I assume is vanilla from the oak ageing.
Rich and viscous on the palate with plenty of tannin but with acidity keeping it all in check.
TBH for my palate this is too young. I will cellar the rest for a least 5 years.
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3/26/2019 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
88 points
Decided to PnP having read some comments on here.
Half bottle tonight, other half vacuvined.
Roast lamb in the oven.
rich garnet core fading to a pinky orange rim.
On the immediate nose spice and wood, followed after a few swirls, with pepper.
On the palate, rich, rounded, with noticable acidity and tannin on the palate with hints of tart fruit that become almost medicinal.
With food the tannins and acidity worked well to offset the richness of the lamb (shoulder so quite fatty), and in interaction with the food some dormant tart red fruit favours appeared.
Day 2 and the wine has mellowed. It drank very well with the left over lamb now turned into shepherds pie. The nose is more muted, and the alcohol more to the fore. Rich and almost creamy on the palate, the tannins have softened.
This is the only bottle I have of this wine from a mixed case of CNdPs from TWS, so I've nothing to compare it with.
It's pleasant, certainly not great or outstanding, and best drunk with food.
Won't be seeking out this wine, regardless of the vintage, in the future. Unusually in my experience, hardly any sediment for a CNdP.
1/5/2019 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
Popped and poured.
First ever tasting of this wine from a 6 bottle case from TWS.
First impression - wow!
i poured a slurp into a "burgundy" glass, gave it a swirl and was the hit with a heady bouquet of spice and fragrant herbs. Purple core fading to the colour of black cherry juice.
On the palate red fruit, firm, drying tannins. No sign of secondary notes.
Will see how it evolves over the evening.
1/5/2019 - ProfAvi wrote:
90 points
My first ever tasting of this wine. Bought from TWS.

Still inky purple core. Spice, dark berries on the nose, with a hint of perfume that I couldn't quite place, sage maybe. On the palate some secondary notes of leather/ tar beginning to develop.
Given its price - better value is to be had in the Northern Rhone.
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12/13/2018 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
94 points
Popped and poured.
Ruby garnet core fading to a thickish pink rim.
Good legs.
Spicy wood and leather on the nose, same on palate but sweetness offset with a zip of acidity leaving a clean finish of considerable length. I noted a hint of violet at some point and sour stewed cherries on the finish.
Lovely, so far.
After a couple of hours, my first thought is that this wine has some life left in it but is lovely now. The spice woody notes on the nose are less appealing now, more harsh for some reason. The acidity in the wine paired well with lamb. Tannins remain soft and lush, and the lasting taste on the palate seems to go on and on,
This is a cracking wine bought as part of a vertical 6 bottle-case from TWS, 2 x 2001, 2005, 2006.
I'll keep the other bottle for a couple of years.
10/16/2018 - ProfAvi wrote:
85 points
Opened and poured.
Even at 12 years old the wine still has a deep garnet core fading to a dark pink rim. Viscous legs but a rather closed nose, with no sign of fruit; rather a woody nose with a touch of spice. Rich mouthfeel, a touch of sour cherry, woody, spicey with a slight bitter finish.

At 14.5% you can smell/ feel/ taste the alcohol too, so probably best with an autumnal stew.

After 2 hours the wine and its drinker had mellowed. Still muted on the nose but the woody nose is mellowing into leather and spice.

On the palate the wine tastes sweeter alongside the mellow, woody, spicey notes. The sour cherry note has lost its cherryness but the zip of acidity on the finish remains. All-in-all better balanced wine now and drank well with pasta with sausage.

Definitely decant for a couple of hours.
10/12/2018 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
89 points
Opened and poured.
Pale red core fading to watery pink rim - good legs.
Wonderful aromas of red currants and spice.
Strawberries and cream on the palate, nice acidity producing a clean finish. Good length but nothing amazing.
After an hour nose has a creamy red fruit note, and the palate a cherry-isn spice.
I don't often drink US PN as they don't travel well in terms of their price. This wine lacks the concentration of flavour that I normally associate with PNs that I drink from France, but is nevertheless a nice drop. I have another bottle that I will keep for a couple of years to see if any mature PN notes develop.
9/28/2018 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
89 points
My first bottle from a 6 bottle case. Bought EP and stored at the Wine Society until earlier this year.
Shepherds Pie in the oven so thought i'd pop one to go with it.
I poured the dregs in a glass for a quick assessment.
It smelled of compost. I think this is what others have called brett.
As I was gasping, poured the first glass after only 30 mins.
Very attractive deep garnet at the core with little fading, until a faint pink rim.
Brett gone, replaced with notes of sweet red fruits. Rich, deep and savoury mouthfeel, dried fruits and spice, with well integrated tannins and good acidity on the finish.
After 3 hours in the decanter, and having now eaten the Shepherds Pie, muted nose gives way to a flood of bramble fruit, with the nip of acidity on the aftertaste, keeping everything in check.
Prefer the 2004.
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9/27/2018 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
93 points
I have a case of this wine, it was stored at the Wine Society for 10 years. I've had a few bottles from the case and it doesn't disappoint.
It's looking, smelling, and drinking well at the moment - at least it is to my taste.
Even after 12 years it still has a deep garnet core leading to a red-pinkish rim. Legs suggest it will be rich and lush. On the nose rich deep autumnal fruits and dark berries. On the palate it's less impressive than on the nose but plenty of spice, rich red fruit and even a tarry note - perhaps suggesting the development of secondary characteristics. Long finish.
By the time of the last glass, 4 hours after opening, this wine was still drinking beautifully, rich, warming, and spicy.
I have a few bottles left that I will enjoy over the next 5 or so years, and will keep one to see what it's like after 20 years!
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9/1/2018 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
92 points
On opening: Garnet core (with a hint of purple still) with a pinkish rim. Unlike others' bottles no VA on opening unless that is the slightly medicinal note on the nose; plenty of dark fruit. On the palate it was stewed red fruits with firms tannins and some acidity making it feel slightly bitter on the aftertaste and with some secondary leathery notes developing.

After a couple of hours in bottle (not decanted): Garnet core, warm spice on the nose and stewed red fruit almost pruney on the palate.

First bottle from a 6 bottle case from TWS. I like my CNDPs old so will keep one or two back and see how they are in 2026. The rest I'll drink over the next couple of years with a roast or stew.
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9/4/2018 - ProfAvi Likes this wine:
90 points
Having read the tasting notes here I was rather worried that my bottle would suffer from some of the flaws mentioned.
#smileyface my fears were allayed. Still purply at the core with a pinkish rim, lovely red fruit (strawberry) on the nose with a hint of spice and a cherry-ish taste. Long legs. I'll leave the other bottle for a few years to see how any secondary pinot notes develop.
Unlike other bottles mentioned here no brett yet.
Soft but noticeable tannins.
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1/15/2010 - ProfAvi wrote:
82 points
I was rather nervous in opening this bottle. The Wine Society (a well established and highly regarded wine buying cooperative in the UK see www.thewinesociety.com) suggested the 2002 vintage as a whole rated only 3/7 and the other comments on this site were variable. I was therefore pleasantly surprised by my one bottle of this vintage, bought as part of a mixed case of CDP from The Wine Society. Great colour (garnet) - a real red wine rather than all that horrible purple stuff you get in the supermarket these days; decent legs, spicy on the nose and palate, slightly tart on the palate, and I agree with other people who have commented that it's rather thin with limited length. Nevertheless, an enjoyable glass and not as bad as I was expecting. Mind you the last CDP I had was a 1990 Chateau de Beaucastel, and this wine paled into insignificance in comparison. Mind you, most wines would. As it was part of a mixed case it's hard to judge its value for money. Not a wine I would actively seek out.
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