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5/19/2019 - janbecker wrote:
90 points
Not really used to Gamay. So that's sth special for me. Let's try. Dark red with strong violet shades and a cristal sensation. Almost luminous. Looks jummy. No sediment. Initially not much on the nose, but opening up after appr 1h. Gaining with air. Morello cherry is dominant. On the palate morello cherry carries on accompanied by blueberry but is accompanied by a strong vegetable component: beetroot as well as zucchini. A mushrooms sensation as well (champigons and boletus). Somehow slightly fermented. Sweet soy sauce sensation. Present acid. Not the pointy kind but rather mouthwatering, spit clinging kind. Very nice, practically longs for food. A bit lactic, MLF? Overall a polished texture. Adstringent, but nice tannins. They're just rolling. Initial acid grip and medium to long finish. Downside: Mid palate is hardly present. Guess that's due to the variety. However, alcohol is clearly noticeable, that gives it some warmth but doesn't hurt. Makes it neither hot nor fat or dull. I really like this. 90 points. One bottle left. Wish I had more. It will be buried for at least 2 years.
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2/2/2018 - janbecker wrote:
cork'd. Unfortunately the second one already from a case of 6. One left.
2000 Clos St. Julien St. Émilion Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
3/14/2016 - janbecker wrote:
93 points
What a fine surprise. A great experience with an exceptional bottle. Unfortunately my one and only bottle.
5/15/2014 - janbecker wrote:
Bordeaux-Runde FFM
2/23/2014 - janbecker wrote:
89 points
Since I had the 2000 a week ago - which I liked - my expectations for this one were quite high. Unfortunately, the wine was rather mute: There was some structure, and the acidity was nice, but regarding flavours it lacked intensity as well as complexity. The nose was non-existent and the palate was rather a bit dull. It was more than OK to go with food, but for itself it was uninspiring
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2/17/2014 - janbecker wrote:
91 points
Decanted 1 hr in advance and drank over 2 hours. 1st bottle of 3. Very nice, but expected more, knowing and liking Lagrange from lesser vintages. Drank alongside 2000 Branaire, which was superior.
2/17/2014 - janbecker wrote:
93 points
Decanted 1 hr in advance and drank over 2 hours. 3rd bottle so far. Keeps getting better. Drank alongside 2000 Lagrange, which was nice but no match.
2008 Ampeleia Kepos Costa Toscana Red Blend (view label images)
11/20/2012 - janbecker wrote:
Unfortunately this one was over the hill (no cork). Bouquet was nice - though rather plain - with layers of red fruit, the taste was watery and uninspiring. Was worse on the second day (as expected), therefore dumped remaining half bottle into the sink (no score)
2006 Château Chainchon Valmy Dubourdieu Lange Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
11/2/2010 - janbecker Likes this wine:
87 points
Nice pure Merlot. Dark in Colour, no Dregs (dépôt). Typical dark berries with some Chocolate and slight Tea. Rather modest in Tannins.
Very drinkable, opened a second one right away. With potential for further aging, opened too early (appr 2+ years). Used to accompany a grilled pheasant, matched nicely.
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