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3/2/2011 - man_down wrote:
smoked meats. big time.
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Rosé - Sparkling
honestly, much better than I expected. light, crisp & just dry enough with subtle but enjoyable flavors (watermelon, rose petal, strawberry?) and just the right amount of bubbles.
White - Sparkling
5/12/2010 - man_down wrote:
just not a fan. overly sweet, very few bubbles.

ed: 2nd bottle better. still not first choice, but decent for the price.
3/2/2010 - man_down wrote:
89 points
(from a wine.woot labrat report)
After opening the bottle and pouring a few glasses, the wine sat for about five to ten minutes.
It was a beautiful dark inky burgundy or purplish hue, held up to the light you could see more red, but definitely not clear. The nose was very subtle but you could definitely sense the alcohol and the dark fruits. The initial taste brought out soft tannins (not too much or too little, we agreed, but that’s personal preference), and again those dark fruits, most notably blackberry, currant and blueberry. The taste was very juicy and quite enjoyable. The influence of the small percentage of Petit Sirah was definitely noticed and the Sangiovese gave it a little kick.
I laughed and shared when I realized I recognized a little bit of the “band-aid” flavor that Gianna had mentioned – more interesting than anything, and not a detriment to the wine at all. We also noted a sort of sawdust or dusty/soil or red clay taste, and one person (really only one) got some black pepper right off the bat.
Oddly, at least to me, the alcohol and tannins began to show more in the flavor as we let it sit and open up. I’m definitely more used to wines softening as they sit out, but it didn’t seem to do any disservice to the wine and the flavor was still very enjoyable. A person who came late to the sampling noted that he found some cedar/wood, roasted smokiness and earthiness to the flavor. Overall, we felt this was a very straightforward Bordeaux style blend. We found it very juicy and pleasant, not overly tannic, and not too complex. We all agreed it was very good and one taster inquired as to how he might get his hands on more (not mine!).
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