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1994 Ravenswood Merlot Sangiacomo Vineyard Sonoma Valley
1/4/2020 - Rieslingfan wrote:
From the 2019 Ravenswood library sale, the cork was pristine, with no staining at all. Ruby red color with only a tiny bit of edge bricking promised good things. Aromatically it was quite interesting, as it still had California-ripe red fruit, but also tobacco and green pepper pyrazine notes that sent me to Bordeaux. The fruit ripeness carried through to the palate, and was accompanied by the tobacco and a leathery/earthy flavor. Held up very well over the two hours I followed it. I left about 1/3 of the bottle to see how it holds on, as I have one more, and it will help me decide whether to drink very soon, or just near term. Excellent 25 year old California Merlot!
  • desertdoc commented:

    1/5/20, 11:27 AM - How was the final third?

  • desertdoc commented:

    1/6/20, 9:44 AM - Thanks, David

2007 Sojourn Pinot Noir Gap's Crown Vineyard Sonoma Coast
11/25/2016 - guitarguy wrote:
84 points
I was torn by this bottle. At first I was really happy, finding it moderate in scope with basic Pinot notes of tea leaf and cherry but also a larger Cali presence. However, there was some debate about TCA and the longer it remained open the more it seemed there was indeed low levels of TCA in the wine. 91 to begin 80 with TCA and I'll go 84 as an average based on the overall experience.
  • desertdoc commented:

    11/25/16, 2:30 PM - If you really think there was TCA then perhaps you should just label it "Flawed" and not score it.

  • desertdoc commented:

    11/25/16, 3:10 PM - You're certainly free to do that. The way I look at it is, the TCA flaw isn't inherent to the wine itself anymore that had the wine been cooked in a microwave prior to experiencing it.

  • desertdoc commented:

    11/25/16, 6:51 PM - Fair enough. Happy Thanksgiving!

2011 Rhys Alesia Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
11/25/2016 - hutch Likes this wine:
91 points
I really enjoyed this wine. Unfortunately, haven't had the Rhys wines before, so do not know how this "second" label compares to them. This is in the earthy, savory vein, with everything very well balanced. It is not Californian in the sense that there is none of that ripe fruit. If you were to suggest this is a little under ripe, and furthermore argue about a wine trying to be burgundian instead of being of the place it comes from (California) I would not stop you or try to hard to move you from that perspective. We would also have to have a conversation about stem inclusion, I imagine. Indeed some of that might be true. But I really like it, I find it enjoyable to drink and very well balanced. That is enough for me with this bottle.
  • desertdoc commented:

    11/25/16, 2:31 PM - The Alesia wines aren't really "second label;" they just are purchased fruit

  • desertdoc commented:

    11/25/16, 2:51 PM - Gotcha. Happy Thanksgiving!

2013 O'Shaughnessy Cabernet Sauvignon Mt. Veeder
11/20/2016 - Jeff Leve wrote:
95 points
Forward, with a great purity of fruit, wall of tannin, but ripe, and polished in textured, and waves of sweet, smoky, juicy, dark berries, licorice, smoke and vanilla bean. This is powerful, balanced and rich.
  • desertdoc commented:

    11/20/16, 8:41 AM - How long had this been open when you had it?

  • desertdoc commented:

    11/20/16, 9:15 AM - Gotcha

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