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6/1/2021 - desertdoc wrote:
Meh. Not anywhere close to the quality of the chardonnays from Ramey I have had. Typical RR ripeness and cola notes. Certainly fine if that is your preference, but for me more lightness and nuance would be appreciated.
4/23/2021 - desertdoc wrote:
Slow-oxed for four hours. Disappointing (given my otherwise appreciation of Mikes’ wines). This was a serviceable wine, but too “grapey” for my taste.
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While I was looking for something for the cooler weather I stumbled upon this bottle with a leaky cork, pushed foil and seepage. I decided to pull it to see if it was flawed, and glad I did. What a lovely wine. Well balanced acidity with lemon zest and a bit of green apple. I love Jamie’s chards.
8/13/2018 - desertdoc wrote:
Poking around the cellar and I came across this bottle which had the dreaded signs of seepage as well as obviously protruding cork. Well, gotta check it out. Cork was soaked, of course. At first, I was optimistic as the wine had a beautiful color. But when I tasted it—nope, oxidized. Bummer. Not sure what happened as my others looked fine.
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2/28/2015 - desertdoc wrote:
Pnp. Used a worm, cork broke in two, 2/3 down, but thankfully two solid pieces. Otherwise the cork was in good shape, still spongy, with no "wine creep." Color was a light reddish brown. Initial nose was tight, but smelled of black truffles with little fruit. Initial taste was a bit reticent, with limited red fruits, cocoa, mushrooms. Drank over three and a half hours and both the nose and taste became more and more complex. Smooth, well-integrated tannins. I have two more and will enjoy these over the next two years.
12/8/2014 - desertdoc wrote:
90 points
PnP and drank with H over three hours, starting with a pairing with left-over Beeville ham and a side of couscous. Deep garnet color, nose of black pepper, rhubarb, and spice. Palate continues this, with addition of red fruits. Medium finish with fairly strong tannins. Alcohol seems a bit strong, but blew off after first hour.
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12/7/2014 - desertdoc wrote:
90 points
PnP. Drank over several hours with H. Paired with salmon, Beeville ham, and crackers. Wow, this is still quite young. Thick tannins dominate, but you can certainly appreciate some good smoky fruit. I'll wait another year for the next.
11/29/2014 - desertdoc wrote:
90 points
Pnp, and drank over a few hours working on a puzzle with my dad and enjoying the beautiful 70 degree day here in EP. Glorious initial nose of apricot bounced right out of the bottle upon first sniff. Medium pale yellow color. From the glass, nose of green apple, apricot, lemon. This continues to the palate, with nice acidity and a long finish. What a delight!
11/25/2014 - desertdoc Likes this wine:
87 points
PnP out of the cellar. Drank alongside H's tomato bisque. Clear garnet color with muted nose. Initial taste was way to closed, too cold. Second taste 20 minutes later was like drinking liquid Rolos. Balanced finish, not overly tannic. Definitely a cocktail wine, but enjoyable. A bit drying on the finish. The alcohol isn't overbearing, even at 15.5%.
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