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2012 Ty Caton TyTanium Caton Vineyard Sonoma Valley Red Blend
5/10/2016 - Bowmanifesto wrote:
92 points
Killer Diller! No idea when I acquired these or where. Strangely, it is not in my log of purchases nor in an email trail. Therefore, may be one of Garagiste "mystery wines." In any case, what a surprise it packs. Blend of five California reds: Cabernet; Syrah; Petit Syrah; Merlot; and Malbec. I'd call this an adventure. But it's more like a thrill ride at an amusement park. Buckle in and get ready for your hair to stand on end.
  • Bowmanifesto commented:

    5/10/16, 3:48 PM - Thanks for clearing up the mystery! Enjoy!!

2007 Etienne Sauzet Chassagne-Montrachet Chardonnay
11/6/2013 - Bowmanifesto wrote:
89 points
Not sure if this is in a mute period, or a bottle somewhat less spectacular. Still excellent Montrachet. Just falling shot of the stellar qualities that have marked every previous bottle from this case. Still have three left. Let's wait a year before next.
  • Bowmanifesto commented:

    6/26/15, 12:32 PM - I stand corrected.

2005 Levendi Cabernet Sauvignon Sweetwater Ranch Napa Valley
8/27/2014 - Bowmanifesto wrote:
86 points
This bottling of Levendi has seen its best days in past years. Vegetal upon opening. Strong pepper on the finish. Yet still smooth, oaky, Napa elegance. Lesson learned: Drink a wine in its prime, not near the end of its life.
  • Bowmanifesto commented:

    8/28/14, 5:11 PM - Wine has been stored in a fieldstone cellar approximately 8 feet below land level since purchase. Though not a steady 55, it's always cool and dark year round. My own projection back in 2010 was this wine would last until 2015. I was only off by a few months. From personal rating of 91 in Feb 2010 to a personal low of 86 late August 2014, this wine still merits Very Good for my tastes. That's fair in the hundreds I've reviewed, it's also not far off from James Laube of Wine Spectator who initially rated Levendi an 88. I stand by my comments. Thanks for reading!

  • Bowmanifesto commented:

    8/28/14, 5:20 PM - Thanks again for both reading and clarifying. Cheers to you, too, StainedGlass!

2010 Secret de Grand Bateau Blanc Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc
7/21/2013 - Bowmanifesto wrote:
90 points
Ah, the joy of White Bordeaux in the summer!
  • Bowmanifesto commented:

    7/22/13, 3:34 PM - Vinole -- Thank you for your clarification. Writing during my enjoyment of Secret, I was mistaken about the region. I have corrected accordingly.

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