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2006 Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
7/29/2016 - majamke Likes this wine:
92 points
This put on more weight and concentration over 3 days, suggesting that further aging is required (or a very long decant). On day 1, it had been decanted for an hour and the palate was quite thin. Lovely nose, stereotypical Pauillac but the palate lacked depth. I was probably about 88-89. On the second and third night, it had improved markedly. Think Luxardo maraschino cherry drizzled over gravel. 5 more years for me.
  • majamke commented:

    8/3/16, 1:31 AM - I wouldn't leave an older bottle for 3 days, but a decent 10 year old Bordeaux should easily last a few days. I seal the bottle and put it in the fridge, then the next day remove it an hour or so before I plan to drink. I'm glad I did allow a few days in this case - it improved noticeably.

  • majamke commented:

    11/10/16, 11:50 PM - Sealed with a pump. I know several professional wine critics do the same, it's where I got the idea in the first place. Really depends on the wine though. If I notice improvement over a 2 day window, I can be pretty confident the wine is a keeper.

2005 Faiveley Mercurey 1er Cru Clos des Myglands Pinot Noir
8/7/2015 - majamke Does not like this wine:
80 points
Disappointing. Smells like a moldy old camphor chest. The palate is completely devoid of any flavour, with only tannin remaining. Cork was fine, no obvious signs of taint. This is just a very bad bottle of wine.
  • majamke commented:

    8/7/15, 7:38 PM - Hi Gordonium. I didnt decant, but left the bottle open for a few hours and sampled over 2 nights. I actually ended up pouring 2/3 of the bottle down the sink... I was talking to my wine merchant today who wasn't that surprised by my experience. Apparently Faiveley underwent a big transformation in 06/07 and latter vintages are much better. I still have 1 bottle of the 2005 remaining in my cellar.

2008 Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier Canberra District Shiraz Blend, Syrah
2/13/2015 - JonnyG wrote:
Erroneously posted a Viognier note to this wine but cannot seem to delete, so sorry!
  • majamke commented:

    2/14/15, 12:10 AM - Isn't this tasting note for the straight viognier rather than the shiraz viognier?

2006 Tyrrell's Sémillon Vat 1 Hunter Valley
10/17/2014 - Avid Wino wrote:
96 points
I'll start at the end, so to speak. Freakish length. Dances on your tongue for minutes. Now back to the beginning. Youthful, undeveloped. Pale. Nose shows some clover flowers. Delicate on the palate. Lemon pith, some grapefruit, a little honey and buttered toast peeking through. Lick of mineral, slate, quartz, by which I mean like licking a rock. Has weight, body. Very impressive. I agonised over the score. Wanted to score even higher mostly due to the length, but held back, as for higher points I'd like greater impact / initial wow. Certainly outstanding, not (yet?) extraordinary.
  • majamke commented:

    10/17/14, 5:23 PM - Great tasting note.

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