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10/16/2017 - Barabus wrote:
Info Note not tasting note: This is a small batch fermentation blended & bottled unfined.
Fruit/Vegetable Wine
2/27/2015 - Barabus wrote:
Michael Loo called it the best Mead he ever tasted. The best complement I ever received on my homemade wines. Including a first place for Fruit wine Category at the Corning, NY Wine Conference.
7/28/2011 - Barabus wrote:
87 points
nose is very strong, overall citrus. Loved it. Taste is strong summer flavor, with a great mouth fill. Long after taste.
7/18/2011 - Barabus wrote:
88 points
no sub-region, but couldn't get the sub-region dropped... just Region Mendoza.
1/7/2009 - Barabus wrote:
Not bad for a cheap red pasta wine. Will buy again for that.
10/29/2008 - Barabus wrote:
Made by a friend
8/10/2008 - Barabus wrote:
Very nice, inexpensive wine. A bit thin.
8/10/2008 - Barabus wrote:
good wine. drinkable.
White - Sparkling
N.V. Zonin Primo Amore Veneto IGT White Blend
5/5/2008 - Barabus wrote:
Label does not mention Sparkling
3/15/2008 - Barabus wrote:
87 points
Excellent red. Very smooth and drinkable. Had it with Tenderloin after the Burgundy ran out and it still stood uo to the steak.
2/6/2008 - Barabus wrote:
6/16/2007 - Barabus wrote:
87 points
dry, nice tannin, very smooth and nice
11/18/2006 - Barabus wrote:
gift from Dave & Molly
2000 Château Peyraud Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
5/6/2006 - Barabus wrote:
80 points
B'day Wine w/rib eye. Great tannin after taste
5/5/2006 - Barabus wrote:
88 points
Birtday wine. Xmas gift from Dave and Molly. VG slight edge of tannin, Drank after meak with crispy bread, Treat....,,,
White - Sweet/Dessert
3/28/2006 - Barabus wrote:
Semi Sweet Very good
2001 Tomaiolo Chianti Riserva Sangiovese Blend, Sangiovese (view label images)
2/25/2006 - Barabus wrote:
85 points
Bright red. Nice legs. Not as heavy as cheap chianti. An excellent drinking wine. A slight bitter aftertaste makes the wine go well with pasta.
2/20/2006 - Barabus wrote:
Gift from Dave Drum. Good. Not very heavy body but ok. Nice smooth taste, leasent wine.
Red - Fortified
2/16/2006 - Barabus wrote:
89 points
Sweet, smooth, with a very good body for a NYS red wine.
Port like.
Red - Fortified
1/28/2006 - Barabus wrote:
84 points
Sweet. Nice Vanilla touch. Pleasant sipping wine. We had some today on our back porch in Western NYS @ 49F.
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