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11/23/2018 - RKronenberg Likes this wine:
91 points
CH wines tend to be big, often towards sweet, and usually very plummy. New worldish. I am more an old world fan admittedly. This wine is soft, has dominant cherryish flavors, maybe a touch of rubard and more so boysenberry/elderberry. Sort of a complex sour cherry. i’ve had maybe 12 different CH wines, this is more to my fruit profile preferance versus their cab sauv and cab sauv blends. Has new world fruit and structure. Has some tanin and acidity, if not quite through the wine , as it should be, in the finish. Undeniably new world. Wish I bought more versus several other CH wines I have. Still, I definitely prefer Yakima Cab Francs, even if I usually rate them only a point or two higher. Good for a CA Cab Franc..
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5/30/2018 - RKronenberg wrote:
94 points
Early to mid maturity, intense and complex reddish fruits without being able to pick out specifics. Not big nor over extracted, as many CA wines are. VERY nice integrated tannins and acidity. Quite smooth, integrated, and nicely balanced. No pepper at all, as some have noted. I've had other bottles not as good in the past. Open for 90 minutes before sharing with 14 others. I wish I had more. This displayed quintessentially why I am a cab franc fan. Consensus WOTN among 25 others.
3/31/2018 - RKronenberg wrote:
96 points
Complex cherry dominates with black cassis and various other black fruits and tobacco underneath. Earthy forest minerality in the background with soft tannins. Complex. But not the depth or fully the class and breeding of the Leoville Las Cases 1990 next to it. Cellared commercially since the early 1990s, a low neck to top shoulder fill. Unquestionably excellent. Would have been wine of the night, sans the LLC 1990, which was super special.
3/31/2018 - RKronenberg Likes this wine:
99 points
Did not look 27 years old. Low neck to top shoulder fill. Incredible depth and complexity, deep black cassis, cedar with a complex mature minerality and aristocratic integrated tannins. Just incredible, first growth level for sure. This bottle had impeccable provenance. I hunted down every bottle I could find in the early 1990s and cellared commercially since, glad I did.
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10/3/2017 - RKronenberg wrote:
Purchased 6 in perfect cosmetic condition. Tried two, both corked. Sad, I had high expectations from other year’s reviews, and wanted to surprise others with a good Israeli wine. Very nice looking label, but ultimately the wine has to perform. Returned all 6....
2008 Château Calon-Ségur St. Estèphe Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
2/14/2017 - RKronenberg Likes this wine:
94 points
Opened 3 hours in advance of drinking. Cellared since release.
Integrated, very Paulliac/ St. Esteph- high Cab Sauv proportionally. Nose and palate, lots of black
cassis and pencil. Blackberry too. Soft near silky tannins. Medium to full. Close to maturity. Quite a nice choice to share with the girlfriend on Valentine's Day. No wine after came close,
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8/9/2013 - RKronenberg wrote:
92 points
Purple garnet color, black fruit with red cherry. Full body. Some unusual multiple dimension to the fruit, unexpected complexity. Nice acid level and fine tannins to balance. For a CA merlot, this is excellent and a great QPR.
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