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2010 Copain Syrah Halcon Vineyard Yorkville Highlands
It would be really nice if wines that seem like they'll age really well tasted really bad when young. Alas, that is not true in this case. Nice fruit. Some very nice (old) oak. Really nice tannins. Good acidity. Light alcohol. Just very very good. Tastes great now if you are ok with some tannins. Everything lined up to age very well.
  • missionpk commented:

    9/9/15, 6:29 PM - Hi Frank, enjoy your reviews of Copain and Big Basin. Was also surprised that there weren't any other reviews in 2015. This was my first bottle and I'm keeping two for a few years. I think 2010 and 2011 are generally vintages where keeping a few bottles in the deep parts of the cellar will pay off in the end.

2008 Lightheart Cellars Merlot Rockpile Ridge Vineyard
1/9/2013 - missionpk wrote:
Very big and primary and basically overwhelmed by the oak. I've had other wines from these folks that I've enjoyed, but this was an exception.
  • missionpk commented:

    1/22/13, 1:44 PM - Thanks for the suggestion. Will need to bike down to Morgan Hill one of these nice winter weekends and check out your new stuff.

2006 Rhys Alesia Pinot Noir Green Valley of Russian River Valley
Wow. Much bigger than I expected, but big fruit, not big alc or big tannins. Really tasty on its own, but could be a bit overwhelming to light food. Starting to understand why other RRV producers lather on the oak, as the fruit on its own is almost too much. (I had the same cork problems as previous tasters. This seems to be a "feature" of 2006 Rhys.)
  • missionpk commented:

    11/26/12, 2:13 PM - A few more details on the "cork problems". In my case, the cork was extremely tight and a cheap screwpull was not able to budge it at all, while boring out a hole in the middle of it. I eventually just pushed it through.

    I added the comment about it being a feature of 2006 Rhys from Kevin Harvey's post on Wineberserkers (

    "Despite using very expensive corks, we have seen some of the corks breaking while opening our '06 wines. Since then we have switched suppliers and I hope we won't see the same issues going forward."

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