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4/4/2013 - leeborn Likes this wine:
92 points
Drank at restaurant...so not much decant time...but delightful at first pour. Aroma opens the sensations, color is deep for a Pinot. Delicious cherry on front end with cigar box and spice notes on back. Well balanced, not overly silky but still...rich and scrumptous! I would love some more bottles of this wine.
8/9/2012 - leeborn wrote:
87 points
Boooo.....picked this up hoping for a delicious Oregon Pinot from the famed '08 vintage, and paid a hefty price too. This wine is thin and completely unremarkable. Not a bad wine, but for the price it's robbery!
6/7/2011 - leeborn wrote:
89 points
Classic and delightful on the nose right out of the bottle.....opened up nicely over the couple hours of drinking. Rich cherry flavors and a silky palate. I love this wine and am surprised at the low ratings. Easily as good as many low 90 pointers I have paid twice as much for.
2008 Sol-Sp├ęcial Bordeaux Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
12/16/2010 - leeborn wrote:
79 points
I feel taken advantage of by Wine Library. Makes me think G.V. gave this a good review in order to get it out of the shop.
I almost couldn't drink it the nose was so unappealing. High minerality, lake water, gamey kind of aromas. Some cherry comes through, but for the most part this wine is thin and cheap tasting.
2006 Ridge Geyserville Sonoma County Zinfandel Blend, Zinfandel (view label images)
12/4/2010 - leeborn wrote:
92 points
Big berry on the nose....delicious fruit bomb with scrumptious finish
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