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11/9/2013 - Aegis1 wrote:
91 points
Just lovely. 30 minutes to open up. Served with lamb shwarma.
1/8/2009 - Aegis1 wrote:
95 points
Served at holiday dinner 3 weeks ago, but I wanted to get a note in on my recollections. Decanted for 1 hour before pouring, which clearly was not enough. The earth aromas and notes were strong, almost overpowering, but I took my cue from previous tasters and waited for it to blow off, which it began to, revealing what was to my palate a mature, balanced, pretty, but not exceptional wine. Nevertheless, the Tasters-Who-Know in the group pronounced it an exemplary expression of a California Cab. For me, it didn't blow me away until the next morning (11 a.m. on a Saturday, decanter covered with plate), when I decided to have a taste to see how it held up. Phenomenal nose now, everything well-integrated, still bright, I called the guys back and we finished it off! The moral of this story is to pull the cork on this one well in advance.
10/14/2008 - Aegis1 wrote:
Opened last night, really came into its own after 1 hour in decanter. Agree that the wine is at peak.
12/21/2007 - Aegis1 wrote:
88 points
Very tight on opening, it mellowed out some after an hour of air. Currants predominate, rounded out somewhat by cherry flavors once you let it open up, but they struggled to make themselves known. On initial tasting I thought it had closed down, too. Perhaps another year will help it come together.
12/17/2007 - Aegis1 wrote:
Flat, lacking fruit, and one-dimensional. Unimpressive at this tasting.
4/28/2006 - Aegis1 wrote:
90 points
Quite intense aromas of meat today, what I immediately called shawarma and my friend more conventionally identified as herbed lamb. It calms down after about a half hour in the glass, revealing more garrigue and tastes of salt and some citrus. A traditional CdP.
4/27/2006 - Aegis1 wrote:
91 points
Drinking beautifully today. Cherry, cassis, very aromatic and candied. Well-balanced in the mouth with the oaky flavors, finish was not lengthy but very satisfying.
2/19/2006 - Aegis1 wrote:
87 points
A good example of Spanish garnacha, and from a relatively new d.o. (about 1 hour southwest of Zaragoza), cherry up front, some plum afterwards. A little bite of pepper (white?) on the back end. Enjoyable on its own, but at this price I wouldn't hesitate to make a great sangria with it.
2/17/2006 - Aegis1 wrote:
88 points
Very pleasing. Had this with a casual family dinner and it was a hit. Jammy like a jar of good all-fruit preserves, but balanced enough to keep drinking.
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