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2009 Domaine du Pégau Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Réservée Red Rhone Blend
Straight from the horse's ass.
  • MotoMannequin commented:

    5/18/20, 10:12 AM - @sfwinelover1 LOL thanks. I'm normally a Pegau lover and tolerant of brett, but this one was bad. I have 2 more I'm hoping there is some bottle variation.

2008 Wind Gap Wines Syrah Armagh Vineyard Sonoma Coast
Decanted this off significant sediment. Very savory syrah, loads of black olives and bacon, with air fleshes out with some blueberry on the midpalate. This is in a really nice place right now.
  • MotoMannequin commented:

    1/13/15, 8:29 AM - Frank, I always thought the Armagh was one of the more accessible young Wind Gaps, great to see it's aging gracefully as well.

2010 Michel Gassier Cercius Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend
Loads of extraction, black fruits, heavy on the wood, a touch of heat, enough barnyard that you know it's old world. Approachable now, not sure if it lives long enough for the heavy oak treatment to fully integrate. Nice price for those looking for a modern-styled Rhône.
  • MotoMannequin commented:

    5/21/13, 9:28 AM - @Vinther75: Are you the winemaker? Care to comment then on the type of vessels this wine was aged in?

  • MotoMannequin commented:

    5/21/13, 10:35 AM - Indeed I'm an American, although I'm at a loss to understand what this has to do with this discussion. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt regarding your rudeness, assuming you're not a native English speaker, but now I get the impression that your grasp of the language is sufficient to reflect your personality.

    I'm happy to stand corrected, and not be a jerk about it. I do wonder now what gave me the impression of wood in this wine, stem inclusion perhaps?

    I understand perfectly if you prefer to hurl insults rather than provide actual information. It's good that you have disassociated yourself with the producer, given your public persona here, along with your extremely limited contribution to the community.

2008 Donelan Syrah Cuvée Christine Sonoma County
11/26/2012 - MotoMannequin wrote:
No detailed notes taken, but just an impression that my last bottle of this wine showed better in its youth. The lush fruit seems to be fading, leaving behind a smoky astringency from the barrel treatment. Consume this cuivée within 3 years of vintage date in the future.
  • MotoMannequin commented:

    11/26/12, 6:20 PM - This particular wine was very plush and hedonistic in its youth. Given the goal for this wine as I understand it, 100% destemmed and lots of new oak, I guess it's one that we don't look to for aging. I still have some '09 and some '07 Pax Christine, so I can test this theory further, but no more '08.

  • MotoMannequin commented:

    11/26/12, 7:01 PM - Drink now and never hold your tongue!

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