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2007 Cadence Ciel du Cheval Vineyard Red Mountain Red Bordeaux Blend
Popped and decanted. Consumed over a few hours to see how it developed. Really interesting nose on this with aromas of soy sauce, red currant, mushroom and salted caramel. The palate was very fruit forward (but not sweet) with flavors of currants and raspberries along with a hint of coriander. Well structured body without being aggressive with the tannin. For the most part I think that 2007 wines are destined for early drinking, but this is one that I will tuck my last bottle into the corner of the cellar to see what it does "someday". Would purchase again.
  • MagnumGourmet commented:

    6/3/16, 10:52 AM - I have been finding more and more that the Washington 2007s just aren't built for long term (broader than just this wine).
    I would say that bringing this wine out for the holidays probably wouldn't be a poor choice. The magnum format may get you some extra time, but why wait.

2007 Betz Family Syrah La Côte Rousse Red Mountain
5/18/2015 - tarheel17 wrote:
As before, this performed admirably on day one with coffe and dark fruit, but after 2 days it was barely drinkable.
  • MagnumGourmet commented:

    5/20/15, 12:39 PM - I don't understand this "there was wine left after two days" problem you reference. :-)

2008 Saint-Laurent Syrah Wahluke Slope
9/3/2014 - SkeBum Likes this wine:
90 points
Drank this wine with dinner and was impressed, figured it so be a 30-40 dollar bottle, when I looked up the real price I was shocked. A screaming deal if there ever was one. Dark red fruit on the nose with nothing out of order, everything was working perfectly on the palate. Got better when in the glass for about 20 minutes. Should have bought more of this wine, major mistake on my part. Like CiH, I will be checking with DP to see if he has any more of this left.
  • MagnumGourmet commented:

    9/4/14, 12:07 PM - I've found this price to value ratio across their entire portfolio. Each time I have a bottle I think to myself "why am I knot buying more of this producer?"

2009 Cadence Coda Red Mountain Red Bordeaux Blend
Popped and poured, then consumed over two hours. Struggled with this wine tonight. Typically Ben's wines are very good to exceptional. Tonight, this felt like 2nd class juice. Nose of blackberry and rainier cherry. Flavor profile was dominated by too much oak. The tannin structure was aggressive and had a very raw element to it. Finish was short but clean. Blind, I would have guessed this as an entry level ste. Michelle. Hoping this is an anomaly. Would not purchase again.
  • MagnumGourmet commented:

    12/16/12, 4:34 PM - @botto, usually the coda is much mode approachable in its youth. Also given the growing conditions of 2009, I expected it to be more fruit forward. I tasted this wine when it was bottled, and was quite nice at that point. Hoping it was just not a representative bottle.

2007 Pomum Cellars Shya Red Yakima Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
4/28/2012 - Heelacious wrote:
91 points
Poured through vinturi into decanter. Drank over 2-3 hour. More expressive on the palate than on the nose. Lots of bold cherry and spice flavors. Treads close to the overripe line but does not cross it. A very pleasant wine, especially for the sub-$20 price.
  • MagnumGourmet commented:

    4/29/12, 4:42 PM - Where did you find it for sub $20? That's like half the normal price.

2003 Boudreaux Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Washington
9/23/2010 - tarheel17 wrote:
94 points
As Brian pointed out to me today, this is/will be my 1000 note on Cellartracker. Thus, I was compelled to open a bottle worthy of such distinction (and for Kathy's birthday). CHeers to you, magnumgourmet!

This bottle exceeded all expectation. Upon first pour, the aromas were almost ostentatiously pleasing. Essentially, woodsmoke, sage, and pine forest smothered over brown sugar and cedar. The palate was unctuous, mouth-coating, but not heavy and far from cloying. Finely-laced tannin, supple acid, and gorgeous, really gorgeous fruit. Really a superb bottle. Also, as the somm at El Gaucho informed me, Edgar Martinez' favorite wine. Who knew?
  • MagnumGourmet commented:

    9/23/10, 9:54 PM - Definitely sounds like it was worthy of the milestone. Thanks for the call out!

2005 Boudreaux Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Washington
8/15/2010 - Don and Pam wrote:
92 points
sorry to say this is the last of some outstanding Cabs from this Winery.
  • MagnumGourmet commented:

    8/15/10, 12:14 PM - Are you saying that the wines after 2005 aren't any good? Or was this your last bottle in the cellar?

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