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2007 Hundred Acre Vineyard Shiraz Summer's Block Ancient Way Barossa Valley
7/18/2013 - Bcw1989 wrote:
98 points
Unbelievable bottle of Shiraz! Very smooth almost Grange like in body, but very vibrant and lively. Tons of fruit on the nose and in the mouth. Tannins are very present , but not overwhelming. The finish was very long and lingering. This was a fantastic bottle of wine! Lot sof years ahead with this vintage.
  • Bcw1989 commented:

    8/1/15, 5:10 AM - No. It is 100 Shiraz and one of the few Hundred Acres wines that is not a Cabernet. Check out the back of the bottle. I posted a picture of the bottle in the images. Why it is listed as a Cabernet is beyond me?

2006 Maybach Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Materium Oakville
6/22/2015 - Bcw1989 wrote:
94 points
Drank with dinner. Dark and inky wine. Pronounced plums, blackberries, and even hints of vanilla and anise at the finish. Wine is extremely complex right now, but is very straightforward. Tannins are very present. Guests enjoyed this Cabernet very much and considered opening my last bottle of 2006. Saved it for a later occasion this year.
  • Bcw1989 commented:

    6/23/15, 8:28 AM - This is a great vintage of a great wine. May act has impressed with all of their vintages so far. I would hang on to the 2006 longer to see if it changes. If you have more vintages of Maybach, try the 2007. It is rated even better than the 2006!

2000 Antinori Solaia Toscana IGT SuperTuscan Blend
6/3/2015 - Bcw1989 wrote:
90 points
This is a very rustic wine. Dark black look to it and blackberries, leather and hints of tobacco. Fruits seemed to be muted, but did open up more as the evening wore on. Finish was surprisingly compact but at times complex as this wine opened up. I would estimate that this wine won't get any better with more time. Drink them if you have them.
  • Bcw1989 commented:

    6/4/15, 6:48 AM - I agree with you. I would drink them very soon than cellar them for later. This vintage just got forgotten in the cellar. Glad that I remembered them and will drink my last bottle of Solaia in the next few months.

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